2021年02月 7日
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Vlog 752 | #CerroGordo, CA | Filmed Jan. 22, 2021
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to go travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling, and we didn’t want to stop after just one year! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries and then all 7 continents (check out our documentary here: cnworld.info/free/dqh-2mfNq2iuzMk/sh-p-n), we had no plans to slow down, until 2020 decided to force us to ;) which is when we bought a converted Sprinter van to start exploring our own country for the first time. It was a major adjustment and so different than flying every week like we were used to, but we are incredibly thankful to be able to continue doing something we love every day. 😊🎥🌎

  • What do y’all think about Cerro Gordo?! Are you jealous of his quarantine location? 😉

    Kara and NateKara and Nate29 天 前
    • @Josiah Nikolai cool! Took like 10 minutes but it reallyworked!

      Lucca HarleyLucca Harley天 前
    • Dunno if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using insta portal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack ;)

      Josiah NikolaiJosiah Nikolai天 前
    • No we have a mansion and 1000000acers of land

      Hilda SissonsHilda Sissons5 天 前
    • I would love to own a ghost town and live there. Beautiful

      Edie SEdie S6 天 前
    • @TritonTv oh yeah. If you go to a national park you need a permit to record? I wonder why?

      Yaneiza PerezYaneiza Perez7 天 前
  • No masks??

    Eugene SEugene S7 小时 前
  • I remember when that dude bought it !!!

    Lehs reiemchLehs reiemch14 小时 前
  • He could get star link internet

    Until I find John cenaUntil I find John cena16 小时 前
  • In Spain you can buy a town for 10 times less....

    David Moreno BelmonteDavid Moreno Belmonte19 小时 前
  • He could build tiny houses and rent them out like motel rooms or rent to ppl that lives in their vehicles, vans,cars, campers etc...that way you would have income and they wouldn't be staying forever. Have horseback rides. Use some of the cabins for showers and bathrooms.

    Dove leboeufDove leboeuf22 小时 前
    • Put in a general store with water, food, toiletries etc...

      Dove leboeufDove leboeuf22 小时 前
  • The oiji board 7:57🥲

    OpalSkysXOpalSkysX天 前
  • Brent an amazing character

    Humberto MaldonadoHumberto Maldonado天 前
  • Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finland-- I live in this town its called Rovaniemi the Land and home of Santa Claus

    Juse VitiJuse Viti天 前
  • The old-fashioned daffodil uniquely work because interest noteworthily touch near a naive alphabet. lavish, tired ankle

    Esther ToguchiEsther Toguchi天 前
  • Record the hauntings and post it.

    Tgon MwortTgon Mwort天 前
  • They all brought enough luggage and shit, for what, one night. I’m going to the Rockies, gonna contemplate the influence of technology on the CCP and I’m only bringing my toothbrush and some cans of grub

    Warren MackeyWarren Mackey2 天 前
  • Sorry- After doing more research I found that I was wrong, about this being possibly fishy. Brent has been working on the bunkhouse and other buildings, and I found out he prefers to do it without contractors on most of the work. So that's why his videos don't show a lot of construction activity. And he did express a desire to get the hotel rebuilt in a later video, not just the one right after the fire. I have made some donations in the past to this.

    don juandon juan2 天 前
  • Love that it has a chesterfield couch! thouse things are heavy!

    Dani SDani S2 天 前
  • What type of flashlight does he have in the mine, and where can I find one?

    Stephanie GruenbergStephanie Gruenberg2 天 前
  • I love Brent & was looking forward to this, but My God! You two are beyond cringe worthy. lol

    hippydippyhippydippy3 天 前
  • Can you drill a well there ? Is it possible to get water there??

    Jan LevineJan Levine3 天 前
  • Very interesting...thanks!!

    Manon BedardManon Bedard3 天 前
  • California: You didn't give 3 signs for your trespassers in every direction to see, so for shooting them you will be jailed for 20 years. Logic.

    TripleAstyle1 ATripleAstyle1 A3 天 前
  • Hey can u lend me 1.4 million dollars please

    Ant MorganAnt Morgan3 天 前
  • 1.4 million gets you a 60 square meter flat in Oslo.

    Espen MonsEspen Mons4 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • Looks like so much fun

    Chase McCainChase McCain4 天 前
  • Is this a zombies map

    UilaikenYTUilaikenYT4 天 前
  • 2080 someone finds his secret mine

    Summer MillerSummer Miller4 天 前
  • Why does an empty town that's wore out cost that much? Is it cuz of the mines and possibility of value still in the mines?

