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By far, the biggest challenge of our lives: mountain biking the CO Trail. Thanks Surfshark VPN for sponsoring this video: Get it at surfshark.deals/karaandnate
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Here is Raffa's awesome story :) Biking from Mexico City to Colorado with his dog and fixing everyone's bike along the way cnworld.info/free/fJStrKCusZeQ2Ls/sh-p-n
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#vanlife / Travel vlog 729 | Leadville, Colorado | Filmed August, 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • Sorry to post in the middle of a Monday AGAIN...turns out wifi is hard to come by in the middle of the Colorado Trail 😉🚵 We hope you enjoy this crazy journey as much as we are!

    Kara and NateKara and Nate6 个月 前
    • cnworld.info/free/e5ybr3u-vJdszKc/sh-p-n

      Tay & MariTay & Mari19 天 前
    • Kara and Nate man everything Rick said to the camera 💯💗 he definitely should be a friend for life!! I just found your channel with the vlog where you guys came back to the U.S. and have been binge watching ALL of them!!! I’m inspired to change up my life. I’ve been to multiple countries, backpacked in New Zealand for 3 weeks, backpacked for an ENTIRE summer thru Alaska’s Denali with only staying in a hotel 3 nights (I smelled awful to say the least🤣), spent time in Samoa, China and Hong Kong, Hawaii etc but those are probably the most adventurous places! But I’ve also had amazing trips in our country, parts of California, New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota. I’m really glad that you guys are able to find more of the beauty in the US. I know there are times I’ve definitely forgotten and taken advantage of all the amazing sights we have in our home country. Anyways, I was a avid outdoorsy person, and all my friends were too! I had many friends, like Rick and Beck, who would open their homes to me on a impromptu trip! Friends who loved nature as much as me and felt like family. I had a change of life circumstances about 2 years ago and everything changed to say the least. Now my life is so different, I have a boyfriend who has none of those similar interests and I feel like a different person, my hobbies are different, the people I surround myself with are different, and I haven’t felt happy. These vlogs where y’all are camping and with amazing friends have reminded me of my life before and how much I miss it. I love my boyfriend but his lifestyle, goals and plan for the future don’t line up with what mine were. I think I’ve just covered my true self up, but that outdoorsy, adventure and nature lover is still in me, and I’m dying to be her again!!! Fear is holding me back, because I need to change everything and unfortunately end my relationship. I know it’ll be worth it and thank you so much for inspiring me to be me again and live a fulfilling life once again.

      Emma RayneEmma Rayne5 个月 前
    • Hey I'm so happy you enjoyed Leadville. The old inn that you stayed at was actually owned by my mom back in the '90s. It used to be called the Apple blossom inn and it looked a lot different. Good luck on your bike trip 😊

      grace talmongrace talmon5 个月 前
    • Kara and Nate where are the links lol

      Scott SweeneyScott Sweeney5 个月 前
    • @Kara and Nate .I just finished to watch the whole Colorado trail journey 🤗💗I'm totally speechless* 😮💗 I love everything about this Video 💗🤗 The love and efforts (+surprises+editing skills) JUSTTT LIKE WOWWW,Kara and Nate deserves millions of likes and subscribers.Love you both,Hope you see this 🤗💗

      Dinah Phoebe MalarulatDinah Phoebe Malarulat5 个月 前
  • Were you not scared of cougars?

    RayneRayne天 前
  • "2020." -Nate. Say no more.

    RayneRayne天 前
  • The animal: Hiiiiii! Nate: Why is it coming towards me?

    layla duggerlayla dugger2 天 前
  • ❤️🤗

    Fantasia SLFantasia SL10 天 前
  • i aspire to be these people when i grow up. they are so inspirational and motivated, and always like to see the good things in life :D i love u guys!

    BexterBexter14 天 前
  • Nate you using you're front brake too much. Never use you're front brake while you're cycling. Definitely not when you're on a gravel road.

    Aron de VriesAron de Vries个月 前
  • i don’t think placing your stock of food in the bathroom was a good idea tho hahaha but anyways, i’ve been watching your videos since last year and it’s one of the things that’s keeping me sane. love your vids 💗

    Mitzi Angelica ArbilonMitzi Angelica Arbilon个月 前
  • This is a comedy, right?

