VAN LIFE in OREGON (a happy ending)

2020年11月 1日
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FINALLY made it to the west coast! We road tripped from Mt. Hood to Cannon Beach, Oregon and camped at one of our BEST spots yet! It's my first time to the west coast so I am pumped about the upcoming days :)
#vanlife / Travel vlog 738 | Oregon, USA | Filmed October 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • I have lived here in Portland my whole life and these past 8 months or so has changed our city. Some for he good some for the bad. It's a beautiful city with a lot of diversity. There are some amazing places with in the city that you would have loved. If you ever make it back let me or somebody else that lives here give you a tour of the best area's of Portland. I promise you will love it

    TashaTasha2 天 前
  • It does not get more beautiful than Oregon Coast. Truly God’s country.

    Vicki GambleVicki Gamble4 天 前
  • As someone who's lived in portland my whole 32 years, there's nothing bad you can say about downtown portland that isn't true. this city blows. Especially right now. but even when covid hasn't shut everything down, portland fucking SUCKS. We all hate it here.

    Artie GatsbyArtie Gatsby6 天 前
  • The homeless ness is caused by capitalism not blm protest I can promise that it’s been like that for years

    Nomi GedzelmanNomi Gedzelman6 天 前
  • Im a lifelong Oregon resident and Im not the least bit offended by your impression of Portland. Its a fair one. I live not very far from P-town (Hood River) and wish I could visit the city center but between the homeless issue, the protests (although thankfully it hasnt been happening as much in the last month or two), and the pandemic I just dont feel safe taking my wife and kids there. Although, on a more positive note, I spent a few years living in Cannon Beach and its cool to see a youtuber I like walking in the same places I so enjoyed walking.

    Matthew AlleyMatthew Alley8 天 前
  • I have lived for 25 years in my current location in a small town in the Columbia River Gorge but before that I lived in and around the Portland metro area for about 20 years. Portland used to be a great place but 2020 really has devastated certain parts of it and sadly with the increase in homelessness it has been hit hard in so many ways. When I lived there in the 70s and 80s I never felt in danger being in any part of the city at any hour day or night. I don't know if it will ever recover as long as anarchists continue to tear it down.

    Shadow VoxShadow Vox8 天 前
  • As a resident of Portland it is a fascinating place but its probably the worst time for you to visit and the homelessness is out of control here

    Wild NorthwestWild Northwest8 天 前
  • Here in Texas you don't have to call walmart to sleep in the parking lot they don't care cuz truckers always aleep there.

    The B TeamThe B Team15 天 前
  • As a native Oregonian, it makes me so happy to see tourists enjoying the Pacific NW for the first time! I forget sometimes how lucky I am to live here. :) So glad you were able to see so many beautiful places on your trip through here. And thanks for taking the time to understand current Portland on a deeper basis (not just at-a-glance). As a non-Portlander, I tend to direct out-of-staters to places outside the city/metro area anyway. The coast, Cascades, and the gorge are some of the best places to really see Oregon (and not just Portland)! P.S. SO GLAD you guys pronounced "Oregon" correctly!!! I'm proud of you. xD

    FlyingFalcon01FlyingFalcon0115 天 前
  • I have lived here all my life and you were far too nice to Portland. It’s gone so far downhill. I will say Voodoo is my favorite but should have tried some of the more flavorful ones 😊❤️

    Lori PylesLori Pyles15 天 前
  • Noooo I'm so sad you guys couldn't visit before covid! I think it would have been much better. ☹️ I hope you guys can come back after they fix up our city. I'm glad you visited our beaches tho💕

    Kimberly JonesKimberly Jones15 天 前
  • I live in Portland: shows up to voodoo donuts and says it's open, there's a line.. I'm like of course there's a line wtf🤣 I've never seen voodoo donuts without a line day and night🤣

    Kimberly JonesKimberly Jones15 天 前
  • Goonies beach. At least it looks like it!

