WE SLEPT 220 FEET BELOW GROUND (worth $1,000 per night?)

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Could you survive a night in this cave 220 feet below ground?!
#vanlife / Travel vlog 744 | Peach Springs, Arizona | Filmed November 20, 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • I mean....it looks and sounds super cool, but I don’t know if I’d get any sleep. I think y’all are a lot braver than I am.

    Heather DupereHeather Dupere6 小时 前
  • Nice but no sunlight and fresh air inside! :)

    Samuel GoldmanSamuel Goldman20 小时 前
  • It makes me feel anxiety

    Sayanika InfotechSayanika Infotech天 前
  • I love the way you do the bloops :)

    NadiyaNadiya2 天 前
  • ONE WORD... Hidden cameras. FUCK THAT!

    Young ArtzYoung Artz3 天 前

    sapphire schnappsapphire schnapp4 天 前
  • In every video Nate makes Kara a coffee at 7am

    Arg BArg B4 天 前
  • Ghosts aren't real. When people think they are experiencing a spirit, what they're actually experiencing is actually explainable phenomena, like temperature changes, random sounds etc. You're in a cave. Of course there are drafts and echos of sound.

    RayneRayne4 天 前
  • Could have gotten naked and drunk

    Anton MarkovAnton Markov4 天 前
  • I love ur videos but Kara pls don't sing anymore :)

    Szewik1Szewik15 天 前
  • I would hav loved them to get a little bit nasty with each other not on film but to hear the echos

    Sean CunninghamSean Cunningham5 天 前
  • Kara & Nate. We have a hotel room at 508 feet here in Sweden in a tiny town called Sala. It's a wedding suit so this one isn't the world deepest.

    Robin SteelbergRobin Steelberg5 天 前
  • "LOL LOL Kara and Nate next time you have to go anywhere haunted bring along a psychic empath, they will tell you where a spirit is and what they look like a huge radar dish."

    Jay SartoriJay Sartori6 天 前
  • That's crazy but incredibly you never forget it

    zeeland izmarzeeland izmar6 天 前
  • The adventure and rush of adrenaline is awesome sometimes, you should try Reno haunted hotel in San Francisco... the place is creepy and your hair will stand up the moment you get in... and you should read the stories of their resident ghosts...

    mom1978mom19786 天 前
  • The mighty credit technologically stitch because rectangle preauricularly bare besides a annoyed cork. steady, frantic walk

    Hope HudsonHope Hudson8 天 前
  • The weird thing is when that guy said that name that name said Jetta my NAME IS JETTA WTF

    Jetta AwaltJetta Awalt8 天 前
  • Has anyone else seen the ghost adventures episode of this place, or just me?

    LFB 1406LFB 14069 天 前
  • When i grow up i am going to do the same thing


    Sarah ArtsSarah Arts11 天 前
  • chris was cool as hell

    Alyssa KeighanAlyssa Keighan11 天 前
  • Security system down there? Seems awesome 4 privacy but also seems like there'd be cameras

    wegohamm7wegohamm712 天 前
  • Why does that bob cat look like the snow monster in Frozen?

    Juwan JaberJuwan Jaber13 天 前
  • My grandma was born 1931 and she's still alive to day is her90th birth day

    elijah Fisherelijah Fisher13 天 前
  • The ultimate flex: shagging in a cave

    Zenot1cZenot1c13 天 前
  • 8:34 board needs to be rotated

    PladdyPunkPladdyPunk14 天 前
  • We have records from the 1800s that we found in our house

    Lilian ScottLilian Scott14 天 前
  • I’ve been there, it’s in Arizona.

    Jay MoulicJay Moulic15 天 前
  • i don't know how i feel about the people coming down in the morning

    Tea'sTea's15 天 前
  • what a simp

    Morgan CoulterMorgan Coulter16 天 前
  • Go subscribe to Noah Wolters pls

    Noah WoltersNoah Wolters16 天 前
  • i saw flashing lightes in the back ground

    Eliza CowanEliza Cowan16 天 前
  • All this is cool but what if a massive earthquake strikes? 😥

    Abhijeet SonowalAbhijeet Sonowal17 天 前
  • No weird stuff. But that’s a great place to go for sum seggs. Bucket list type shi

    Kayla RodriguezKayla Rodriguez17 天 前
  • I love how no matter where in the world they are, he brings her a cup of coffee every morning ~ relationship goals 💖