    Jennifer GustinJennifer Gustin个月 前
  • I love that the guy at the bike shop made Nate say he’s gonna do the trail not try it. So good!

    Tessa PorterTessa Porter个月 前
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      Open4ProfitOpen4Profit个月 前
  • Cracked up at the concerned voice "grab a couple more" at minute 8:06. Great Video!

    Pablo VelascoPablo Velasco个月 前
    • Do well to let him know I reffered you to him his strategies are top Notch✅.

      Open4ProfitOpen4Profit个月 前
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      Open4ProfitOpen4Profit个月 前
  • Title, pinned comment, 1:28, 1:44, 3:35, 4:40, 6:50 x2, 10:05, 10:30, 12:11, 13:00, 17:40, 😉😁

    JJJJ个月 前
    • Do well to let him know I reffered you to him his strategies are top Notch✅.

      Open4ProfitOpen4Profit个月 前
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      Open4ProfitOpen4Profit个月 前
  • I would give anything to be those little girls, living on the road and the adventure of your dad going out on a bike every day sounds so much fun Also - "pedal, damn it"

    Kate MatthewsKate Matthews2 个月 前
  • I followed you through all your videos while they were occurring the scariest one for me was to curvace

    frances fritticcifrances fritticci2 个月 前
  • I didn’t realize it but y’all have my same last name. One of y’all’s travel vlogs a lady butchered the last name. 🤣

    Zach BuchananZach Buchanan2 个月 前
  • Whoever dislikes must me crazy in the mind

    Zakooie1234Zakooie12342 个月 前
  • You did an amazing job Nate! Welcome to your thirty’s! Lol

    Kate SchaeferKate Schaefer2 个月 前
  • How much did it cost you to take this trip? I am planning on taking this trip in a year or two with my family

    Lucy WhitneyLucy Whitney3 个月 前
  • Nate, you are a crazy, crazy man. 😊 The chafing butter part cracked me up!

    Stephanie GruenbergStephanie Gruenberg3 个月 前
  • Nate, what brand is your bike? Or have you posted a video of your biking gear??

    Niko MilivojevicNiko Milivojevic3 个月 前
  • when the camera fell was it just me who thought she crashed the van

    frenzygachaclubOwO mehfrenzygachaclubOwO meh3 个月 前
  • HEY! i know you wont see this but. when this calms down, and in the summer. Come drive the east coast! Maine is beautiful in the summer! make sure to come during lupine season. And stop in Brunswick. We have amazing coffee shops Kara. And Wild Oats Cafe is the bomb for snickerdoodles. Love you guys! hope you can come visit my home state and town.

    Samantha DupliseaSamantha Duplisea3 个月 前
  • The horse is nicknamed “bluecifer” here in CO. The statue actually fell on its creator and I believe he died from his injuries, or so I’ve been told anyways

    kaylee janeckakaylee janecka3 个月 前
  • dude on a bike scares me what if he's just as bad as driving lmao.

    DairyCowDairyCow3 个月 前
  • I love my state.

    Hanna GonzalezHanna Gonzalez3 个月 前
  • Dusty looks like Morgan Wallen 😂

    Bethany HallBethany Hall3 个月 前
  • This is definitely one of your best ever vlogs.

    justjordianojustjordiano3 个月 前
  • My heart melted when the older little girl said that the “Dads” were almost there. Like I don’t don’t know if anyone else caught that, but that was so cute❤️😭❤️❤️

    AnnaRose21 VlogsAnnaRose21 Vlogs4 个月 前
  • Rick is so cool what a true friend showing y’all around and taking y’all into all these adventures!!

    Chanju JeongChanju Jeong4 个月 前
  • Hahahaha I love when Nate just says “2020”

    Taylor KinneyTaylor Kinney4 个月 前
  • I can’t believe how much Beck and Kara look alike!

    Cj RobertsonCj Robertson4 个月 前
  • love the little confessionals!