    Toni GoodyearToni Goodyear15 天 前
  • Lol. Smallest park!

    Toni GoodyearToni Goodyear15 天 前
  • Your NOT being Harsh at all!!! Portland is a shit hole. Just wait till you get to cal.

    Deb LawsonDeb Lawson18 天 前
  • Next time your in Washington State, Highway 2 out of Everett keep on it until you reach Sultan Washington. On the Left side of the road about 3/4 of the way thru Sultan you'll find the Sultan Bakery. Got to try it, besides the baked goods get a Loaf of bread. You will NOT be disappointed

    Deb LawsonDeb Lawson18 天 前
  • You missed a gorgeous beach town just north of Cannon Beach called Seaside. It is absolutely my favorite place along the Oregon coast to visit.

    Madelyn BlazeMadelyn Blaze19 天 前
  • Growing up an hour away from Portland, it’s just weird, sketchy and not a great place to be! Don’t feel bad about telling how you feel about it.

    michelle cartermichelle carter22 天 前
  • I've been to Multnomah Falls Oregon fall 2019 as a birthday trip. I always go to Cannon Beach Oregon every other year for my birthday.

    ArneNizhnikovArneNizhnikov22 天 前
  • I live in Oregon. Born and raised here and live about 30 min away from Portland. Never in my life, I've ever been so disappointed in my city. I feel terrible you saw us like this, this is not how it use to be. I love all that you guys do and thank you for giving Oregon a chance. The rest of oregon is beautiful though!

    Diana DoranDiana Doran26 天 前
  • Should of gone to COCO donuts xD voodoo donuts taste awful but they are “fun”.

    Matthew KubotaMatthew Kubota26 天 前
  • If you come back check out Forest Park, the rose gardens, the japanese garden, Pittock Mansion - to check out the view of Portland, which is fantastic. Also check out Portland City Grill, Mother’s Bistro, Screen Door and Papa Hayden. Hopefully Portland will be a better experience next time.

    Carmen HerreraCarmen Herrera26 天 前
  • You really should have gone to Pacific City.. it’s one of my favorite beaches growing up there is caves, a giant San dun to run up and down and if you get to the top and head left there is this amazing hiking train we’re the waves hit these cliffs and spray water up, and the best part is when the tide is low there is this like coral rock reef that is exposed and you can walk around and see so many ocean life like sea anemone, crabs, fish, octopus, honestly the list goes on .. it’s like a free petting zoo of ocean life! Also most of the time you can see wales breaching the surface!! It’s honestly magical !

    Christine MooreChristine Moore26 天 前
  • Kara drops her phone on the sand and there was no comment 15:09 ahah

    Brittney wertmanBrittney wertman27 天 前
  • Sorry about Portland. Yes, the Oregon coast is awesome from north to south! Glad you had fun!

    Aaron M KeithAaron M Keith27 天 前
  • @16:09 thats also a reason of this amount of trash. Lots and lots of food and drinks to go. Expensiv drinks to go... Why? Don't you own a coffeemaker? Just sayin But the Oregon Coast is the best. :)

    nuu-yanuu-ya27 天 前
  • Stop sugar coating it... Portland is trash!

    4thDegreeBurn4thDegreeBurn29 天 前
  • FYI, there is a trail that circles mirror lake. Mount hood is literally behind you. Lol

    WW个月 前
  • This is where I live. just across the river in Washington! So pretty!!!!

    Kali BeaulieuKali Beaulieu个月 前
  • As a local it makes me so sad that 2020 was your first impression of Portland! It’s just not even close to the same vibrant city it was a year ago 😭 I’ve traveled the world and Oregon is truly my favorite place. A couple tips from a local: Pip’s is twice as good as Voodoo (but both are good) Avoid DT Portland right now but SE and NE Portland have some beautiful neighborhoods with great places to eat They’re called “food carts” not “food trucks” here 🤍 Soooo glad you got to see some of the beauty of the state! Hope you can come back in a few years when the city has healed 💕

    Karisa IngKarisa Ing个月 前
  • I was so disappointed to see such criticism of homeless people. People are struggling in this economy, especially in 2020. Seems so hypocritical when you are perfectly happy to exploit the poor and slums of other countries for your content. I think I’m mostly disappointed that your openness to people of all walks of life in other countries doesn’t extend to the people in your own country.

