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We are really sad, but we also respect the rules even though it’s tough. Thank y’all for listening. Regardless, we are excited to explore more of our beautiful country as we continue west!
Our time in Utah and Idaho were very brief, and now you know why. Both are lovely states we can't wait to revisit hopefully soon!
#vanlife / Travel vlog 736 | Utah to Oregon | Filmed October 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • Complainers...

    Lynx DominanceLynx Dominance12 小时 前
  • That's sad

    Jo ChipsJo Chips天 前
  • 8.15 you can film it’s legal

    Clinton’s GamingClinton’s Gaming天 前
  • Fyi. Lots of people would have more respect for you if you spoke truth to power and told the government to f--k off. We need civil disobedience in this country badly.

    PrefixToEpiphanyPrefixToEpiphany天 前
  • Wow!!! Just wow! I am livid!!!!! I'm so sorry that happened. It's absurd that someone is so jealous of you to and what you're doing that they felt the need to report you guys. I seriously can't imagine how somebody could be so miserable, unhappy and jealous that they felt like they had to do this. Absolutely disgusting! KARMA IS A REAL THING!!!!

    TashaTasha2 天 前
  • I imagine this leaves a bad taste in your mouth for the national parks- if this has been ruled unconstitutional you should absolutely visit and “commercially film” in as many as you can in spite (I would also love the content)

    Evanne HipplerEvanne Hippler2 天 前
  • There are very few restrictions if you are not in the vicinity of an aerodrome, or active airspace. You can also contact the closest tower, or review NOTAMs to see if more drones or real air traffic are present. It's for the safety of us flying folks. Drones hit harder than small birds, and can do deadly damage to aircraft, so it's always better to be SAFE than to be SORRY. Also, if there isn't already such a group, you could def post about which areas are more strict with drone flying, to be helpful for everyone! Cheers guys, great content. Some basic airspace lessons will get you all set! Blues skies and tailwinds!

    Sam NSam N2 天 前
  • Sounds like someone had a major bone to pick with you and went after you big time, too many "Karen's" out there.

    John LewisJohn Lewis3 天 前
  • Oregon sucks !

    Billy GBilly G3 天 前
  • i bet the people that reported you are leftist democrats

    Billy GBilly G3 天 前
  • Well this is a moot point now, thankfully. Looking forward to some National Park visits!

    Daniel GammonDaniel Gammon3 天 前
  • Nate you look exactly like Cristian Ronaldo ,Juventus soccer player.

    Si BerSi Ber3 天 前
  • So many nasty jealous people out there. Shame and 0 kindness in them. Reporting isnt nature of a good human being. Its called jealousy... and goverment is just wanting to make money! Why shud any of us pay money for filming anywhere its everyones planet! Not goverments! Its a slave system we live in. Earth provides with water for free bt govermnement makes us pay for it wth......

    Rolandas CesnaRolandas Cesna3 天 前
  • So you were fined for 1,000$ for filming in a national park for one day of filming???

    Russell MarinelliRussell Marinelli3 天 前
  • I call BS on it all!! What a trouble maker!!

    Teresa OlsonTeresa Olson4 天 前
  • Can't you just not monetize National Park videos?

    Andrew HarmsAndrew Harms4 天 前
  • That is such a shame guys. I live in Walland, Tn overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains. They need to change the rules for entities like yours. It would have been so cool if you could have done a show or two in the Smokies. Anyway I still enjoy the content that you have been filming and am a huge fan and will be following you.

    Bill ThomasBill Thomas4 天 前
  • you can go to Gettysburg and Pennsylvania with filming and stuff because it's a national park but they don't care

    lilmiers07_worldlilmiers07_world5 天 前
  • Yeesh who did you piss off??

    Tiki TomTiki Tom5 天 前
  • Covid ,most park closed

    Sharon BennettSharon Bennett5 天 前
  • You all need to get a lawyer for things like this. Everyone will have their hand out demanding money.

    Steve StumbaughSteve Stumbaugh6 天 前
  • I’m sorry to hear that guys! That’s awful :( I love your videos

    MeghanMeghan6 天 前
  • Something else to keep in mind when you get your drone license, if you're going to be using the drone in a national park you're supposed to get in touch with the park to ensure its operation doesn't impact wildlife. As a general rule it's always good to speak with park officials even if you're allowed, in a lot of cases these folks can also be great sources of information or tips for good places to shoot. In a lot of cases you can also find private land owners with property bordering parks and if you make sure to get permission most will be amiable. Hope you get your issues sorted out and keep up the awesome videos.