    Mike BOGIEMike BOGIE4 天 前
  • I wonder wtf is his "business" plan. lol. I mean I think the place is pretty cool, but I don't think many people would really be interested in staying there.

    AgustinAgustin5 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • Why the Covid tests?

    The Calyn & Matt Show !The Calyn & Matt Show !5 天 前
  • Fabulous!Love to come and visit!

    Sharon WattsSharon Watts5 天 前
  • Fabulous! I would love to come and visit!

    Sharon WattsSharon Watts5 天 前
  • $500,000,000 in 1890 is worth $14,372,637,362.64 today

    redburro88redburro885 天 前
  • I totally relate to the waking and up and just going "oh.... now we gotta do something.... ummm..."

    insert inconspicuous name hereinsert inconspicuous name here5 天 前
  • Tell the guy to by starlink satellite internet

    Clash INGClash ING6 天 前
  • Very interesting place would love to visit one day maybe stay the night,well done Brent for renovating the place,be interesting to see how it looks in about 5 to 10 yrs again,what a fab place good luck!!👍👍😊😊👏👏

    Sian HughesSian Hughes6 天 前
  • He needs to check out a CNworld channel Nomadic Movement where the bought property in porta Rico and they give small pieces of the land for friends to help build the community while building their own tiny house community. It always them to build quicker and they all do CNworld channels which is where they make money to finance everything.

    Rowena CountrymanRowena Countryman6 天 前
  • Look up the definition of guts. Brents picture is there.

    Vagabond JayVagabond Jay6 天 前
  • Very cool place.

    Carlos Roberto Gomes JuniorCarlos Roberto Gomes Junior6 天 前
  • Good people, please subscribe to Brents channel, it is great and it helps him.

    JaccobJaccob7 天 前
  • People: - "Where did you go in California?? LA, San Francisco, San Diego????" Kara and Nate: - "An abandoned ghost town in Cerro Gordo" LOLLL love this!!!!!!

    Alexander Purnell MarquésAlexander Purnell Marqués7 天 前
  • Jesus loves you

    Jaden LeeJaden Lee7 天 前
  • Dude how funny you guys are collaborating I didn’t know you knew each other love it

    Arie BerryArie Berry7 天 前
  • Seriously... that guy had to turn on all the lights because he was scared? Geez...grow a pair.

    avidadolaresavidadolares8 天 前
  • Yes we're definitely jealous of all your travelling hehehe after the pandemic we will hopefully do similar things and have some new adventures p.s. new small channel here doing travel related couple vlogs :)

    Fravolous FilmFravolous Film8 天 前
  • Get Starlink for internet!

    Wei LiWei Li8 天 前
  • I love his show I what every week for his show to come on

    dennis mayesdennis mayes8 天 前
  • So cool, used to live in Cali, in the lower desert. Minds are always cool to investagate, but very dangerous.

    Troy KlinginsmithTroy Klinginsmith8 天 前
  • 15:38 reminds me of red dead redemption omg that's so cool!

    Brett KBrett K8 天 前
  • Holy cow that was so cool, what an interesting place. Can’t wait to see what others you will bring our way. 👍🏻😎🇨🇦

    Gerald BGerald B8 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前

    John MonacoJohn Monaco8 天 前
  • It's very very very over exaggerated. I've watched this for months and you see the white lies more and more. His business partner posted a political video on the channel and it turns out he has plenty of investors and share holders or whatever you want to call them. Also him being alone for 11 months is rubbish cse he's constantly got visitors , it's also a 20min wlak to the nearest town...so....yeah its interesting in the mines but recently his videos are getting short and boring and late.....I think he's losing interest... Also the " big fire" , for some reason, was not recorded...yet he records everything all the time....I mean he didnt even record the smoke..... Don't take it seriously....

    After TeflAfter Tefl8 天 前
    • @After Tefl That video of the bunkhouse restoration makes me tilt more towards legit. Because he did show the progress he made, as he did most of the labor himself to avoid the problems associated with all contracting, and a good feeling of being able to learn how to do it, himself. And he did mention the hotel, and the desire to get it done. If he does the majority of the town construction, himself, it could be a lifetime.

      don juandon juan8 天 前
    • As i said maybe not a full on scam but not what it tries to be. I guess like every youtibe channel now..

