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It's our first time in Seattle, and we were lucky enough to have a local show us around for the day!
#vanlife / Travel vlog 741 | Seattle, Washington | Filmed October 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • Dump city lol, visited, will never go back

    Gypsy GypsyGypsy Gypsy小时 前
  • At the start of the video: Kara and jerome seem to be getting close, I wonder if nate is jealous.... 2 seconds later: oh right he's gay, no danger then.

    fireblade2681fireblade26818 小时 前
  • Heyyyyyyy!!!!! ur right close to our house! wanna visit?

    MelloinyMelloiny天 前
  • I’m literally from seattle and I haven’t done half of these things

    Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor3 天 前
    • Yeah, sometimes I feel a little embarrassed. But ya know, they did some of the good stuff like Pike Place. But there are quite a few restaurants that I haven't been to. Like I haven't been downtown in like a year.

      Ethan's Tech WorldEthan's Tech World3 天 前
  • This is literally the worst place to live

    lydia pinnelllydia pinnell4 天 前
  • Seattle is amazing! Besides the cold and the crime we got lots of packages and our bikes stolen

    HannahWaves10 `HannahWaves10 `4 天 前
  • Fan Tan Alley in Victoria BC also used to have a gum wall, but the city removed it and it's not allowed anymore. Also, I'm proud of Kara. She said Filipino food instead of Asian food.

    RayneRayne6 天 前
  • Fun fact: When I was younger I watched someone take a piece of gum off the wall and eat it.

    svftpretzelsvftpretzel8 天 前
    • OMG living in Seattle I know it's crazy but wow

      FleurChatFleurChat6 天 前
  • “You can take pictures but you can’t take a video”. Don’t they realise that a video is nothing but an illusion created by a set of pictures 😋(ignoring the audio part)

    Kunal KukrejaKunal Kukreja8 天 前
  • Should’ve gone to Alki beach at night. Beautiful Seattle skyline sight at night when everything is lit up.

    June the GoonJune the Goon11 天 前
  • Does she understand that Starbucks is literally burned coffee.

    Sam GordonSam Gordon13 天 前
  • she said Pike's Place. As a local, my ears are burning. What next, Bacon Hill?

    Pierre PierregothomesPierre Pierregothomes16 天 前
  • 💛

    venus Gvenus G21 天 前
  • 5:11 that guy is completely full of shit.

    Bro FloBro Flo21 天 前
  • So basically you been traveling to the US to states during quarantine, thanks

    Joey DiazJoey Diaz22 天 前
  • My ass would be running to the bathroom after that mac&cheese

    Karlos MaganaKarlos Magana23 天 前
  • OMG YESS THEY SAW THE GUM WALL I LOVE THE GUM WALL IT'S SO DISGUSTING and girl there has been waaaaay more gum on there than that rookie amount

    Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku23 天 前
  • Awful place to live

    Soul GuruSoul Guru24 天 前
  • I think you're buddy did you kinda wrong.... He didn't take you to the rocco's Pizza forums probably the best pizza in the world

    Dgenerate63Dgenerate6324 天 前
  • 1 Corinthians 7:2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

  • y’all really have the audacity to go to 2 Starbucks’s and a Amazon store but then go to the chop to pay respects and to get some dramatic footage 🤣🤣🥴. I’m just waiting for them to go to uncle Ike’s to buy some legal weed

    Patrick BPatrick B26 天 前
  • I love pikes place market idk what it is but it’s so amazing and if you get there early you can see men throwing fish around off of boats it’s so cool !

    Christine MooreChristine Moore26 天 前
  • I have been to literally everywhere in this video. I love Seattle and watching your videos! Thank you.

    Tillie VassarTillie Vassar28 天 前
  • born and raised Seattleite with a lil background of sb: the first sb is no longer even around. the very first sb was opened in 1971 on 2000 western ave a few blocks away from where you visited the pike place one. after 5 years they purchased the pike place spot, so technically the place you went was the 2nd sb ever, and the oldest still standing, which is cool. the actual original was moved as the building demolished.

    Jay PetrichorJay Petrichor29 天 前
  • Can’t Wait Till I Go!! In March

    Gabriel Gee GonzalesGabriel Gee Gonzales个月 前
  • WoW! Sugar Tax in Seattle, just like in the U.K. but they don't use it for food assistance for low income families

    Martyn 1994Martyn 1994个月 前
  • Fuck that amazon go shit. I thought of that years ago. Orwell 1940 ass

  • Jerome was a fabulous tour guide! Loved this!!