    Beckie GrimBeckie Grim个月 前
  • I’m so sad you missed out on pips and blue star! Come back and visit and try again sometime.

    Katrina KennedyKatrina Kennedy个月 前
  • Always carry a little electric space heater for emergency backup if your heater stops working.and if you go south more on the Oregon coast you will definitely not be disappointed and stop and see the stops between waldport and Yachats Oregon coast. And if you need a place to stay a night and get a nice shower there is a nice motel in Yachats called silver surf motel.

    Jj MartinezJj Martinez个月 前
  • It's so sad how bad Portland has gotten.. It didn't use to be like this 😭 Being a local and seeing it is heartbreaking. So many beautiful shops and restaurants closed permanently.

    Alixandra BreiterAlixandra Breiter个月 前
  • Classic Oregon being foggy. When we moved here we traveled to so many places across the state only to find that it was covered in fog.

    Zach ShaferZach Shafer个月 前
  • 15:09

    Sifat MuztahidSifat Muztahid个月 前
  • Long time fan but this video just pushes my buttons in so many ways. It will be hard to watch your new videos going forward.

    torchboxtorchbox个月 前
  • Cannon beach is so fun I love going there

    fisherシfisherシ个月 前
  • Man, it feels really nice you saying good things about my country, Iraq 🇮🇶. Love you guys.

    Stefan XOStefan XO个月 前
  • Brand of/affiliate link for your hoodies seen in this video...not seeing them on #peanutbutterprinting...Nate in a green Kara in a purple. Look perfect for travel!

    Todd FisherTodd Fisher个月 前
  • Also, true story... Portland ganked "Keep Portland Weird" from Austin, who had the slogan first. I will say that PDX has a slight edge with the 'weird,' though. I grew up in Austin and live near Portland now. Santa Cruz and other cities also borrowed the slogan since.

    Lynne FTWLynne FTW个月 前
  • Cracker Barrel restaurants and Cabelas locations accept overnighting usually, and the Gorge does have some rest areas.

    Lynne FTWLynne FTW个月 前
  • Portland was a crappy town 10 years ago. Covid made it worse.. You guys have nothing to apologize about.

    Joe CornorJoe Cornor个月 前
  • Born and raised in Salem. Portland has been trashed by the riots and BLM with Antifa. The mayor allows it and the town is in the dumps. It used to be a tourist place but not anymore. Stay away from Portland and visit the smaller place. I wish you would have stop along the Columbia River and bought some fresh salmon just caught by native Americans. It melts in your mouth. it is sad what has happened to that town, but Oregon as a whole is beautiful if you stay out of the big city, we only have 1 and it is Portland. Up in the hills surrounding Portland is some of the most beautiful views ever.

    D BoudriaultD Boudriault个月 前
  • Hi

    E 1E 1个月 前
  • I've worked downtown Portland for over 20 years, and always have loved it. Food carts galore, easy clean mass transit, short walkable blocks and smallish buildings that let in sunlight, parks/ plazas everywhere .. but the 2020 s%@*show has exacerbated the homeless problem. Voodoo is in an area between the main dt core and Old Town, where the city's shelters are concentrated. The shelters are unable to fit as many due to covid spacing, so many more are on the streets. And the CDC is telling cities to not clear camps so as not to spread covid. This, on top of riots over the summer that have continued through the year on a smaller level, plus no office workers/ tourists, have resulted in an 80% drop in dt pedestrian activity and businesses on the edge. On a hopeful note, we passed a bond measure last year to put $250 million/ year to addressing the homeless crisis. Things will get better with the passing of the pandemic, and Portland will one day be its vibrant, amiable self again. Come visit again and explore the other 90% of the city, there are tons of wonderful neighborhoods, plus Powell's (the largest bookstore in the nation,) the Japanese Garden, Pittock Mansion, Mt. Tabor... Don't let the Voodoo 'hood in a pandemic be your only experience. Glad you got to enjoy the coast and the gorge, too!