    Sof KSof K4 个月 前
  • I love watching you explore my home state. I hope you enjoyed it here!!! One of the fires is now over 200,000 acres and 2 new ones started that have caused parts of Boulder to be evacuated. It's sad.

    LadyMordhausLadyMordhaus4 个月 前
  • Bluecifer!

    Meghan LemkeMeghan Lemke4 个月 前
  • Y’all are the best

    Courtney PenningtonCourtney Pennington4 个月 前
  • 29:37 Nate climbed more than some regular mountain bikers in a day that I know. Great Job Guys!

    C HollowayC Holloway4 个月 前
  • 500 miles in 3 hrs....How is it possible?

    shanthan kasulashanthan kasula4 个月 前
  • Kara would be such a great mom!

    Allison ScheversAllison Schevers4 个月 前
  • Everyone needs a supportive wife like kara.

    AilieenAilieen5 个月 前
  • WOW! Beautiful trail! Thanks for the idea!!

    123RTempleton123RTempleton5 个月 前
  • Love you guys!

    123RTempleton123RTempleton5 个月 前
  • Colorado trail *smirk*, that's nothing compared to the Trans-Canada trail!

    DXOS3DXOS35 个月 前
  • Rewatching from the beginning Whoooooop so inspired

    Cate ChampionCate Champion5 个月 前
  • Where Nate was in the water my dog swam across it! Boy do I live Colorado. It’s so fun to see you guys adventure through my home state.

    Noelle BergstromNoelle Bergstrom5 个月 前
  • You folks have rejuvenated my passion for one of my favorite past times. Mountain biking was so much fun and keeps you healthy. That kind of trail ride sounds like another twist to me and my son's normal vacations. I'll have to look into those kinds of rides/tours. Thanks for the idea.

    X LessThan ZX LessThan Z5 个月 前
  • Does Rick have a CNworld channel? Can we get a van tour of his van.

    Laura HugginsLaura Huggins5 个月 前
  • Hey Kara and Nate, looks like the Vlogumentary is reverse sorted. Please fix it, I just began watching and was so excited that I did not want to risk watching the last video without context.

    Aditya LataAditya Lata5 个月 前
  • This is extremely wholesome and fun content

    GubzeeGubzee5 个月 前
  • 😂 Kara- “I’ll give you massages every night and breakfast...(Nate-“breakfast tacos?!”) is negotiable” 😂

    GabriellaarestoGabriellaaresto5 个月 前
  • 8:25 I was backpacking in the mountains then, and then we woke up in a valley and we couldn’t see the top of the mountains around us, and there had been a storm the night before, with lightning and we thought there was a fire around us

    Allison SAllison S5 个月 前
  • Great video!

    Kim BaileyKim Bailey5 个月 前
  • They completed it. Unbelievable

    NamiNami5 个月 前
  • What a greta video as always! Ejoyed every ride!! Cheers from Spain!

    Juan DortaJuan Dorta5 个月 前
  • I love how one of the little girls says "the dads" I thought that was super cute!

    Noeris GilNoeris Gil5 个月 前
  • Rick sounds like Russel Crow just with an north American accent. It sounds so cool.

    Megan BayMegan Bay5 个月 前

    Alex BollichAlex Bollich5 个月 前
  • When you are going downhill, you wanna put your seat down and try to lean back as far as you can and use your front break It takes some getting used to but it’ll keep you from going up and over! Cheers! Glad you are enjoying my home state!

    Benjamin GoffBenjamin Goff5 个月 前
  • Hi

    Lillian WalkerLillian Walker5 个月 前
  • “Nates Brother is on an airport”😂😂

    Ash VlogsAsh Vlogs5 个月 前
  • even though this is the first video you posted about that trip it´s the third video that I watched. And Nate, you inspired me. Idk why but I have the urge to go on a mountain bike trip as well, maybe not as extreme as yours but you still inspired me. Keep up the hard work!

    Tina HoliTina Holi5 个月 前
  • *nate falls off the bike* meanwhile kara's opening a jar. you two are so funny!!

    Ellie SuzannahEllie Suzannah5 个月 前
  • Really enjoyed the guys perspective!! It was cool listening to their thoughts:) I’m ready to watch more!