    MrGhosty0091MrGhosty00916 天 前
  • That sucks, but complaining is ok sometime its like a therapy.

    Eugene SullivanEugene Sullivan6 天 前
  • I just tuned into your channel for the 1st time and I am sooo sorry some dipstick messed with your lives! The National Parks are so underfunded that I understand why they might charge a fee for filming but they obviously what needs to happen is a simple upgraded membership fee for CNworldrs. A simple yearly payment that covers all parks. As for the drone....what an asshat! Please do not let this take away your joy or the sharing of your travels!

    Suzy MontanaSuzy Montana6 天 前
  • This is stupid. call your lawmakers folks... This is our land!

    Eric EglishEric Eglish7 天 前
  • Hey I'm probably not the first person to mention this but I think this rule changed. www.nps.gov/brca/planyourvisit/filmphotoguidelines.htm

    StriderGTSStriderGTS7 天 前
  • Not sure if you saw this. The filming rules in national parks are changing. Just saw this this video: cnworld.info/free/m2qgzKfI16CArrM/sh-p-n.

    Carmen TullochCarmen Tulloch7 天 前
  • But the rules have now changed, yes?!

    Rod BurkertRod Burkert7 天 前
  • I personally hate grinches... or Karen's

    Brandi PrushekBrandi Prushek7 天 前
  • Don't pay the stupid fine. Government is a big bully that needs to be stood up to, especially when you know they are wrong.

    Pyrogun1839Pyrogun18397 天 前
  • F the government! The government is for the people, so they should NOT be fining you for filming on land that belongs to the people! How fu#$ing stupid. People, when you vote, don't support people who want the government to have more control because it does stupid sh!t like this!

    Pyrogun1839Pyrogun18397 天 前
  • I'm probably late to comment here, but for whatever it's worth Commercial Filming on National Parks fees have been deemed unconstitutional ( www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/national-park-service-cant-require-permits-and-fees-for-commercial-filming-judge-rules ) and the NPS is updating its regulations to comply with the court ( www.nps.gov/aboutus/news/commercial-film-and-photo-permits.htm ). The FAA Drone test is not as tough as getting a pilot's license (I am an airplane pilot and a commercial drone pilot), but you do have to study national airspace regulations and basic weather; with an online course you should be ready for the test in about a week or two.

    Rafael CortésRafael Cortés7 天 前
  • I was invited to a getaway with a friend and his acquaintances in a National Park in Thailand and did not know that one of the others in attendance was a CNworldr who pulled out his loud drone to capture us and the Wat atop the peak, causing an obvious disturbance to everyone trying to enjoy the peaceful surroundings respectfully. During the pandemic, I've traveled more locally to my childhood favorites in the Adirondacks and was saddened to see the summit overrun with tripods setting up multiple shots in front of the main attraction obstructing everyone's view of the vast glacial gorge below. I love creators, but I can see where there is a line and that although you were careful not to cross it, I'm glad the Fed Reserve stepped in to ensure that commercial use of public lands is carefully regulated. As another commenter mentioned, you can and should appeal the decision to resume your more low profile filming. I would say the National Parks get enough attention/traffic, the nearby State Parks would be wonderful to highlight. For example, just outside Bryce Canyon, lower in elevation so great for shoulder seasons, is Kodachrome State Park which was so surreal, historically significant, and stunning with great facilities and sites. Cheers to your next adventure!

    Charlotte HackettCharlotte Hackett7 天 前
  • Love the look on Kara's face talking about this... you have every right to be pissed! Whoever reported this has taken your channel wildly out of context and hurt an entire audience who finds inspiration in your travels. Boo that person and their sad life.

    Kristy CargileKristy Cargile7 天 前
  • I agree that whoever reported you doesn’t have a life and need to get one. All you guys are doing is living life to the fullest and showing us that we can do it too. 🤨 try to do what you do keep on doing it find away we love your videos. 😉🥰☺️❤️✌️

    Indira HernandezIndira Hernandez7 天 前
  • LOL 😂 lol 😂

    Indira HernandezIndira Hernandez7 天 前
  • I have nothing against this government. I love this country I appreciate it. but they always find a way to take money out of you in any form in anyway when you’re just living and enjoying your life and doing what you do. I give you guys credit and I’m sorry for what they did. And what happened to you.That’s the government for you. 🙄✌️

    Indira HernandezIndira Hernandez7 天 前
  • I’m a part 107 unmanned aircraft vehicle (uav) pilot and I’m sorry for the issue of FAA cracking down but Nate it’s not a very hard test if you study under Gleim.com...$79 for a good way to train and be in compliance...all you need is 70 % to pass

    beth obeth o8 天 前
  • So pay the fees and get the permit jack ass. That money goes to the park system.