    Ryan MillerRyan Miller个月 前
  • You are wonderful.

    Renni Da SilvaRenni Da Silva个月 前
  • No mention of Haystack Rock from 'The Goonies'? Too young I

    Derrick RobertsonDerrick Robertson个月 前
  • The beach is where the Microsoft screen saver is took

    Vicscaboosh VlogsVicscaboosh Vlogs个月 前
  • Bahaha! This video set my Siri off while I was watching it!

    Jeffrey WilsonJeffrey Wilson个月 前
  • Another great thing most people don't know about the Oregon Coast is, all the beaches are publicly owned along the coast and belong to the people. You could theoretically walk from the California border to the Washington border unimpeded. Love the videos!

    BWheezie AdventuresBWheezie Adventures个月 前
  • Did anyone notice Karas phone fall out of her pocket well they were at the beach

    Kerri DavrenKerri Davren个月 前
  • What beautiful hiking trails! Would love to see Multnomah Falls, thank you for sharing! I didn't know there was a donut scene in Portland, but now that I know it sounds like a good enough reason to visit!

    Stephanie GruenbergStephanie Gruenberg个月 前
  • As a Portland local I would encourage you to visit when we aren’t in a pandemic. Everything was closed because of COVID, not the protests. We’re taking COVID very seriously as our state has a very bad hospital bed per capita. Honestly, Portland is still the place you visit to go visit everything around it and enjoy the beer and food scene at night. Sorry you had a poor experience. Hopefully we are able to find solutions to our problems that don’t involve kicking our homeless to the next city like a lot of cities do to us.

    Jonathan NosackJonathan Nosack2 个月 前
  • We who live in the Pacific Northwest and have been around for a long time are heartbroken about what has happened to Seattle and Portland... those two cities have been completely trashed by rioting in the past year, it's just awful what they have done... Seattle and Portland were gems and wonderful tourist spots... no more, it's so sad. As a native of the area I would absolutely NOT recommend anyone going to either city.

    Jacqueline CateJacqueline Cate2 个月 前
  • Just in this video you can name the things they love most Eachother (of course) Traveling Nature And a nice sunset

    Vanessa RodriguezVanessa Rodriguez2 个月 前
  • Portland is just antifa and BLM attacking people and destroying the city. Besides, mayor of Portland sucks and is destroying his own city. Speak truth. Don’t skip out on honest truth, facts often hurt

    Zach BuchananZach Buchanan2 个月 前
  • Two privileged whites acting like privileged whites... shocking. I say that as a very privileged non-white. It's about being self aware. These two just come across as total asses. And the city is dead... maybe you haven't heard but there's a damn pandemic going around? Maybe try coming back when there's not a global pandemic? Just a thought. And I'm real sorry people in Portland feel it's important to protest for racial equality. I'm real sorry it ruined your opinion of our city.

    TheWriterNWTheWriterNW2 个月 前
  • Cannon Beach is one of my happy places. When I lived in Portland, my favorite escape was to Cannon Beach! Glad you loved it just as much.

