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Travel vlog 748 | Walhalla, South Carolina | Filmed Dec. 14, 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :) #treehouse #vlog

  • Love needtobreathe 😍🥰 my husband and I have seen them in concert too!

    Cassandra LummerCassandra Lummer2 天 前
  • The way they look at things is beautiful I’m too negative and they make me less like the door has the paint like pealed alittle and it’s so beautiful but if I didn’t look at it the way they do I would say ew this is old. And i think IV realized that even though it’s not the most beautiful thing in the world it’s still gorgeous...(for example the trees)-negative- they arnt green there’s leaves everywhere they look less pretty. Positive- you can see the sun shining from behind them , they give us oxygen and supplies they have beautiful vines on them...

    Mackenzie HayesMackenzie Hayes2 天 前
  • Nate is a super chill dude! He loves Kara so much.💕 im so glad i discovered your channel. You guys put a smile on my face everyday!😊

    Yaneiza PerezYaneiza Perez4 天 前
  • did anyone go to needtoobreath and play a ramdom song so you feeel i like your listen too what are they playing lo bicos i did and lol

    Reece Mathew ColobongReece Mathew Colobong7 天 前
  • If this tree's a rockin' don't bother knockin'. Am I right?

    Robert FayRobert Fay7 天 前
  • why would anybody dislike this video. this is amazing!!!

    charlie peterscharlie peters8 天 前
  • Kara's way of talking is so fcking annoying I cant handle it anymore im outta here

    Sit TheSit The12 天 前
  • I am so blessed to watch the both of your journeys. Watching you make your wife coffee in bed, Nate... You are a COOL husband. Kara, your modesty is fantastic!! If we aren’t brothers and sisters in the Lord, I pray someday we would be. God bless the both of you!!!

    Jeffrey MorganJeffrey Morgan14 天 前
  • Didn’t even know we had this in SC! I’ll have to go here now!

    Jessica DyerJessica Dyer15 天 前
  • I didn’t know a member of NEEDTOBREATHE built that treehouse!!! So cool to see that!!!! Love their music so much😭

    Elaina LoweElaina Lowe15 天 前
  • Your videos are always aesthetically pleasing

    Laiza LundayLaiza Lunday16 天 前
  • And then they fkt :p

    jadedFkjadedFk17 天 前
  • i mean who doesn't love how nate wakes her up every morning

    MrDawson777MrDawson77718 天 前
  • Add water to your champagne ice bucket Nate! It will make it colder, and easier to take the bottle in and out. Pro-tip from an ex-waiter ;)

    MattMatt19 天 前
  • My favorite moment of every video is Nate bringing Kara a cup of coffee every.single.morning and kissing her. The sweetest thing ever. Those little gestures are what matter. Love you guys!

    HollisBerryHollisBerry19 天 前
  • omg i got so scared 8:01

    itz gayleitz gayle20 天 前
  • My family and I stayed at an AirBnB on Lookout Mountain last summer, you could see the hangliders come down every once in a while! Beautiful, and love you guys and this channel ♥️

    Elise LeekElise Leek24 天 前
  • How

    Kk ClaytorKk Claytor25 天 前
  • Y’all should of went to Charleston! I would of recommended downtown and folly beach!

    emily stirnemily stirn27 天 前
  • Needtobreathe is awesome, their another one of my favorite bands. I also really like Tenth Avenue North and For King and County.

    Tiffani SpikerTiffani Spiker27 天 前
  • Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 (two months late)

    James HambrickJames Hambrick个月 前
  • This treehouse aesthetic is SO pleasing.

    HoneeuhHoneeuh个月 前
  • I cannot believe my favorite CNworldrs are visiting my state

    Luke LongLuke Long个月 前
  • The way he makes coffer for her everyday is just love ❤

    Ayesha MahakAyesha Mahak个月 前
  • "look aunt kara" omg she seems so cute

    Peyton SnyderPeyton Snyder个月 前
  • The coffee pot/toaster oven that was there is available on Amazon for 50$

    Weird Psycho PersonWeird Psycho Person个月 前
  • :O I have the same record playerrrr

    Jessica FreebairnJessica Freebairn个月 前
  • Ill be scared of spiders and bugs

    Eric Lewis JrEric Lewis Jr个月 前
  • I LOVE NEEDTOBREATHE!!! I told my fiancé that we need to go next year after we move to SC and he agreed! Thank you for showing this!