      After TeflAfter Tefl8 天 前
    • @After Tefl But then, who knows? What is going on with the hotel? Or other reconstruction? Where are the photos of full-scale construction and progress?

      don juandon juan8 天 前
    • @After Tefl It looks more and more like it's legit. I just looked at some other accounts of the town, and this video- cnworld.info/free/kWBtw3utsaWAuZo/sh-p-n of his restoring of the original bunkhouse, 100 years old. I believe I was wrong to have doubts. And there are too many people involved in helping out with the restoration.

      don juandon juan8 天 前
    • @don juan sure, who knows. Think he said he had a cement problem and no one would come up to deliver in a big truck.

      After TeflAfter Tefl8 天 前
  • I'm glad to see that Brent is doing better. But why no mention of the major historical landmark in the town, the American Hotel, which burned down last June 15th? I thought he would have to spend years rebuilding it. What happened with that?

    don juandon juan8 天 前
    • Sorry- After doing more research I found that I was wrong. He has been working on the bunkhouse and other buildings, and I found out he prefers to do it without contractors on most of the work. So that's why his videos don't show a lot of construction activity. And he did express a desire to get the hotel rebuilt in a later video, not just the one right after the fire. I have made some donations in the past to this.

      don juandon juan2 天 前
  • I got to make a trip there I really love the quiet area its a nice town

    wendy barnettwendy barnett8 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • Hi there friends interesting cool video 📹 first time watching your channel and a like 👍 keep the cool videos coming and please stay safe 😊

    Iain PATONIain PATON8 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • brent is such a good guy

    oh • comoh • com8 天 前
  • I'm surprised those city yuppies didn't freak out over his dirt bike.

    DeltaLouDeltaLou9 天 前
  • He’s such a nice guy that went from Florida to Texas then God help him liberal comifornia though most of the state is conservative except for the poopy cities there

    ADVENTURES with ChristianADVENTURES with Christian9 天 前
  • Can I move in?

    Demon BadgerDemon Badger9 天 前
  • 7:57 that thing on the left of his head is a Ouija Board and is probably responsible for the '' Haunting '' PS: Never play with those things, ever !

    John SSmithJohn SSmith9 天 前
  • Just found your channel. How I wish I lived your life lol

    SaraSara9 天 前
  • That’s cool, those dynamite boxes bring back memories, my Gramps actually built a house out of them, boxes, which he got for free from the railroad company...👍🏼👍🏼

    Capital GCapital G9 天 前
  • See I don’t believe in ghosts. However I hedge my bets and I always try to be nice if possibly around them. Pissing them off can’t be good.

    Ken Not CatKen Not Cat9 天 前
  • I'm guessing there is a secret entrance to the bunk house and someone was playing games with you

    Sarah JonesSarah Jones9 天 前
  • That laugh at the background so annoying 🙄 btw check your facts before sharing them.

    Indre MarshallIndre Marshall9 天 前
  • The real winer is the guy who got 1.4 milion$ for this place...

    Alex FescuAlex Fescu9 天 前
    • Until about $50 million dollars in Silver is pulled outta the ground.

      Ben JantzenBen Jantzen8 天 前
  • Cats always land on thier feet

    Bennie GantBennie Gant10 天 前
  • you need to do a collab with shiey lol

    CourtneyCourtney10 天 前
  • Bro in 40 years when the population of the USA crosses 5 billion and there’s no more land this guy will be a multi-billionaire from the land alone.

    United StatesUnited States10 天 前
  • Looks like he could also create a non-profit or for-profit historical museum & walking or adventure tours. Definitely doing something special from the heart.

    Morgyn DanaeMorgyn Danae10 天 前
  • theres a little girl voice at 5:04

    BandoozardBandoozard10 天 前
  • I was half way through when I realized I've seen Kara and Nate before. It was driving me crazy, lol! I saw them travel to an island where they were the only ones there... they're fun.

    Jimbo RichmondJimbo Richmond11 天 前
  • I am sorry but i honestly can’t understand brent so pls someone interpret? 😁

    Dally MagnoDally Magno11 天 前
  • MY DREAM LIFE.. AWAY FROM EVERYONE.... at long as I can get wifi and cable haha...

    Alexius SAlexius S11 天 前
  • I'd like to live there someday.

    Tim HoslerTim Hosler11 天 前
  • Love Cerro Gordo, but afraid of mines. When I was a kid I read "Five Boys in a Cave" and that cured me of any desire to ever go spelunking! I'm particularly intrigued with the haunted bunk house and really feel bad about the hotel burning down.