    Janese CarstensJanese Carstens2 个月 前
  • Thanks so much you guys! When this is all over I’m planning to take my parents on a west coast road trip (we live in the U.K.) and I can’t WAIT to go to Oregon it sounds amazing

    Aviation FRAviation FR2 个月 前
  • Guys remember they're from Tennessee. It's probably for the best that they hide their political views from us.

    live90live902 个月 前
  • Joe’s Donuts in Sandy OR, on the way up to Hood. Next trip 😊 Yes, Burnside in Portland is sketchy! Portland, the once city of roses is no more. Portland used to be beautiful, full of great shops and restaurants. It’s very sad 😢

    life in my empty nestlife in my empty nest2 个月 前
  • I actually worked up at Timberline (in the cascade dining room) winter, spring, and summer, and that lodge truly never got old in it’s beauty and it’s views ❤️ I moved 2 hours away from there last September so it was super cool seeing this video feature one of my favorite places ☺️

    Mallori MatosMallori Matos2 个月 前
  • If you guys ever come back to Oregon please go to crown point view ❤️❤️

    Kimberly KleinKimberly Klein2 个月 前
  • I love that you came to my home town this place is gorgeous and I love that you went to cannon beach because I went there as a kid and it’s nice to see my own represented

    Kimberly KleinKimberly Klein2 个月 前
  • Next time you are in Oregon you need to go to Crater Lake and Bend

    Marina CursiMarina Cursi2 个月 前
  • timber line is on mt hood at the top so you won't see the mountain

    Millie GrubbMillie Grubb2 个月 前
  • That place definitely didn't look dangerous wtf

    gphillimogphillimo2 个月 前
  • You did a good job guys have always done a good job telling the truth. This is the reality of some places, unfortunately. I work in social services in NYC so we see this every day. As humans we're all asked to contribute so I don't know why being a travel vlogger makes it more of your responsibility. I wonder if those folks who asked you to do better are doing better for those in their community. For others who live in "cushy" areas, this might be a shock. For others it seems your video was disappointing. Either way you guys have to tell your story and you always do it with respect. People always think they know what they would do in every given situation when that is just not the way it works. This is what you captured, this is what you shared. Regardless of how you did it, it wouldn't make everyone appreciative (inversely, disappointed).

    Laady BeeLaady Bee2 个月 前
  • Lol they went to the wrong part of Portland

    Kool Kid 26Kool Kid 262 个月 前
  • These comments are not it. I’m sorry you two have to deal with so much negativity. And to all who are commenting such negativity... Nate literally said he should have done more research. He was very respectful and if you can’t see that then bless your heart.

    Micah CulpepperMicah Culpepper2 个月 前
  • You were on the beach in Manzanita, I live in Nehalem further back very beautiful place 😉

    JR RavenJR Raven2 个月 前
  • I lived in Portland for 35 years and moved away in 2018 when I could no longer afford to live there. It sucks now, you don't have to sugar coat it.

    Meagan LMeagan L2 个月 前
  • I live here over Vancouver and grew up right next to Portland, it has changed for the worse downtown but everything is amazing. Next time you come back stay at Carson Hot springs mineral baths and Old fashion hotel and new version. And you must go skiing or visit best swimming hole in world Opal Creek in The state Oregon couple or so hours from Portland, Or.

    CARECARE2 个月 前
  • FYI Kara -

    Sister WarriorSister Warrior3 个月 前
  • sorry you had a poor time in portland. hopefully your observations will stop people moving here now 🙏🏻

    Mike BMike B3 个月 前
  • Did Kara notice she dropped her cellphone on the beach?

    Nelson SackNelson Sack3 个月 前
  • We visited in June of 2017. We stayed in a very nice hotel near VooDoo Donuts. The first morning we woke up to a letter under our door from a homeless person accusing us of videoing them on Facebook live out the window. I would NEVER do that. It just shocked me that a hotel with a doorman wasn’t more secure than that. At that time there was a lot of homelessness and it broke my heart to see that, it was everywhere. We did see a lot of cops out and about and we didn’t necessarily feel unsafe. We did visit the Chinese Garden , The Rose Garden, Multnomah Falls, Mt. Hood, Cannon Beach, Astoria, a vineyard and a strawberry farm. Oregon is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth visiting and the folks that we interacted with were very kind. I would definitely go back but would probably avoid the city.