    Dave RogersDave Rogers8 天 前
  • People have too much time on their hands. Could you make a new channel that’s not commercial and post National Park videos on there?

    Elizabeth RogersElizabeth Rogers8 天 前
  • whoever reported you is a hater and jealous... you have a great channel. i watched three days so far. This is America you should be able to do whatever you want with your channel ans travels

    Dansoy Cook Bat in the KitchenDansoy Cook Bat in the Kitchen8 天 前
  • They made it illegal to charge

    Keith BuchananKeith Buchanan8 天 前
  • What happened to you two was sad but I can also understand the National Parks not wanting to encourage lots of people flying drones everywhere inside the Parks. That can ruin the experience of visiting the Parks for other folks as well.

    Celeste PalmCeleste Palm8 天 前
  • That's some big brother energy. The freedom of the press should protect you from making content in places like these. The press makes money from things like this too. But the government doesnt care about the little guy.

    Collin FellsCollin Fells8 天 前
  • They should be paying you guys, you’d probably generate more traffic for them from inspiring people to visit places. Idk why they wouldn’t want the free advertising...

    Fresh RidesFresh Rides8 天 前
  • I hope Kharma visits that sad, sour person that did that. Shame on them!

    Lisa ListonLisa Liston8 天 前
  • the fact you got fined for filming in a national park is the most American thing I have ever heard. I am so sorry that happened.

    Samantha WilsonSamantha Wilson9 天 前
  • I don't understand why you can't record your private experience and put it on CNworld. I'm sure if you weren't making money off the internet they wouldn't give a flying flip. It's so wrong. I speak supernatural wisdom over you and pray blessings upon you in Jesus name. Go where God takes you, you'll never fail 😉💕

    Daughter of ZionDaughter of Zion9 天 前
  • Feds screwing up literally everything. Again.

    LucklessGunLucklessGun9 天 前
  • Just found you through this video, enjoy watching you. The community is behind you

    sherry stackssherry stacks10 天 前
  • Why don’t you by one of them caset toilets

    Samuel ChurcherSamuel Churcher10 天 前
  • The person that reported you is a dick, however I’ll bet you are making a lot of money off of your videos. You can afford the fee.

    WasThat WrongWasThat Wrong10 天 前
  • omg! some ppl have to cause unnecessary drama for others. You both are AWESOME! Stay positive. Don't stop creating.

    Chris SmithChris Smith11 天 前
  • What is commercial filming? Commercial filming is defined as use of motion picture, videotaping, sound recording, or other moving image or audio recording equipment on public lands that involves the advertisement of a product or service, the creation of a product for sale, or the use of actors, models, sets, or props, but not including activities ...LAST PART ...i'll assumw you 2 wasn't selling a product on public land...

    Jeremy SevillaJeremy Sevilla11 天 前
  • I legitimately cannot watch Kara crying. It burns my heart 😔

    Zaynab SZaynab S11 天 前
  • I'm sad that someone turned you in for such a stupid rule. Your videos in the National Parks of the west would have been great. My hubby and I are starting to plan our first vacation since 2019 and we are so excited to get out. We love to travel too. Stupid Covid. Keep up the great work with your videos.

    Regina FilangeRegina Filange11 天 前
  • You are making a living at this so it is a job

    Alicia CastaAlicia Casta11 天 前
  • Some jack offs have to ruin fun

    kent kurtkent kurt11 天 前
  • I know who called, it was karen

    Jebron lamesJebron lames11 天 前
  • Wow... This National Park no filming rule is about the first time in my life that makes me dislike government control. Wow...Get the last laugh!! Video everything out of a NP and laugh all the way to the bank $ They just want a piece of your succe$$. Wow.. The government sees you loved and successful and is jealous.. Man.. I agree with the decision not even to visit. Show the world how much is not in a NP. 😎

    J FJ F11 天 前
  • I’m so sorry guys. I have a small husband wife CNworld channel and there’s a very small minority who have the wrong shade of green eyes! Been there! I’m sure whatever you do people will still watch. Keep the faith and Thankyou for all the hard work! ❤️

    Claire’s RC’sClaire’s RC’s11 天 前
  • As a person from Utah, you can always tell when someone is from out of town based on how they pronounce “Zion” 😜

    Shaylee SmithShaylee Smith12 天 前
  • I can't wait for the karma to catch up to whoever reported you. I can't get through the day without your videos and I really hope everything gets resolved in your favor. You can beat this. You are such good people and you provide such joy in the world that I know this will all get taken care of in your favor. Good luck and keep making those videos! 😃

    Michael BradleyMichael Bradley12 天 前
  • This law was just ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a Federal Judge. You are now free to film without a permit in National Parks. Checkout the DOI website-the Federal Judge issued a permanent injunction against the DOI-no more commercial film permits are required. Judge ruled that the current laws do not meet constitutional muster and they violate our freedom of speech. Yay for the 1st Amendment!