    Bethany ClapperBethany Clapper个月 前
  • Don't move here it's a rainy and gloomy and boring and irrelevant city ;)

    Worker WorkerWorker Worker个月 前
  • Stop moving in, we’re full

    Andrew RAndrew R个月 前
  • Seeing the original Starbucks without a line is so weird!

    Katrina KennedyKatrina Kennedy个月 前
  • I’ve lived in this area since I was 14, 1965. I used to go downtown alone often. I don’t want to do that anymore

    SusanSusan个月 前
  • The gum wall is usually way more full then that:) also I have never seen the first Starbucks that empty before:)

    Amelia HostkoetterAmelia Hostkoetter个月 前
  • 206

    Jimmi StoneJimmi Stone个月 前
  • That's my flat on the left! (2:29) Glad you enjoyed #Seattle.

    Bill PritchardBill Pritchard个月 前
  • The only reason you should be going to an amazon go store is to their smash windows or spray paint the outside

    leigh smi5gleigh smi5g个月 前
  • Yay you guys are finally in my area. Welcome to Washington!

    Nikki CarandangNikki Carandang个月 前
  • Oh no, Canada Goose :'(

    Kenneth SmithKenneth Smith个月 前
  • I love you Kara and Nate!

    saksham gangwarsaksham gangwar个月 前
  • Why didn’t you mention why all the shops have boarded windows, looks really bad !!!!

    Neil MackenzieNeil Mackenzie个月 前
    • And the homeless camps and public defecation.

      Scott SinclairScott Sinclair个月 前
  • A Socialist/communist high crime POS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Norm GilbertsonNorm Gilbertson个月 前
  • I miss old Seattle. We used to be known for how clean the city was. It was this amazing town, quiet, clean, a hidden gem. Now it's basically a smaller San Francisco. Crowded, dirty, expensive. PS My wife and I met at the Alibi Room, which is the bar/restaurant right where the gum wall is...... that was 23 years ago. :)

    Bill BoredBill Bored个月 前
  • Seattle sucks, I live here. It’s a leftist sick utopia where you can see homeless people get free heroine and relieve themselves on the streets, but plastic straws are outlawed among many other insanities. Over the 20yrs I’ve lived here Seattle communists made this beautiful city a hellhole

    A KA K个月 前
  • Just think how great Seattle would be if they clean the damn place up. It will take a different city council, a different mayor, a different police chief. The city is not lost, but they need to get their "s__t" together. And soon. (btw, I am liberal, but this far left garbage will not progress Seattle in anyway or form).

    Paul WalkerPaul Walker个月 前
  • Once was a cool city. No more.

    M HamiltonM Hamilton个月 前
  • That is not the first Starbucks

    whyunotlikewhyunotlike个月 前
  • as a seattle native i really appreciate the beautiful light you painted my city in thanks for the awesome video. also give the gum wall some love!

    Dain DrumhillerDain Drumhiller个月 前
  • it's not Pike's market it is Pike place market, bugs the crap out of people who live here, there is no Pike that owns Pike place market

    Peter DornPeter Dorn个月 前
  • Does seeing places in walking distance from where I live presented as destinations ever get old? Seattle is such a great city.

    Mark HamannMark Hamann个月 前
  • Iv lived here since I was born and seeing tourists and how they act is very weird to me (in a good way)

    cousin_ toecousin_ toe个月 前
  • You literally aren’t over exaggerating about the Beechers mac + cheese! You can even buy it at Costco over here it’s so popular. . Glad you enjoyed your visit!

    Melissa BavlnkaMelissa Bavlnka个月 前
  • Obligatory local disclaimer: this is the oldest standing Starbucks, not the original location.

    Harleylover14Harleylover14个月 前
  • Seattle sux now

    Blue ringed OctopusBlue ringed Octopus个月 前
  • Man wish you guys would’ve had an opportunity to see the jewels of seattle also - the waterfall hikes and rainforests right outside of Seattle are amazing! You guys will have to come back when covid is over and Seattle’s back to its prime again...there are a ton of stuff the city has to offer.

    Phamever - Dine, Dress, Travel & Live WellPhamever - Dine, Dress, Travel & Live Well个月 前
  • I live 16 miles north up in Lynnwood but my sister owns a salon and lives in the city. Pike Place Market is really one of my favorite places ever and I enjoy going there every single time:)

    Chris SchwartzChris Schwartz个月 前
  • The boarded up store fronts are the true Seattle!

    blob blobbyblob blobby个月 前
  • Just an FYI, it’s cold and rainy/cloudy 9 months of the year people. Consider that before living here, otherwise it’s very beautiful. Goes from 1/10 beauty in those 9 months to 10/10 in the summer, no joke. Lived here my whole life. If you want to move here DO NOT visit in the summer, visit in the fall or winter and then decide. The summer will deceive you!