    Pattie Brayman SkellyPattie Brayman Skelly17 天 前
  • Same and my mom

    Josslynn NoggleJosslynn Noggle18 天 前
  • kate always says we should invited friends everitime over and over but never invites them

    kayleigh van rijswijkkayleigh van rijswijk18 天 前
  • I love when Kara scares Nate with her ghost jokes 😂

    i’m a noobi’m a noob18 天 前
  • yea i went on a tour of that cave its pretty cool

    Ez PlaysEz Plays18 天 前
  • I cannot understand why 450 people has negative feelings about this nice video ?

    Shay GShay G18 天 前
  • Who else is wondering how they can afford to do this 😂

    Beth Does makupBeth Does makup19 天 前
  • I have been here so nice 💖 hubby took me here after he proposed to me🧁

    Yhane SandersYhane Sanders19 天 前
  • Me watching them move the pawns everywhere 😟

    Robert GamaRobert Gama19 天 前
  • Omar Gosh did this, looks Amazing really, of course crypt night factor. Gotta love date night, 210 ft down, now that's Social distancing At it's best.

    TriciaTricia20 天 前
  • Omg i stayed at the motel there but not the one underground

    Wesley LinchWesley Linch20 天 前
  • Hey Nate, something you said about the quietness in the cave made me want to send you a note-I hope you see this. If you hear ringing or whooshing or humming when you’re in a very quiet place, you probably have the condition called tinnitus, like I do. I used to think that air itself had a “sound.” It wasn’t until my dad mentioned that he had tinnitus that I began to wonder about my own hearing. Look around the internet read up on it. It doesn’t hurt you, and you can’t really fix it. It;s just something to know about yourself. My husband and I love your adventures! Keep posting, stay healthy, and “hi” to Kara.

    Ted GriggsTed Griggs21 天 前
  • I live in Az very close to this place

    Mia YoloMia Yolo21 天 前
  • Great place to watch The Descent.

    Gregory Forsythe, JrGregory Forsythe, Jr21 天 前
  • I live in Kansas and a couple hours from me there’s an old salt mine/museum you can tour. It’s like this one, totally lacks moisture so it’s great for preserving things. They keep a lot of old Hollywood memorabilia stored down there. So part of it is this awesome old mine, the other part is this weird preservation of old Hollywood. I remembers lot of costumes from movies or costumes musicians toured in on display. But there are also boxes of old scripts and stuff. Super strange juxtaposition.

    Kasey BerubeKasey Berube23 天 前
  • बज़बय

    besim theguidebesim theguide23 天 前
  • I’d take this over the $10,000 penthouse. And not just because it’s $9000 cheaper

    Sam KSam K24 天 前
  • Crazyness to the max 🙏so awesome

    The Endless InspirationThe Endless Inspiration25 天 前
  • Yo is that guide single?? :P

    nesekabanesekaba25 天 前
  • this is so dope!!! :D a vibe for sureeee.

    Precious DepenaPrecious Depena27 天 前
  • Can somebody please tell me what the background music at 8:39 is? I wanna find it hah

  • 13:07 LIKE if U saw the GHOST TOO!

    Meebles SporellaMeebles Sporella28 天 前
  • Hi

    Keino LashleyKeino Lashley28 天 前
  • OMG! I wanna go there 🤩

    Mandy MisraMandy Misra28 天 前
  • Ghost meter the world's fakest thing

    Abdul MuqsitAbdul Muqsit28 天 前
  • I absolutely love how Nate wakes every morning and brings Kara coffee.

    Rennie BalcerRennie Balcer28 天 前
  • We ate there October 2019 before we hiked to Havasupai. It was such a cool experience!

    AmyAmy29 天 前
  • Oh my gosh I missed you two!!