    Steven RobertsonSteven Robertson11 天 前
  • For someone who has actually used outhouses, the idea is that you first dig a hole and place the outhouse over the hole. You sit on a toilet seat over a hole in a bench top. The bench top is hinged at the back so that after you've finished your business, you tilt the entire bench top up towards the back wall and fasten it with a hook to the back wall. Then you shovel some dirt over what is deposited in the hole. This controls odor to a certain degree. After shoveling in the dirt, you unlatch the bench top and rotate it on its hinges back to the horizontal position. After the hole fills up, it's time to dig another hole and move the outhouse over the new hole. In the days before modern trash collection, besides sewage, people would throw broken pottery, tools, and other refuse items in the hole. It was an early version of a landfill.

    Steven RobertsonSteven Robertson11 天 前
  • This is absolutely on my list of visits once my van build is ready. LFG!!!

    A Fit Life By DesignA Fit Life By Design11 天 前
  • Earthquake hits. They get trapped under ground.

    hawg hawghawg hawg11 天 前
  • the Canada goose jackets sell the whole vid

    Goon SquadGoon Squad11 天 前
  • I hope this guy ever does go down deep he wears a monitor and has a way to call up. Shit can get real bad real quick from air quality to cave ins.

    The Crypto TenguThe Crypto Tengu12 天 前
  • Randomly found Brent’s channel last year and been hooked ever since. One of the silver linings of 2020 for me.

    ElaineDiElaineDi12 天 前
  • Like, like, I was like like like... Please try to speak English...

  • Oh my goodness!!! I'm new to your channel after hearing you on Eamon and Bec's podcast. I've been following Brent since the beginning, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw you two visited Cerro Gordo! I'm officially subscribing after this! Thanks guys!

    Kristy CargileKristy Cargile12 天 前
  • I love Brent

    Callum SharmanCallum Sharman12 天 前
  • I'm so glad you guys were able to give Brent some publicity! I've been watching since month 2 and have tracked his journey over the year. He's a huge inspiration to me as a person and I'm so glad to see he's getting acknowledged. He's an absolute gem of this world.

    Pierce DuderinoPierce Duderino12 天 前
  • People with too much money and not enough common sense.

    scott chircoscott chirco12 天 前
  • "They say it's not the fall that kills you, it's the impact."

    Vern JensenVern Jensen13 天 前
    • The line is "Its not the fall that kills you, its the sudden stop".

      Evil IanEvil Ian7 天 前
  • The cross-over collab we've all needed in 2021

    a1stbornunicorna1stbornunicorn13 天 前
  • Needs starlink up there

    Ted KiddTed Kidd13 天 前
  • I would loved 🥰 to stay there. Two please 🙏

    Estabania CEstabania C13 天 前

    Estabania CEstabania C13 天 前
  • I’ve been subscribed to his channel for about 3-4 months. Not sure how I found it but def highly recommended...

    Brandon Lee SandersBrandon Lee Sanders13 天 前
  • My SO is jealous, we have been watching Brent for at least 6 months now and she wants to pet the kitties and goats so bad. XD

    Lexy StarwatcherLexy Starwatcher13 天 前
  • This guy Brent is doing great things...

    SEP7EMBER10SEP7EMBER1013 天 前
  • I love watching videos that Brent makes about Cerro Gordo. Hope to one day visit the place.

    Black PlumeriaBlack Plumeria13 天 前
  • I watch him! And I watch u 2! Small world!

    fakeaduckfakeaduck13 天 前
  • This is where i celebrated christmas. *roflmao*

    Moonster GirlMoonster Girl13 天 前
  • Anybody else think that this guy bears a slight resemblance to Nate?

    Inspired MusicInspired Music13 天 前
  • Ironic in order to escape the covid fear zombies they had to go to a ghost town haaaa haa haaa!

    Mimi BMimi B13 天 前
  • Brent is such a great guy. Love his content but through your video it is very noticeable how good a of a person he is. And tall, I had no idea he was that tall, lol. Thank you for the video and thank you for show some good moments for Brent. I think he deserves it.

    Santana de HerodotoSantana de Herodoto13 天 前
  • Nice 😍

    Syeda's BloggerSyeda's Blogger13 天 前
  • Brent is such an amazing guy and have been following his CNworld chanel since the beginning...Awesome video and am glad I came across your guys videos...Thanks for sharing your adventures

    Ryan McParlandRyan McParland13 天 前