    Robin BaileyRobin Bailey3 个月 前
  • I’ve been an Oregonian 40 plus years. The southern coast is just as beautiful and less populated. I hope someday you can again. Stay away from Portland it’s to weird 😆

    Ingrid’s Kitchen GardenIngrid’s Kitchen Garden3 个月 前
  • If you ever back in Oregon visit. Near Florence Oregon. A magical trail head called The Hobbit trail. With hidden beaches . it's glorious in the spring/early summer.

    Daily KeiserDaily Keiser3 个月 前
  • A good place in the us is the ozarks

    Olivia WattsOlivia Watts3 个月 前
  • Sad to see Portland looking like it does, but I have confidence that Portland will recover to it’s former funky and beautiful self. It’s a beautiful city, thank you for the respect you’ve shown. It’s been a HARD year, it was heartbreaking to see what was happening down there with the riots etc. Cannon Beach is one of my favourite places on the planet. Here’s to brighter days ahead!

    PJ JPJ J3 个月 前
  • That sad little brownspace is barely a park😄😄😄

    syckindaheadsyckindahead3 个月 前
  • Sketchy part of town?!!!

    Lisa AnneLisa Anne3 个月 前
  • Oh, Oregon, my home!

    6spring36spring33 个月 前
  • Portland is having difficulty, but there are parts that are Wonderful.. Too bad you didn't have a local too show you around!!!!

    6spring36spring33 个月 前
  • Portland has gone downhill for awhile now. Very sketchy and scary. At least downtown. It’s quite sad.

    Charles MitchellCharles Mitchell3 个月 前
  • I live right across the river in Vancouver best donuts are at heavenly donuts in Longview wa

    Sherry lockhartSherry lockhart3 个月 前
  • You guys are in my area and I agree with you about Portland.

    JJJJ3 个月 前
  • And its bad here now but its normally any other time a beautiful place its been a tough year . love you guys ❤🖤❤🖤

    Cynkay ClasonCynkay Clason3 个月 前
  • I love that you came to my home town and im glad you got to try voodoo there amazing ❤🖤❤🖤

    Cynkay ClasonCynkay Clason3 个月 前
  • So glad you ended up in my home town of Nehalem.. we moved from Portland 6 years ago and count our blessings everyday 👀❤️🦅 Cheers and stay safe!

    Cloud9 CamperCloud9 Camper3 个月 前
  • You guys should get a dog 🐶

    Christian KavanaghChristian Kavanagh3 个月 前
  • Best Donut shop in Oregon is actually Joe's Donuts in Sandy. Tons of people would agree. Voodoo is awesome but if i had to choose one it would certainly be Joe's Donuts. They are so good.

    Richard GordonRichard Gordon3 个月 前
  • why is no one talking about how kara dropped her phone at 15:08 xD

    Vaishnavi SinghVaishnavi Singh3 个月 前
  • Oregon is confusing.. decriminalizing drugs but camping takes work... for a nice couple

    Sue California its4u.itemsSue California its4u.items3 个月 前
  • All of the comments whining about them not giving Portland a fair shake. Here’s a thought, don’t watch, haha. Damn people do nothing but complain about any little thing anymore. 🤦‍♂️

    Sasquatch HQSasquatch HQ3 个月 前
  • 16:06 “Tsunami Evacuation Route” that’s a fun sign to always see lol

    LØGANLØGAN3 个月 前
  • I dont understand why people say to stay away from Portland. I love Portland. My sister lives there. As far as the riots, I was there last month. I had zero issues. Just avoid the center where Government Buildings are. Like all you have to do is basically cross the street and go down the next block and your all good. And your right because of covid it's pretty dead. Go back to Portland post-Covid. Side note. You know you can always park at Cracker Barrel. They always have few parking spots designated for RV. Semi Trucks not allowed.

    M JM J3 个月 前
  • Yes Kara with the burnt marshmallows! I do the same thing!

    Lindsey BuckholzLindsey Buckholz3 个月 前