    Brian Call: GrittyBrian Call: Gritty12 天 前
  • This makes me sad and frustrated for you guys 😩 I know the feeling exactly what you're saying with the Venn diagram - I feel that way, too! I hope you can start going to national parks again now with what these recent comments are stating! 💛

    Searching for SquatchySearching for Squatchy12 天 前
  • I would still visit them, just don't film or share it but enjoy it. $80 life time pass.

    Martin GailMartin Gail12 天 前
  • Y’all are Commercial... so demonization solves your restrictions that’s the law

    Brian OsborneBrian Osborne12 天 前
  • I love your video's. People need to get a life if that's all they do.

    Kelly McdermottKelly Mcdermott12 天 前
  • Snitches get stitches

    Dr. StrangeDr. Strange12 天 前
  • Some people are unreal like what were these people hurting you know ,,big deal they took a few videos in the parks n put them on their channel , the states government is a bit too uptight about everything, I wonder if the same rules apply here in canada when it comes to taking videos in parks !!!

    Bill ChisholmBill Chisholm13 天 前
  • We're the Government and we are here to help you. Isn't it wonderful. Grrrr.

    Doug SowellDoug Sowell13 天 前
  • We had a guy attack us for flying a drone at the Grand Canyon.... he grabbed my sons arm.... I wish I had it to do over again... it wouldn’t have been good for him😀

    Truth ChurchTruth Church13 天 前
  • Some people are just idiots!!

    Truth ChurchTruth Church13 天 前
  • Such a shame - in Australia we call people like that "dibber dobbers". No fun being made to feel like you're doing something underhand, when you're really just sharing experiences. Personally love living vicariously through amazing travels like yours as it shows so many different places to see that otherwise many of us will never get to.

    Robin HowardRobin Howard13 天 前
  • Also thats discrimination, when thousands of youtubers are doing it, and only you guys have to suffer those rules...nonono, something has to be done, especially the person that reported you, maybe that person does the same thing youg guys do. Find out who he is, im pretty sure he is doing crazy things too, most of the time when someone reports person doing stuff is because they are doing more and want to pretend they are not.

    The CranksterThe Crankster13 天 前
  • Whats really sad is that the person that told on you, just wanted to mess you up and never cared about the parks...........

    The CranksterThe Crankster13 天 前
  • I am as frustrated as y’all are! Just started using drones to capture my motorcycle adventure touring. Now I’m finding out I can hardly use my drones anymore without fears of government repercussions! I have to spend a whole evening planning a shoot for the next day. State regs, local regs, government Faa regs! What happened to our freedom? National Parks are ours to enjoy and protect! You are doing nothing wrong! I love your videos! Socialism at its finest! Okay I’m done with my rant! Keep up the great work!

    DrewDrew13 天 前
  • And they keep saying how wonderful is the freedom they have in the US. Freedom only for those who can pay for it!

    Xavier WasserzugXavier Wasserzug14 天 前
  • Somebody was trying to get promoted and they decided to smash you, so they would look good for the bosses of our national parks. Bureaucracies often shoot the organizations they serve in the foot on principle. Well, you provided free advertising for them that they apparently don't want. Ok, I guess they want you to get the word out about places like Shoshone Falls. I learned about the falls because of you- I'd like to see it, thanks to you. Don't let the bastards try to take away your dream!

    John HeartJohn Heart14 天 前
  • I thought this rule was changed.

    Mile High MikeMile High Mike14 天 前
  • oh my God I can’t believe someone would open a can of worms like that. So stupid. Boycott national parks!

    Sandy CarpenterSandy Carpenter14 天 前
  • I feel like it’s China Who is watching and reporting people like you... They control everything and it’s very very obvious they want the maximum pressure on everyone. It makes no sense that someone who do this... other than just making your life hell as well and shutting down your filming... Covid is BS... it’s an excuse for them to implement more disgusting measures. Please stay strong!

    Falcon XFalcon X14 天 前
  • Some ppl has way too much time...to whom it may be get a life.

    Wade HWade H15 天 前
  • You can film now in national parks without a permit!!!

    Kyla BellaKyla Bella15 天 前
  • There is alot of youtubers who have filmed in national parks??