    Ciara CanadyCiara Canady个月 前
  • Lucky 💑

    Nipuni NawodaNipuni Nawoda个月 前
  • U guys are living my dream life

    JJ ArbuckleJJ Arbuckle个月 前
  • Imagine living there omg I’d love to do that

    Roo_ ballRoo_ ball个月 前
  • These videos are so refreshing for me. I love you guys! ❤️

    BekahBekah个月 前
  • playing brother needtobreathe from 10:28 onwards works so well

    kateastrophicalkateastrophical个月 前
  • Only recently found your videos- like where have I been? Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I know i can never go places like this but this is almost like being there. My boys love watching with me. The ones with animals like Arctic circle one and Amazon rain forest are their favorites

    Missy RosenberryMissy Rosenberry个月 前
  • Even kinda looks like Christians Ronaldo

    Ethan AkpanEthan Akpan个月 前
  • You guys were in my state and I didn’t know 😭😭

    Autumn PriceAutumn Price个月 前
  • I love traveling. And, I am so addicted to watching you two❤ Keep enjoying life

    The Bailey's Conquer The WorldThe Bailey's Conquer The World个月 前
  • Thank you guys for inspiring me !! Continue with the great and uplifting content. Check out our channel for a different perspective on travel vlogs: I hope everyone has an amazing day!

    Abreana BrownAbreana Brown个月 前
  • Wow! I wish we could have some treehouses out here...a bit tricky as we have hardly any trees around

    Vivid IcelandVivid Iceland个月 前
  • You guys are so adorbs. Cheers me up in this Pandemic burnout. Thanks

    Jim FieldsJim Fields个月 前
  • I love needtobreathe! They are awesome!

    Heather LongHeather Long个月 前
  • 🤩🤩🤩👌

    Paki MarinPaki Marin个月 前
  • The shower was super cool!

    fqbricatedfqbricated个月 前
  • There was a laptop on the little couch on the end of the bed so that means they were not Device less

    Zack LeonardZack Leonard个月 前
  • After watching this video I googled this place cus I thought it would be great for a weekend get away for myself, friends, or my partner if when we elope etc. it’s almost 500 dollars a night... guys it’s worth it for a weekend but dang... that’s a whole two week of vacation money on a weekend. If u got it u can spend it. Otherwise it’s just a dream. Man. THIS IS DEFF A GOAL FOR ME. It’s gonna happen.

    Angela angelAngela angel个月 前
  • this looks awesome, wish I will have the opportunity to try that place. Much love and God bless you Kara & Nate ^_^

    MariaHeinaMariaHeina个月 前
  • What is that beat I wanna know!

    Keigo TakamiKeigo Takami个月 前
  • I wished I had an out door bed

    Elliana HovisElliana Hovis个月 前
  • I think your both an amazing couple !!!!!

    Steve PeirsonSteve Peirson个月 前
  • It gives me pirate vibes and I love that, it’s soo Beautiful!!

    Paulette VigilPaulette Vigil个月 前
  • I’ve been watching your videos for at least four years and this was the first time I saw your accommodations and thought “Oh! Probably the rest of this video should just be private!” 😁 Also will be booking for myself and the husband as soon as it’s safe to travel again!

    Amy YatesAmy Yates个月 前
  • lol there is a place called the treehouse in North Carolina too

    LeighAnne BassLeighAnne Bass个月 前
  • Don't worry Kara, hanggliding is awesome! My grandfather was still doing it on his 75th birthday. Now you'll just need to try it at a later date

    Stephanie GruenbergStephanie Gruenberg个月 前
  • SELFISH!!!! Stay the hell home.

    Wizard GlickWizard Glick个月 前
  • Kara's expression change at 14:34 is amazing... she was all exciting for this great surprise and then nate's like "mentally prepare"

    AstridAstrid个月 前
    • oh thank God it was cancelled...

      AstridAstrid个月 前
  • The hilarious jennifer theoretically box because destruction potentially dry sans a boiling jewel. uptight, crabby bankbook

    dd xdd x个月 前
  • You guys should come to Maine!!!!!!!!

    ande b.ande b.个月 前
  • Your videos bring me so much joy, thank you and Be Safe*

  • You guys helped make last year easier💕

    Arianna CosbyArianna Cosby个月 前
  • 13:00 thats the best husbamd material trait ever. Nate always wakes Kara with coffee and kiss. Doesn’t matter wherever or whenever

    Yağmur TunaYağmur Tuna个月 前
  • B

    Kel SandersKel Sanders个月 前
  • V

    Kel SandersKel Sanders个月 前
  • W. O w.

    Kel SandersKel Sanders个月 前
  • Kara and Nate, You guys are awesome! Love your adventures. I can't believe you were in my home state of South Carolina. Now I am gonna have to find this place and check it out. Thanks Guys!

    mselgin2011mselgin2011个月 前
  • Giant nope to hang gliding. Love the treehouse, but what a creepy door. I hate peeling paint. Nice to be watching your videos again!

