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We had an awesome first 3 days on our PCH road trip, but unfortunately it came to an abrupt end. This seems to be a trend in 2020...plans getting turned upside down. BUT first, we got to explore Long Beach :)
#vanlife / Travel vlog 743 | Long Beach, Washington | Filmed November 14, 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • That beach reminds me of La Push from Twilight!

    Bobbi HeathBobbi Heath18 小时 前
  • I have been watching you guys off and on with really long breaks in between. The idea that you canceled your trip and allowed politicians with a political agenda to stop you and cancel your freedom of choice witch is what this country was founded on and what we stand for is unfortunate. Being that you have so many followers and your livelihood comes from this medium , the backlash from certain segments of your watchers may or may not cause problems. I wonder if you don’t see the larger picture in all this? Maybe, maybe not?

    B757CASEB757CASE2 天 前
  • My Twilight dreams in Oregon

  • Some people live in a van because they're homeless, but you just got to put a spin on it.

    RayneRayne6 天 前
  • How to look brain dead as you wear your masks outside! Sad!

    Ernie TErnie T6 天 前
  • I dont know how Kate Brown is in any position of power. It really hurts my head to be living under her control smh.. I'm sorry she trashed your trip

    Wild NorthwestWild Northwest7 天 前
  • I love how they always wear masks and keeping them and everyone around them safe, much love from Serbia

    Katarina ArsenovićKatarina Arsenović7 天 前
  • Grande Tearductitus!

    White RockWhite Rock10 天 前
  • ha ha, no drone shots of the lighthouses! ;)

    White RockWhite Rock10 天 前
  • Sad at the amount of trash on Long Beach. 🤨

    Sandy CarpenterSandy Carpenter14 天 前
  • U guys make me want to get a van!

    Lauren FarmerLauren Farmer15 天 前
  • 👎😡

    Sirticsalot JordoSirticsalot Jordo15 天 前
  • 2020 has definitely been the year of nope. I got permits to hike a trail I've been trying to hike again since 2015. Nope, Canada is closed. So we stayed closer to home and did stuff that I probably never would have. Luckily home is Utah, so our "stay-cations" were a lot of people's literal lifetime bucket list items. So the Pacific coast. Can I be honest with y'all? You've already seen the best part. Once you get south of Monterrey, CA and down toward Lompoc it gets really dry. When you go back to drive it again my advice is to drive south to north. The advantage is that you go from dry to wet. The disadvantage is that the ocean is on the other side of the highway so the passenger's view isn't as good. Heck, drive it both directions. Something I'd suggest is taking Amtrak from Santa Barbara to the Lompoc Surf stop and back. If you really want to see the coast it's really the only way. Do some research, but I think it can be done as an out and back day trip. Last time I was there some friends and I rented a VRBO in Oxnard by Point Hueneme. It's a must do. We also went kayaking on San Juan Island in Chanel Islands National Park. Hopefully your beef with the NPS gets settled and you can film that adventure. We did the Caves and Coves kayak trip. Another thing you should do is kayak from Tofino, BC to Hot Springs Cove. It's on my list.

    moabfoolmoabfool16 天 前
  • He is American Ronaldo ⚽️🤾🏻

    M JM J17 天 前
  • I wish I knew where you stayed. It looks beautiful

    Arlene SolisArlene Solis18 天 前
  • You 2 are so CUTE Together !

    Anna UrlingAnna Urling21 天 前
  • I live in Los Angeles by the Beach, & although it was disappointing that you had to change your plans, this last week was the 1st time CA has had decreasing COVID #’s (week of February 8th,2021). It’s been horrible in CA with lots of people sick w/COVID since March 2020. California is here for you to enjoy, but better to wait until August or September 2021, after more Californians have been Vaccinated. I know you will ❤️ Southern California !

    Anna UrlingAnna Urling21 天 前
  • Did you really delete the spreadsheet?!? I would have paid money to get a copy of that.

    Candace MYERSCandace MYERS21 天 前
  • I have been to Longbeach countless times in my life, I lived there for a bit and grew up 30 min away. The fact that y’all are there blows my mind!!!

    michelle cartermichelle carter22 天 前
  • Hi Kara and Nate! I was wondering if you would be willing to share/sell your Pacific Highway Coast road trip map? :) including stops and stuff!