    Kimberly JonesKimberly Jones15 天 前
  • when are we going to step up and overturn government control over the peoples land. when they fail were expected to accept it yet keep paying for their failures while paying for your own survival on top of it.2020 the people allowed governments to take away our final rights as human beings. globally

    Twizted ClownTwizted Clown15 天 前
  • Karma is well, you know. The thing about karma is that it might not be tomorrow but eventually it will come back around. It could be 30 years from now when that special someone could come down with dementia and die alone surrounded by strangers. It sounds morbid because it is, Karma doesn't care.

    D BoarD Boar16 天 前
  • What a horrible experience and unnecessary layer of govt bureaucracy. Similar thing happened to Roman Atwood's channel except their anonymous hater became a stalker and ruined their lives, hacked their personal bank accounts, and crazy shit like that. I guess consider yourselves lucky? But I almost feel like youtube needs to protect the anonymity of if it's developers, even though you are inclined to show your true selves. In this day and age you can never be too careful.

    Balgore8Balgore816 天 前
  • Remember, National parks are YOURS and Mine. We pay for them. Don't fall for the bully tactics of little people with power.

    Gene MohneyGene Mohney16 天 前
  • Get a hold of David Paulides from Missing 411, he won the case against not being able to film in national parks

    Greg HarrisGreg Harris16 天 前
  • Im so sorry guys... The stupid red tape here to put a stop to the fun. Wish yall would find yourselves on the East Coast🤔💙👊

    julie10 Smithjulie10 Smith16 天 前
  • Nate you are SO cheap, it's unbelievable. You are not 16 so grow up and accept reality. You can't have it YOUR WAY all the time. Kara loves you but I wander how long she can put up with you. You know money is not all. You are ruining everything, you're entire life and can't even see it because you are so convinced of yourself. Take this from an old man (60) who lived his life. I watched all of you videos from the beginning. Never commented and never subscribed, but now I'm speaking up. - Nate, too much is too much! - I keep repeating myself, enjoy your success, be proud of it but move on. You had your fame but now you are above thirty. Find a job, you're not cute anymore...

    Ralph BuchwitzRalph Buchwitz16 天 前
  • Hopefully you havent paid it yet, if you did, get a lawyer and get your money back. The law that got you fined has been ruled unconstitutional, so you can go back to doing filming without worry. nppa.org/news/federal-court-holds-national-parks-service-film-permitting-rule-unconstitutional

    HivePhotoHivePhoto16 天 前
  • I want to say this: You guys shouldn’t feel bad for “complaining”-while taking account of the lifestyle you live. You are probably thinking “we have it better than most.” No. The “have-nots” aren’t have-nots BECAUSE they have-not. For the most part (75% of the time? And medical bills could be most of that) individuals choose the lifestyle they live, whether they admit it or not. If you want to live differently: change your habits. Cancel your Netflix, never go out to eat, stop playing xBox (sell it and start a side gig). Do anything and everything. If something along the way actually stops you from reaching your goals...(and I’d say including things you can’t control) you don’t deserve whatever it is you wanted. Maintain responsibility, get honest. Push through obstacles. Back to complaining: the government can be a b*tch. 😂

    Daniel MaddoxDaniel Maddox16 天 前
  • Why not just literally submit the paperwork and provide those funds to the national parks? National parks are being severely defunded so those fees matter. You can’t just visit and profit off of federal land and get mad that they want you to pay a fee for popularizing the area which will create more strain and traffic to the park.

    McKenna DavidsMcKenna Davids17 天 前
  • Leave it to the federal government to make things unnecessarily complicated because they need more fees and taxes. Its our land not theirs. F#$@K the fed Who ever reported yall is living a sad life with no love. So who ever you are if you by chance read this. Life is better if you love. Stop being bitter. YOU are what's wrong with this country not a couple touring the world in a van. Oh you upset because they are commercial? How else do they pay for it? Jealous @$$

    Breeze MccaigBreeze Mccaig17 天 前
  • State parks have good stuff too. Hope your trips still bring you joy.

    Andrea GoodmanAndrea Goodman17 天 前
  • which Karen doesn't have anything to do with her life and decided to harm Kara and Nate, one of the nicest people on CNworld. With nothing but pure intentions to share their passion for travelling and exploring new places. Lots of love

    Auguste JonikaiteAuguste Jonikaite17 天 前
  • Omg! I can’t believe that! Someone is such a hater!!!!! I love those videos it’s just you traveling and making videos of your experienced to national parks... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    Khoi KhoisaeKhoi Khoisae18 天 前