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Could you live in this abandoned ghost town from the 1800s with no heat or running water? Brent (the owner of Cerro Gordo) has been living here ALONE for the last 11 months!

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Vlog 754 | #CerroGordo, California | Filmed Jan. 21, 2021
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  • Awesome video!!! I'd love to live there and help rebuild.

    Kabe LambKabe Lamb9 小时 前
  • I want to come live in ur ghost town pls...............

    Lisa GauseLisa Gause13 小时 前
  • Watching this makes me feel so warm inside. I am currently back at my parents' house cause of the panoramic (:"D) and we only use wood-burning stoves as far as heating goes, we do not cook on them but we heat up food if we don't want to use electricity. Since we own properties filled with trees, we don't see the point in spending so much money on other heating options. So every room in my house has its own stove. This video reminded me of how much work it requires to chop the wood and fire those stoves up, but doing it gives me such a sense of accomplishment, I can't describe it, really. That was a very nicely made video, good job guys, I liked your take on living in an abandoned ghost town.

    elfhchanelfhchan21 小时 前
  • I listened to the nothingness at 15:55 with a bunch of guys blasting with leaf blowers at the playground across the street cleaning that effing thing up AGAIN! 😣 For two hours now...

    Eily BerginEily Bergin天 前
  • I remember this channel because one of the haunted structure there mentioned,, I think he should do an entire episode on just that alone.

    Quantum EntangleQuantum Entangle天 前
  • cant even watch it with 25 ads withiin the first 5 mins

    Manic MaghenManic Maghen天 前
  • Electric is running but not the water, hmmm 🧐

    Bettina Østrup ElmasBettina Østrup Elmas天 前
  • Instead of wasting hours of previous labor time, why the hell wouldn’t you just get a metal detector?

    A LLegendlyA LLegendly天 前
  • Good rule of thumb: If he brings you coffee in the morning, he is a keeper!

    KareBearKareBear天 前
  • I could live in this place! I have some funds I could devote to The comforts of home!

    Faith HouckFaith Houck2 天 前
  • This was amazing how fun this would be.

    Misty CarsonMisty Carson2 天 前
  • Me waiting patiently until the hill have eyes

    MichaelangeloMichaelangelo2 天 前
  • Given the current state of the country & all the rampant stupidity going on this to me is heaven on earth, nothing wrong with good ol hard work & no amenities 👍

    Gary AllenGary Allen3 天 前
  • Oosh dont shower too long with the door and windows closed. 😵 asphyxiation is real with an outdoor gas water heater inside an enclosed space.

    Michael GeeMichael Gee3 天 前
  • I didn't know he was already allowing ppl to live in the town! thats cool! I've been watching his videos for awhile seeing his progress!

    Emily SpearmanEmily Spearman3 天 前
  • So does he let you stay for free, if your willing to work a bit??

    Wendy SearsWendy Sears3 天 前
  • Awesome video guys thanks. First time watching one of your videos, Liked n' Subscribed. Cheers

    JB RobertsonJB Robertson3 天 前
  • I just realized that’s where Sam and Colby went lol

    Varyushka100Varyushka1004 天 前
  • Probably the sanest place to be get a big dog

    edward volkeredward volker4 天 前
  • "Just listen. Nothingness. The only thing you can hear is Kara peeing behind that tree over there." "Hay!" :p

    LAPISTimeLAPISTime4 天 前
    • Mom! I did it! I finally did it! I quoted the video for likes and sold my soul in the process! Are you proud of me now!??

      LAPISTimeLAPISTime4 天 前
  • Any thing about Brent and this fantastic place is the only reason I'm here. Sorry.

    lee stimislee stimis4 天 前
  • Dark chocolate M&M’s

    Rebecca HillRebecca Hill4 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • 16 degrees how can you be complaining lol that’s warm

    Charlie PetersCharlie Peters4 天 前
    • @Kara and Nate amazing, shall I send my bank details over and pin

      Charlie PetersCharlie Peters3 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • This is really cool seeing people visit the town

    Based BidoofBased Bidoof4 天 前
  • If you are cold why did you not light the fire!

    jim shawjim shaw4 天 前
  • Did you slam the lid and check for spiders before using the outhouse?

    David TurkDavid Turk4 天 前
  • There's a wood stove in the kitchen and plenty of bush. You could have lit the wood stove and kept it on all night. No need to be cold.

    Wide AwakeWide Awake5 天 前
  • Girl seems a bit clingy

    Y OY O5 天 前

    John MonacoJohn Monaco5 天 前
  • You two are very easy to follow. Good job with the video.