    ItsNancyy NartItsNancyy Nart29 天 前
  • Not lieing I saw someone or something walked behind them

    2422mj Crazy duck2422mj Crazy duck29 天 前
  • This guy given the tour must be afraid of the dark... It does get totally dark in here you cannot see your hand in front of your face,said it a few X and Nate is scared of 👻's

    Al BrownAl Brown个月 前
  • That’s so cool

    Alana PassafiumeAlana Passafiume个月 前
  • The cute ravioli ultrastructurally stop because storm thermodynamically intend except a smiling gondola. rampant, peaceful missile

    Yoon RobichaudYoon Robichaud个月 前
  • I'd never leave the place, i wonder how peaceful and tranquil the place is in the evening, great job guys

    Waynne MickasWaynne Mickas个月 前
  • 3:22 "you cannot see anything" me: i just saw myself

    Atharva ShindeAtharva Shinde个月 前
  • The ghosts need to split the bills with you guys :(

    Ngan NguyenNgan Nguyen个月 前
  • I'm just happy coz Kate sang 'whole new world'

    Sneha SaphalaSneha Saphala个月 前
  • In Sala silver mine (tourist attraction no longer operational) in Sweden you can rent a room at 155 meters (508 feet) for one night :)

    WiFyWiFy个月 前
  • Imagine Earthquake

    _Blue__Blue_个月 前
  • This is so cool, yet unbelievable and scary! Really enjoy your guys' videos :)

    love churrolove churro个月 前
  • No quite a man cave but still really cool lol

    Acelu ManguAcelu Mangu个月 前
  • The bat cave has Nothing on this

    Shautne TurnerShautne Turner个月 前
  • I love how u guys just travel every where and live every where

    Chunyan linChunyan lin个月 前
  • This was on ghost adventures they caught bones in their and rocks being thrown

    Alexia HoweAlexia Howe个月 前
  • The concert with a random brand new never met before guide is iconic 😂💕

    Softie.rsvp._Softie.rsvp._个月 前
  • I'm Johnny D. Co. Hi there guys

    星彩星彩个月 前
  • It look like in days gone final mission 😵

    Syakir IsmailSyakir Ismail个月 前
  • That’s freaking amazing! 😍

    Deryn and Ragen FamilyDeryn and Ragen Family个月 前
  • I guarantee that there are cameras hidden in there. Don’t have too much fun (; 😂

    John PekrunJohn Pekrun个月 前
    • Just searched cave ś3x and the last couple came up.

      John PekrunJohn Pekrun个月 前
  • That room is absolutely stunning. Sheesh I’m in love. The World of Whitaker is officially hooked!

    World of WhitakerWorld of Whitaker个月 前
  • My grandma and cousin stayed at this hotel

    Brenden WeberBrenden Weber个月 前
  • Can you breathe , coz I can’t breathe when I’m just under my blankets 🤣🤣

    That Cape Town KidThat Cape Town Kid个月 前
  • He's thinking about ghosts, when that thing can fall in their faces🤣... Now they'll be ghost

    F&A ChannelF&A Channel个月 前
  • Awesomeness 🎈

    James HambrickJames Hambrick个月 前
  • Id have mad s*x in that cave

    Doruk MollaoğluDoruk Mollaoğlu个月 前
  • This is the place that ghost adventures went and explored I think

    Adreanna ReneéAdreanna Reneé个月 前
  • Okay but seriously, i'm in love with Chris.

    Hakuna MatataHakuna Matata个月 前
  • Where were you when the Nukes dropped??? Sleeping in a cave that’s where!

    Apocalypse MeowApocalypse Meow个月 前
  • Oh that’s the same toilet I’m my nana’s camper

    aubrey stewartaubrey stewart个月 前
  • I watched this

    zuhnzuhn个月 前
    • i did not expect to find you here

      CadeAGCadeAG14 天 前
    • Cool?

      Kenley GrantKenley Grant25 天 前
    • Okay... 😂 nice kiddo

      YuhhmebitchesYuhhmebitches25 天 前
    • No one gives a shit

      Eemeli KauppinenEemeli Kauppinen个月 前
  • The place from ghost adventures noice

    cri cricri cri个月 前
  • I’ve been here before! Super cool spot in the middle of nowhere in AZ

    Carley HumeCarley Hume个月 前
  • The tour guide said 100 million years 😂😂 not even 1 million years, not even 100,000

    RogsterrRogsterr个月 前
  • The crackers were so bAd they kept eating them 🥴🤣😂😂

    Moth FarmerMoth Farmer个月 前
  • 1000 per night? ,I will just stay at mine.

  • Nah I’ll pass one wrong move and u stuck

    Happy MomHappy Mom个月 前
  • LMAO! You two are hilarious! Nate "I'm a grown man and I slept with the light on" lol

    XploringXploring个月 前