    Gracie DorrGracie Dorr22 天 前
  • Will you return to national parks, soon, based on the recent DC Federal court ruling? A victory for camping & van life vloggers. Very happy for you guys, as this was initially a tremendous blow. Seriously though, blanket party for whoever snitched in the first place (I suspect another, lower quality vlogger, personally):

    Mike HMike H23 天 前
  • Just found your much fun to watch! Where are you from in Tennessee? I'm in Knoxville. Where are you now in February 2021?

    Kristina SterlingKristina Sterling25 天 前
  • that is good you are wearing masks outside, stupid

    JohynJohyn26 天 前
  • I notice the power-shift between these two. nate is no longer the alpha in that she does not blindly follow what he says. hahaha for example, I thought he wiould cry when she took control of the driving. hahahaha. the beginning of the end.

    JohynJohyn26 天 前
  • I mean it's okay to feel a little disappointed but honestly it was a little unrealistic that you thought the West coast states weren't going to do something like that when California was so locked down, but I don't even know why you bothered planning anything. I mean the governor at that time had indoor and outdoor dining shutdown. That's no way to visit California. Obviously you guys understand that you have it better than the rest of us right now, but this feels really out of touch with just how much better you've got it.

    LynnBLynnB26 天 前
  • To bad you didn't just stay on course, the people in those states didn't even listen to those Governors. Oregon is better in spring anyways, come on back soon :)

    Karl RayKarl Ray28 天 前
  • May I suggest the mountains of East Tennessee such as Sevier County. You guys would be great at it and we are not in quarantine. Be glad to have you with all the other visitors.

    chargerman 65chargerman 6528 天 前
  • Thanks for not coming to keep us Oregonians safe but be sure to come after corona

    Andrew KlostermanAndrew Klosterman29 天 前
  • SOOOOOOOOO, a clam chowder poutine......This is typical....If you are in Canada....

    Peter WuPeter Wu29 天 前
  • First world problems 🙄

    The30isnew20The30isnew20个月 前
  • Well the quarantine was only for non essential travel, and not for people traveling for work purposes. I travel from Oregon to Washington every day for work and don’t need to quarantine. You guys need to realize that this channel is your work and you are helping others who are staying home and can watch your videos. Take the whole national park fiasco. Whether you like it or not, you guys are a commercial operation.

    PDXShredderPDXShredder个月 前
  • So many wonderful memories of camping at Long Beach over the years. Unfortunately my husband passed away on our last trip. Cape Disappointment because the mosquitoes eat you alive.

    Deborah TroopDeborah Troop个月 前
  • Come to Utah we have gorgeous places too! Salt flats Water fall Utah bad lands Just a few

    k_n.y.2utahk_n.y.2utah个月 前
  • Would someone tell me what vlog is @0:14 when Kara is holding that baby? 🥺🥺

    Ruwayda MukhtarRuwayda Mukhtar个月 前
    • @Kara and Nate omg thank you so much I’ve been literally binge watching all of you guy’s Vlogs and it’s the only thing I looks forward to these days ❤️❤️

      Ruwayda MukhtarRuwayda Mukhtar个月 前
    • The World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Kara and NateKara and Nate个月 前
  • Thanks for being responsible!

    Amanda RobinsAmanda Robins个月 前
  • You should've just passed through California on your way to Baja and travelled Baja from San Diego to Cabo like many do.

    peace and lovepeace and love个月 前
  • Get tougher tires so you can a bit off road

    peace and lovepeace and love个月 前
  • how do you warm up inside while at night parked

    peace and lovepeace and love个月 前
  • 1st time commenting on your channel. The outtake of not wanting to play putt putt reminded me of another CNworld channel of another couple also based in Nashville that travels all over the country and all they do is putt putt courses. I am still waiting for them to visit New Hampshire and the resort towns there including Funspot.

    nashvillan4lifnashvillan4lif个月 前
  • Ok... I know the start of the Chowder place. The best food and nicest people... Smart stop.

    Catherine WatsonCatherine Watson个月 前
  • Chowder Fries sound like the best that I could ever consume! I hope to find that! Give me a plate with that and garlic fries and I'm a happy manatee :D

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer个月 前
  • Sometimes you need to decide what's more important, the opportunities in front of you or following the masses.

    rhinogearrhinogear个月 前
  • The phone service on the central coast is not that great so keep that in mind when planning your trip back to this fabulous place.

    Jj MartinezJj Martinez个月 前
  • My hometown! I hope you enjoyed the storms. They provide some of the best hiking and viewing experience, frozen face and all.

    Bryn ScamahornBryn Scamahorn个月 前
  • Sounds like common sense caught up...