    Blanca CorderoBlanca Cordero5 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • Woah I drove up 395 right past this place a few months ago. Also that brothel is not very big.... was like 1 broad working in there getting plowed by the entire town?

    EricEric5 天 前
  • 16 degrees ffs that’s a good summer day in Scotland

    Chris MacleodChris Macleod5 天 前
  • How much was the town? Life savings huh

    Mike BOGIEMike BOGIE5 天 前
  • This is how cults get started..

    Danikkk DanjikkDanikkk Danjikk5 天 前
  • That's such a cool ghost town, and the deserted rocky mountains look like Area 51 somehow 👽 lol!

    A KA K6 天 前
  • Too many commercials. Literally 19 commercial breaks. Really breaks up the rhythm of the video. Good though, enjoyable entertainment.

    VMXGrooveVMXGroove6 天 前
  • Cool collab.

    Cornbread IsBetterThanPizzaCornbread IsBetterThanPizza6 天 前

    Heather ElliottHeather Elliott6 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • At least the neighbours can't just drop in or poke their nose over the fence.... 🌺 HI THERE FROM DOWN UNDER AUSTRALIA. 🌺

    Heather ElliottHeather Elliott6 天 前
  • What you tagged as Mt Whitney is actually Lone Pine Peak. Mt Whitney is the sawtooth-looking mountain directly to the right of LPP. In this shot it appears to be lower because it's further west in the range than lone pine peak, which is also a 14er and shorter than whitney by nearly 1,500ft. Fun fact: Lone Pine Peak is also the default wallpaper in Mac OS Sierra, so if you use a mac you've probably seen it many times.

    maconmacon6 天 前
  • Nice to see you wearing "Canada" Goose coats... it's shame they aren't made in Canada anymore though.

    Freddy FlinstoneFreddy Flinstone6 天 前
  • He needs the new starlink connection for internet

    Marklp16Marklp166 天 前
  • I think this would be a great camping trip in the summer.

    Phoenix RobinsonPhoenix Robinson6 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • I thought you fixed the water ?

    sol starsol star6 天 前
  • grate video looks like a grate experience

    Our4feet TravelersOur4feet Travelers6 天 前
  • Cool

    Cheryl MartinCheryl Martin6 天 前
  • Out in the desert you dont dump water down the sink because it has a bit of ice in it. You don,t want to take running water forgranted especially when there isn,t any. The irony LOL

  • Found this channel the other day and I thought they were total badasses but Nate is kinda a scaredy-cat

    CartmanBoss 88CartmanBoss 887 天 前
  • Dude, that's Owen's Valley. Death Valley is beyond the Panamint Mountains!

    Talani GreywolfTalani Greywolf7 天 前
  • I have been watching. To live you need water and indoor plumbing. You can get sponsers.Water can be used to heat the rooms. How about growing your own veggies. WATER IS LIFE. You inspired me THANKS

    Dale RossDale Ross7 天 前
  • Does amazon deliver here

    Mary Ann MartinMary Ann Martin7 天 前

      Kara and NateKara and Nate4 天 前
  • Kara's comment about finding 20 things of toothpaste by the brothel and saying lets not think about that, then shows Kara brushing her teeth a half a dozen times in the video?? I

    Badger PaBadger Pa7 天 前
  • I'm going here in spring break AND IM SO EXCITED

    Sam SamSam Sam7 天 前
  • Really shameful you are piggybacking your CNworld off of someone else's main point of focus on their CNworld channel. Really, pathetic. City yuppies

    jim pattersonjim patterson7 天 前
  • One of the bedrooms is haunted? 😲😨😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Jo MontaneeJo Montanee7 天 前
  • Nate: "I'm going to keep this next to my bed as a weapon, just in case." Ghost: "Thanks! I was looking for that!"

    robatsea2009robatsea20097 天 前
  • I first heard about this place on Sam and colby

    Yellow BabyYellow Baby7 天 前
  • U guys need a curtain to trap the heat

    San GuineSan Guine7 天 前
  • Nate is so sweet with Kara. Such a great guy.

    Yaneiza PerezYaneiza Perez7 天 前
  • Get a starlink

    Samudra SahaSamudra Saha7 天 前
  • So now 4 people live in this town... These 2, the guy that bought the town and another dude. At this point the phrase " Ghost Town" is meaningless.

    Eric HEric H7 天 前
  • bruh. ill send my kids there, they will sift dirt all day. just toss a few pennies on the ground. lol

    Dough BoiDough Boi7 天 前
  • Interesting. Indeed! My thanks!