    2jzandy s2jzandy s个月 前
  • All I can say is this shows three privileged people who have never had to work hard in there lives, enjoying Seattle during a pandemic. I'm sure they edited out any shots of homeless people or drug addicts shooting up across the street.

    Grant FryerGrant Fryer个月 前
  • Seeing them walk where I live is crazy

    fisherシfisherシ个月 前
  • Where is that in seattle?! seattle is ghetto

    The Kings CodeThe Kings Code个月 前
  • I lived there for 10 years. I am downvoting because they only cover attractions and Seattle's great food..... That is not knowing Seattle at all. However, if you have the luxury of doing CNworld videos and enough money just to travel and see the sights and eat the food, well, ok job.

    jayson murphyjayson murphy个月 前
  • Through a series of random events, I ended up on vacation in Seattle, a place I never thought I'd visit, and I had an absolute magical experience the whole time I was there. I stayed on the edge of Downtown and walked a different street each day, just enjoying the architecture, finding hidden alleys covered in street art, micro parks, curio shops. Atlas Obscura led me to fun little places all over, from the speakeasy on the viewing deck of Smith's Tower to a pinball arcade/museum. The city is so pet friendly, walkable with pretty great public transit, and charming. Ever since visiting, I've been trying to find a way to relocate to that area.

    Douglas FrankDouglas Frank个月 前
  • That first Starbucks was horrible, drink was watered down.

    H HongH Hong个月 前
  • I’m a fan but making travel vlogs during a pandemic leaves me conflicted. You’ve traveled thousand of miles across the USA and also risked exposing strangers to a disease that could kill them. Why can’t you just explore your local community until the vaccines roll out. Selfish

    Christopher MayfieldChristopher Mayfield个月 前
  • The Pacific North West has Beautiful sceneries. Epic summer(2 months)Great access to snow in winter. 2 downsides. People don’t go the extra mile to connect. If you are a lonely wolf this is the place for you. If you care about you sunshine, don’t even consider...Moving out soon, Good luck.

    Raphael KenyouRaphael Kenyou个月 前
  • My mom says you’re disgusting

    Paloma RamirezPaloma Ramirez个月 前
    • *You’re

      Paloma RamirezPaloma Ramirez个月 前
    • You’re*

      Kara and NateKara and Nate个月 前
  • I love Seattle, it's really sad to see it so empty due to covid and riots!

    samantha portersamantha porter个月 前
    • Yes, a boarded up town, highly violent and dangerous streets with a homicide increase --- OFFICIALLY --- 74.1% increase, in reality much, much higher ---- NEVER trust Seattle stats on anything -- not math but "political arithmetic" is always used!

      James WoolleyJames Woolley个月 前
  • Don’t forget all the pretty needles lying around everywhere 😀

    Negah PlzNegah Plz个月 前
  • Y’all ain’t even see the Seattle gigs

    Evan CorkEvan Cork个月 前
  • Pike Place is still my favorite spot and I’ve lived here my whole life!

    Jennifer McCrearyJennifer McCreary个月 前
  • She’s so pretty 😍

    A DA D个月 前
  • I love Beecher’s...

    darter9000darter9000个月 前
  • Um I love Jerome! His energy is bomb! Yesssss

    Tod MasTod Mas个月 前
  • This is a travek vlog and you went to two Starbucks and an Amazon store???

    Neal RodruckNeal Rodruck个月 前
  • To me its just a boring city cause I have lived here my whole life lol

    SquidyTheKingSquidyTheKing个月 前
  • I liked your tour of Seattle, appreciate you guys. #techlife

    Ninjajp247 ozunuNinjajp247 ozunu个月 前
  • I don't care if you're going to a local Mom and Pop shop. If you go to any store in Seattle and you don't find kombucha? you are not in Seattle.

    Ninjajp247 ozunuNinjajp247 ozunu个月 前
  • It's actually called post alley but that is indeed the gum Wall. I hear they power wash it every year or so I've seen it happen myself. The kids didn't hesitate to put more gum up there trust me.

    Ninjajp247 ozunuNinjajp247 ozunu个月 前
  • Should have ate at beecher's Edit. Spoke too soon. Literally came up a minute after I wrote it.

    Ninjajp247 ozunuNinjajp247 ozunu个月 前
  • I'm moving out of Seattle in 6 months and just watching this makes me realize how much I'll miss this place.