    James ShoneJames Shone个月 前
  • "longuest beach in the world" M'ericans: I want to drive on it

    Nicolas LanglaisNicolas Langlais个月 前
  • What is that huge screen you have on the front of the dash in your van?

    Wayne LawWayne Law个月 前
  • Is Long Beach OR longer than the 56 mile beach at S.Padre Island National Park? I know it's wetter and colder 👍😆😂

    AdventureBikepackerAdventureBikepacker个月 前
  • Haha Kara I just watched this and you don’t have a crying disorder, I’m the same way 😂

    Emily LehmanEmily Lehman个月 前
  • Quarantine is made better with y’all’s videos ❤️ from Kentucky

    Stephanie 918Stephanie 918个月 前
  • I would think the majority of the east coast would be one of the longer beaches in the world, but now that I think about it, it is definitely not continuous. So...

    TricklarockTricklarock个月 前
  • Responsible CNworldrs! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    filipino akofilipino ako个月 前
  • Can I just commend you guys. The mask wearing. The reminder to avoid crowded places. I know it’s a personal decision but it’s so nice to see people of influence use their platform for good. Cause you see, you both are in top shape but you are choosing to be cautious. It’s because you care. It’s because you are not selfish. You still patronize local businesses but are practicing safety precautions. I wanna applaud you guys👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    filipino akofilipino ako个月 前
  • i didnt realize oregon did that i need to read my own news

    Loltto LolttoLoltto Loltto个月 前
  • It was so awesome to see y’all visit Cape Disappointment, that’s been my families camp ground of choice ever since I was a little kid :)

    Tjaden ArcherTjaden Archer个月 前
  • Whaaaaaaaa your 1% privileged life that’s paid for by everyone but you has to be put on hold. Show some respect you ignorant assholes. 459,000 dead and counting

    R JacksonR Jackson个月 前
  • There is a restaurant right on the beach in Sta monica, but I can't remember the name, maybe you guy will find it, awesome clam chouder

    gmaflorgmaflor个月 前
  • You should have “went for it” anyway. They are just a governmental service corporation. Those “rules “ are for THEIR federal employees- not the general public! We hire them to protect our Natural, God-given rights. This whole year has been a misunderstanding on so many levels. We, the People are the government. The State of Washington is a corporation chartered in Delaware providing governmental services for the people on the geographical location Washington, one of the 50 states in the Union. Would you let the internal ‘rules and regulations’ of the Amazon corporation or Exxon corporation dictate to you how to live your life??? It’s the same difference. You would only obey their “corporate mandates” if you were employed by them via contract. Make sense? 💡💡💡 It’s totally unlawful

    Stephanie W.Stephanie W.个月 前
  • Screw the government. Their covid orders are stupid and unenforceable

    Joseph HsuJoseph Hsu个月 前
  • Most of Australia’s coast is continuous beach way longer beach’s than long beach America by far.

    Raeshel McleodRaeshel Mcleod个月 前
  • I would have never followed those orders, the gov does not know what they are doing. Just go on as planned.

    Kirk RogersKirk Rogers个月 前
  • It feels pretty tone deaf and entitled of you guys to be complaining about not being able to travel when thousands of people in America are dying everyday. Just stay at home

    Confetti QueenConfetti Queen个月 前
    • Then traveling isn’t causing mostly old people from getting sick and dying

      Joseph HsuJoseph Hsu个月 前
  • Caffeine deficiency is very bad.

    kingmike40kingmike40个月 前
  • 📉📉

    LouDogex ROBLOXLouDogex ROBLOX个月 前
  • Oh, poor you. Other people have lost family members to COVID, lost their jobs, don't have health care and you are sooooo disappointed about not finishing your trip????? You are the caricature of the self-centered spoiled white americans......

    Sandy BourbeauSandy Bourbeau个月 前
  • Come to the East coast!!!

    E JE J个月 前
  • Awww you two are adorable together ♥️♥️♥️ thanks for the video it was awesome.

    Jenna M NealJenna M Neal个月 前
  • You both are so funny. First video well maybe 2nd but definitely not last! Can’t wait to catch up with your Adventures

    Lopez ProductionsLopez Productions个月 前
  • where from tennesee are you?

    captiansockscaptiansocks个月 前
  • Yeah you cant plan like that during a pandemic😹 worst timing ever to start planning

    Manon VoManon Vo个月 前
  • I love your videos 🤩🤩

    Abderrahman Douh El IdrissiAbderrahman Douh El Idrissi个月 前
  • Watch the rust on the van after the sand drive

    Crinabobi2018 CrinaCrinabobi2018 Crina个月 前
  • Thank you Kara and Nate!!!! We love you

    Mary-Jane BarellaMary-Jane Barella个月 前
  • i'm binge-watching this channel omg so good 😭😍

    Frank Shane SadiconFrank Shane Sadicon个月 前
  • Coxs bazar is the longest beach in the world, witch is in Bangladesh

    Khandakar Emtiugh HaqKhandakar Emtiugh Haq个月 前
  • I'm planning to drive my van home back to the Washington coast come spring, so this video really "hit the spot". Home Sweet Home.