    Elizabeth WhitemanElizabeth Whiteman个月 前
  • I live in sc

    K & AK & A个月 前
  • When are you posting again? Miss your videos :o

    Camilla Riis HansenCamilla Riis Hansen个月 前
  • My first watch of you guys as recommended by my daughter - Great vlog, great viewing. Subscribed😊

    Julie Turner-AdkinJulie Turner-Adkin个月 前

    Umer ShaikhUmer Shaikh个月 前
  • are you ok i have not heard you in a long time

    saba yohannessaba yohannes个月 前
  • Please tell me where your VPN link is. Thank you

    Aida SmallAida Small个月 前
    • We finally found it 😂😂😂 and we bought in on your great offer! Thank you

      Aida SmallAida Small个月 前
  • It has been a long couple of weeks without your uploads😩 can't wait for the next!🤗

    Giselle zGiselle z个月 前
  • Where are you guys? Missing your videos last couple weeks.

    Laura LLaura L个月 前
  • This way the last video that I watched please let me know if you have anymore I love and miss watching them please be safe

    Tina SigourneyTina Sigourney个月 前
  • i never realized your love for Need To Breathe, theyre amazing!!

    Leah JaneLeah Jane个月 前
  • can we all agree Kara has the best laugh in the world!

    Leah JaneLeah Jane个月 前
  • Where are you guys?

    Suzette CallejaSuzette Calleja个月 前
  • So excited to see your first video of 2020!

    Ace TravellersAce Travellers个月 前
  • Where are you guys? Love and miss you

    MzBlizzyMzBlizzy个月 前

    Music Of SoulMusic Of Soul个月 前
  • Is everything alright? Why havent you guys posted? Although you may be taking a vacation from posting which is totally in order. You guys deserve it. Just want to know you're safe. EDIT: okay guys they are fine and actually have videos lined up soon. They look like they are gonna be so good too 🖤😍

    Stefanie SchiffbauerStefanie Schiffbauer个月 前
  • Omgd!!! I just watched one of your videos in Germany during October Fest and these guys thought Nate was Cristiano Rolando OMGD!!! He totally look like him! I love it!!!

    RebexStarRebexStar个月 前
  • Why haven’t you guys posted?

    Grace LessenGrace Lessen个月 前
  • Love how almost all of there videos is like modern aesthetic. I love it

    Bree DunnBree Dunn个月 前
  • That bedframe is stunning

    Marley FMarley F个月 前
  • I’m finally here.... so from now on I’ll be waiting with excitement for the next one! What a journey you’ve done! Working with COVID as a nurse in the elderly ward and you’re vlog has kept me sane the last couple of months! Was a really fine tiny house you found! Hugs from Sweden.

    Pauline HolstPauline Holst个月 前
  • Hey!! Love ur stuff :)) would love to colab with u sometime, Let me know!!

    Esme RobertsEsme Roberts个月 前
    • sounds great!! You look like an amazing youtuber and Ilysm

      Esme RobertsEsme Roberts个月 前
  • kept me sane during lockdown,thankyou

    Katy WoottonKaty Wootton个月 前
  • My wife & I have been enjoying your VLOGS since May 2020. Almost caught up

    Joe DuganJoe Dugan个月 前
  • I've been watching your adventures on Facebook videos. Small 5 min things. Haha silly me didn't realise to look on you tube. I alqays wondered if you had longer videos as you go to such beautiful places

    Cher CCher C个月 前
  • I cant believe I've watched all of your videos in just over 2 weeks loved every single 1 of them

    Tonimarie SeearTonimarie Seear个月 前
  • If there is no quarantine... heading down to a treehouse right now! Such a well-made video, love it!

    whereischaohuiwhereischaohui个月 前
  • Im waiting for your new videooooo Edit: I love you guys, you guys are my favourite youtubers along side the Sidemen!

    The devil's lost childThe devil's lost child个月 前
  • I remembered watching your first ever volg. It was so different back then, u guys are way much more confident

    Lucas WuLucas Wu个月 前
  • Almost 2 million subbies Kara and Nate 👏👏👏miss you guys😊

    Diesel CaineDiesel Caine2 个月 前
  • Happy New Year. Are y'all ok? Did I miss you saying you wouldn't be posting for awhile.

    cher curtischer curtis2 个月 前
  • What’s going on Kara an Nate it’s been 2 weeks since you have made a video.

    day and nightday and night2 个月 前
  • say it with me "the 👏most 👏underrated 👏you tubers"

    Nevaeh LysaNevaeh Lysa2 个月 前
  • Why no new videos

    tom martintom martin2 个月 前