    FadedReconFadedRecon个月 前
  • Oh the drone footage of the pier was years old, our building is still under construction! 😮

    D.TillyD.Tilly个月 前
  • Seattle is a shit hole. Starbucks are raided and destroyed on a regular basses. Downtown is boarded up from all the destruction from the "peaceful protests". Drug use is rampant with no law enforcement. WHAT this clip does not show is the human feces in the street the tents and motor homes on sidewalks. The homeless hassling you for money on a regular bases. Do not come here for any reason and your life will be better.

    Max SteelMax Steel个月 前
  • Don't move to the Seattle area. It's a shithole.

    Tyler BrownTyler Brown个月 前
  • I live in Seattle and haven't seen most of this😒😂, as soon as I graduate im traveling

    Mac DaddyMiaMac DaddyMia个月 前
  • Watching other people exploring my home, priceless.

    Thomas KennedyThomas Kennedy个月 前
    • I know right, as a homebody it's so surreal seeing people actually go outside this time of year.

      Worker WorkerWorker Worker个月 前
    • lol same

      fisherシfisherシ个月 前
    • Makes me almost like it here 💀

      Random CommentRandom Comment个月 前

    Alyssa KingAlyssa King个月 前
  • Yo Jerome, I just moved to Seattle over the holidays, lets hang out! 😂

    Logan ZLogan Z个月 前
  • To bad. Starbucks is definitely Seattle's garbage coffee. With all of the amazing coffee to choose from that's just right there in the Market. Next time don't walk past Ghost Alley Espresso (next to the gum wall). They are a BIG Market and local favorite. Amazing stuff right there.

    Green EggsGreen Eggs个月 前
  • Okay I typically don’t comment on videos and certainly not negative comments, but this video in particular I think would make a great example. I’ve worked in Pike Place for 5 years, and 2020 was hands down the hardest hit the market had taken in a LONG time. However, the market remaining mostly open, despite the pandemic was for essential use. A lot of residents in the city use the market as their grocery stores, especially during the slower months. There are also a lot of daycares, nursing homes, and assisted living communities that rely on the market for many essential goods. Yes, the market is an iconic tourist destination during a ‘normal’ year, but please understand that we are not in ‘normal’ times! I’ve had too many friends and coworkers forced to risk their lives and health to come in to their essential jobs only to find people exactly like those in this video continuing to treat the market as a fun destination spot for the day. I understand that traveling is your work, and clearly you do a good job showcasing the beauty of different locations, but please know that while you’re filming the “original” Starbucks, there are countless people working who have lost a close friend or family member to this pandemic that you’re continuing to not take seriously. Wearing a mask and remaining six feet apart are meant to be when you HAVE to go out for ESSENTIAL matters, and certainly don’t have the same effect when you’re sharing a cup of Mac and cheese with your friend.

    Kaylee ZoggKaylee Zogg个月 前
  • Too bad local government is letting Seattle rot away. Unfortunate we don't have people in power that can equitably balance people and business.

    D. LiD. Li个月 前
  • I live in Seattle and honestly kinda ashamed you didn’t walk down 3rd Avenue..

    Bobby Wayne IVBobby Wayne IV个月 前
  • Seattle has some beautiful things BUT don't be fooled. It's dirty, disgusting & not safe. I lived there for almost 40 years & it is no longer the cool city of the 90's. Seattle is Dying & the recent follow up video is a MUST watch before traveling to Seattle. What is shown in those videos is not isolated to downtown. Last WARNING if you are a victim of a crime the Seattle police can not help you.

    Windy FloresWindy Flores个月 前
  • Except it is not the FIRST STARBUCKS ever ~ LOL ~ that location was moved there ~ from a different corner.

  • i've lived in Seattle for 17 years (im currently almost 18)and i had no idea we had an amazon go thingy

    ClaireMartineClaireMartine个月 前
  • Love this! Love your friend from Seattle. Love the food! What a fun time y’all have together! Thank you for the adventures!

    Tara. Bell51Tara. Bell51个月 前
  • wow downtown is really empty

    Ako TofiqAko Tofiq个月 前
  • 1:39 Getting Starbucks when you're in Seattle is the MOST guilty time to get it hahaha. There's soooo much better coffee all around Seattle, and to get Starbucks in Seattle when they're everywhere internationally? A rookie mistake haha ;)

    Gavin MichaelsGavin Michaels个月 前
  • You guys should go to Eastern Washington and check out the Grand Coulee Dam, the Palouse, Columbia River, Walla Walla, Spokane and Priest Lake Idaho. Of course these places are much more fun to visit in the summer :-)

    ChutmanChutman个月 前
  • Lived here my whole life

    Melissa LamfalusiMelissa Lamfalusi个月 前
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    Rema Sauers HechingerRema Sauers Hechinger个月 前