    Pedro Julián CERECEDAPedro Julián CERECEDA7 天 前
  • Wrong. Cerro Gordo always had a owner and caretaker of the place who cared as much of the place as Brent otherwise great video 😊👍

    PatrikPatrik7 天 前
  • He’s an investor with a partner they also own a similar gost town in Texas. Life savings 😂

    Art MontArt Mont8 天 前
  • Who else knows this place because of Sam and Colby

    Dareil OnezDareil Onez8 天 前
  • Whitney is the highest point in the *contiguous* US. There are 10 higher peaks in Alaska, which is still part of the North American *continent* .

    ClaytonClayton8 天 前
  • Fun, I follow both channels

    Alaskan channelAlaskan channel8 天 前
  • lack of water and what can be grown?

    kevin josephkevin joseph8 天 前
  • Crazy people used to live like this even before today's modern comforts and most people now cant even survive lol. Makes me grateful for living off grid myself and learning these skills

    C&HC&H8 天 前
  • That’s what democrat run cities look like lol

    Ray VinagroRay Vinagro8 天 前
  • Alaska is in the US and Denali is the highest in north America

    Cold Shoe MediaCold Shoe Media8 天 前
  • I could live there , that's awesome! One cat only please.😆

    Anthony SinclairAnthony Sinclair8 天 前
  • This is cool thank you, totally inspired for the future !!! 😍❤️👌🏽

    AdrianAdrian8 天 前
  • ‘In the mountains of California...’ lmao me sitting in Wisconsin with just a hoodie on looking at this guy like... 🤨😒 smh

    Alejandra PonceAlejandra Ponce8 天 前
  • I'd love to own and live in a abandoned town

    Dwight trenholmDwight trenholm8 天 前
  • Shitty coats

    Ty G.Ty G.8 天 前
  • Hi, I just discovered your channel through this video. I really like your videos on traveling.

  • I think alot of these people that document there short stays in off grid living have no idea how to live offgrid or have any clue abt survival

    DemonicRarity AdventuresDemonicRarity Adventures8 天 前
  • this is great

    oh • comoh • com9 天 前
  • Definitely admire the effort you put with all the shots and the creative brains behind it! Filming from different angles is a lot of work! So I respect you two. Truly ♥️

    lyncy cobarrubialyncy cobarrubia9 天 前
  • why dont you use the wood stove? in the kitchen?

    bbruce995bbruce9959 天 前
  • If there is no water why would you throw the ice water you found in pot just to eat cereal 🤪

    Maria FloresMaria Flores9 天 前
  • Is that ghost town tru 🤔 ? 👻☠️😧

    Ankita ChaudhariAnkita Chaudhari9 天 前
  • 2 ads before the 3:45 mark? Fuck this!

    James VossJames Voss9 天 前
  • I wanna live in a ghost town so bad. I even have a fwd suv to do it. And carpentry skills.

    Pita 420Pita 4209 天 前
  • Most people will watch because it's interesting, *NOT* to 'see' a ghost. I know you people are young; but, please be more mature than this.

    Marie MarseeMarie Marsee9 天 前
  • Wait what? Did more people move there?

    Nighthawknorth 94Nighthawknorth 949 天 前
  • Cerro Gorda is a place in Mexico where a battle was fought during the Mexican American war. My Greatgrand father fought in that battle. He named his next daughter Cerro Gorda to commerate his experience. Aunt Gorda found out Gorda means Fat!

    Lisa PriceLisa Price9 天 前
  • Everyone who goes up there says they’re “alone” but yet you see about 15-20 people up there all the time. This is the most populated “Ghost Town” I’ve ever seen. The food network was just up there with a whole film crew.

    Juan ChefJuan Chef9 天 前
    • That’s what happens when it becomes well known

      RamboLamboRamboLambo7 天 前
  • If complain cold, why they dint put a fire in diningroom stowe, first thing in morning

    paavo2525paavo25259 天 前
  • How far are you from the nuclear test sites in the 50's.

    Charles TownsendCharles Townsend9 天 前
  • Looks amazing, eould move there in a heart beat, want a resident

    william moorewilliam moore9 天 前
  • every time i watch brent's video i get really excited and start imagining things but then i realise i dont have any balls to do such thing

    sheetcutterssheetcutters9 天 前
  • Have you never gone back packing before?

    Mike MarikMike Marik9 天 前
  • Amazing you tube channel

    Tt TtTt Tt9 天 前
  • Way cool been watching for a min on this town I would go but not during the cold. I like the heat

    Charles KirklandCharles Kirkland9 天 前

  • You’re so lucky to meet Brent. Such a cool guy.

    Andrew HarrisonAndrew Harrison10 天 前
  • moutains of colorado. eek so cold in california you forgot where you were!

    Matthew MMatthew M10 天 前