    Jocelyn GutierrezJocelyn Gutierrez5 个月 前
  • You mean your husband to bike 😆

    GeorgeGeorge5 个月 前

  • Rick should be on Big Brother and Survivor, or the challenge.

    Johnny GogoJohnny Gogo5 个月 前
  • 13:36 why the hell would you bring a tv ..... oh it's a bike😂😂😂

    pelos 26pelos 265 个月 前
  • Dusty seems like such a cool guy. Nate and Dusty must have a really beautiful brother's relationship.

    Cadell TengCadell Teng5 个月 前
  • '2020' 😂 enough said... 😜

    Louisa DredgeLouisa Dredge5 个月 前
  • So those the last episode and this one, those girls are adorable. My girls are 17 years and 4 months. Yep. I was just yelling don’t wreck Nate. You wrecked. Ha.

    Chris MarshallChris Marshall5 个月 前
  • Too much air in the tires.

    Maxwell OakesMaxwell Oakes5 个月 前
  • l don't know why but Nate's brother reminds me of someone from Australia.

    FredFred5 个月 前
  • this is my first video I've seen of you. you have a new sub and I have a new bucket list item!

    Frank PicazioFrank Picazio5 个月 前
  • Definitely one of your very best blog series hands down. I am digging it!👍

    VivekVivek5 个月 前
  • You two captured the first part of this crazy trip wonderfully. I really enjoyed the footage going back and forth between the guys riding and the support team. And the "confession" footage really added to the video as well!

    ExplorcationExplorcation5 个月 前
  • 9:48 pretty much sums up this year 🙏

    VivekVivek5 个月 前
  • 4:28 Kara and Nate reminded me of a pet and it's owner here 😂 so cute with your gonna be OK pep talk.

    VivekVivek5 个月 前
  • For tourists epictouristspots.com

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  • "Say Colorado" "I'm giraffe"

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  • I love these videos this inspires me to to ride m6 bike more and more

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  • seeing kara with the kids was so cute!!!! I'm invested in the support team too 💛

    AstridAstrid5 个月 前
  • "dude, just keep the rubber side down, n u should be fine" hahahahahahahahaha

    Enzo PuttiniEnzo Puttini5 个月 前
  • I wish I could do this one day been doing a lot of traveling but not like this have fun guys.

    Traveling ManTraveling Man5 个月 前
  • love it. now I want to get a mountainbike and ride some trails : D

    Jonny HolzbeinJonny Holzbein5 个月 前
  • thanks for sharing another awesome video - well done Nate good job keep positive you can do it 😀💪

    TREAD the globeTREAD the globe5 个月 前
  • good thing you didn’t decide to go to oregon...

    Natalie SchorrNatalie Schorr5 个月 前
  • omg the fact that you guys mentioned oregon as an alternative and now OREGON is on fire...

    TashmeeTashmee5 个月 前
  • Sorry if this is already answered elsewhere, but Nate, what’s the bike you’re riding? Just moved to N.C. and want a bike I can take on a variety of trails (but probly not The Colorado Trail).

    Michael WatsonMichael Watson5 个月 前
  • Oregon’s on fire too tho

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  • Hey come to California and check out the smoke

    Dum Dum ProductionsDum Dum Productions5 个月 前
  • I like how he says 2020

    Dum Dum ProductionsDum Dum Productions5 个月 前
  • NATE, use your gloves! You should use your front-break a little bit more careful, especially in the middle of a corner!! All the best! ;)

    Peter UrgowitschPeter Urgowitsch5 个月 前
  • Kara would be such a good mom! 🥺

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  • Kate and nate: where going to Mars!!!

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  • Are Kara and Nate OK? Not a word from them in so long....anyone know anything?

    Jack FelsherJack Felsher5 个月 前
    • 1. We’re great, sorry to worry! 2. Posting a vlog in 6 mins! 3. We post daily on our Instastory if you’re want updates: instagram.com/karaandnate 🥰

      Kara and NateKara and Nate5 个月 前
  • I hope you are both OK on the trail and that it is just Wifi issues that are stopping you uploading your latest video

    Rory DuffRory Duff5 个月 前
  • Where are you? I hope everything is ok.

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