    Tommy PaulTommy Paul个月 前
  • I would love to travel for a living

    Zack LeonardZack Leonard个月 前
  • Totally okay to be disappointed~ you made it okay for all of us to feel the same way.

    Karen CooperKaren Cooper个月 前
  • Hopefully you can start traveling again love your videos

    heather hudlowheather hudlow个月 前
  • Hi you guys. So sorry you had to cut your trip down the coast short. My family has had a place on the Long Beach peninsula for 70 years and it is a beautiful place, its to bad you didn't go all the way up to the tip and it rained the whole time but thats cool you got to see Long Beach and Cape D. Hope you made it home safe, I'll try to tune in to more of your adventures, I sure enjoyed this clip. Safe travels

    Jim RunyanJim Runyan个月 前
  • Northwest coast Poutine!

    Shannon MarcelleShannon Marcelle个月 前
  • It’s so cool and a little weird to see someone so excited to go or see something you have seen a bunch of times. I love this video!

    Della ScheideggerDella Scheidegger个月 前
  • Love their videos, glad to see them traveling the US now

    Bailey AndersonBailey Anderson个月 前
  • I know, I have been grieving for all my travel disappointments too. I still have a burning desire to travel.

    Wildflower memoriesWildflower memories个月 前
  • *global pandemic exists* *travel advisory announced* “we were in disbelief” like what were they expecting I’m just confused the US is a big fat mess

    D DD D个月 前
  • In the spring if you stay in Washington you should go to mount Vernon for the tulip festivel.

  • You always give us a different kind of virtual travel experience... its a feeling I can't explain. Fav travel vloggers forever! :D

    Natalia GamboaNatalia Gamboa个月 前
  • Those chowder fries look so good😘👌

    Alexssa JamesAlexssa James个月 前
  • So glad you don't let the weather keep you from exploring! Why did you delete your spreadsheet plans? You should have just saved them and done them at a later date. 🙁

    Stephanie GruenbergStephanie Gruenberg个月 前
  • You guys are love ❤️

    Rajan AroraRajan Arora个月 前
  • Of course you can be disappointed!

    Alex BollichAlex Bollich个月 前
  • Good some back bone...go have fun...why are you listening to stupid politicians.

    Don MettlerDon Mettler2 个月 前
  • What a huge bummer for you guys. I think you handled it beautifully❤ Times are so tough right now & every single person (worldwide) has had a plot twist in plans. Relax with family & friends and re-group...Cali will still be there. Happy 2021!

    Carey HendersonCarey Henderson2 个月 前
  • Kara! Would you mind sharing where your Sherpa is from? I am obsessed!

    Olivia ParishOlivia Parish2 个月 前
  • The nice thing is.... California will still be there in 2021.

    Merete JakobsenMerete Jakobsen2 个月 前
  • I am a Canadian flatbed driver, who out there as a pilot car moving wind tower to Saskatchewan. It was a really tough time. When they put more restrictions on restaurants was the hardest for us. The growing population of homeless people also starts wear on you. A lot of drug problems especially in the Portland area where we stayed waiting on permits etc. Glade to be leaving that job behind.

    thekid9989thekid99892 个月 前
  • This is where I live! A few blocks north of the “Worlds Longest Beach” sign. This is normal weather this time of the year unfortunately 🤣

    Emily StoltzEmily Stoltz2 个月 前
  • Dear Kara and Nate, I've been dreaming about the crystal blue water's in central Florida. The springs and national parks look good to me. Will you two please go visit for me and let me know which one is your favorite . Blue waters , floating along at a slow pace and being able to see to the bottom anywhere you look. Bucket list!

    Ricki BeldenRicki Belden2 个月 前
  • You should kept going on Your original travel plans!!

    Colleen LaBicheColleen LaBiche2 个月 前
  • As much as it's disappointing i'm glad you guys are observing and respecting the rules and wearing your masks. Stay safe

    AllinmyworldAllinmyworld2 个月 前