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#vanlife / Travel vlog 727 | Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado | Filmed July, 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • Cougars hate people. They avoid us like the plague. The only time you might encounter a cougar is if you come into their territory or there are cubs around. They also aren't likely to snack on adult humans. Also, those tracks look too small to be a cougar's. They could be canines or a smaller wild cat.

    RayneRayne小时 前
  • Doubt people will see this but funny story about the sand dunes. Me and my family decided to go during the summer at night to look at the stars and hangout. We had about 20 mintues of fun until we heard some odd buzzing noise. It was a swarm of bitting Nats and we ran as fast as we could. (We were about 1/2 mile in) and you saw how big the dunes were. It was a warm summer night so we were wearing shorts and t-shirts and were covered in bug bites for the rest of the week. Now we laugh about it all the time.

    tieyatieya11 小时 前
  • Those are lady 👓 Nate!

    Ridgecrest WackRidgecrest Wack16 小时 前
  • Is no one gonna talk about having to poop and pee out there like Dedication just for that

    Rene TaylorRene Taylor2 天 前
  • you guys are the best

    Louise RutterLouise Rutter3 天 前
  • yall guys are soooooooooo cooooool

    justin smithjustin smith9 天 前
  • Where is this....? Why don't you state this in the comments or title...?

    Gunther GlestiGunther Glesti12 天 前
  • love these 2

    Emma SmiddyEmma Smiddy13 天 前
  • Your kids are gonna be so jealous lol

    ChroMe killZChroMe killZ16 天 前
  • i have searched up diffrent types of foot prints and turns out those foot prints could be cyotes

    Amiela PinedaAmiela Pineda17 天 前
  • 16:28 I just burst out laughing at Kara's face

    BearBear21 天 前
    • I stopped watching before y'all left TN b/c covid made me mad jealous of anyone traveling in any capacity lol. But now I get to binge watch and that's the best.

      BearBear21 天 前
  • Was Kara in her socks by the end of the hike? Did anyone notice?

    kayleejean schultzkayleejean schultz22 天 前
  • We go there every single year on our way to colorado

    Avery FieldingAvery Fielding24 天 前
  • i love yalls channel! i watch it every day!

    Ava DowdleAva Dowdle24 天 前
  • how did you feell nate when you extended your fist and she said to herself- not now

    JohynJohyn25 天 前
  • next time nate roll the sleeping bag tight then put in the bag. you haven't been using sleeping bags for 5 years. Odd. and can not do this correctly.

    JohynJohyn25 天 前
  • I camped there a few weeks ago in -8° thinking how nice it’d be in the summer and yet this doesn’t seem much better! haha

    Adeline’s AdventuresAdeline’s Adventures28 天 前
  • I live right next to there and went there this summer

    Mia LilianaMia Liliana29 天 前
  • You guys are so courageous

    Sydney BrettSydney Brett个月 前
  • i love how you guys show how things are REALLY like and not just the good things! Love the vlogs

    Ilysia DanielleIlysia Danielle个月 前
  • To all the people that say they use a drone to get their shots instead of walking ahead and setting up a tripod, I can assure you being the owner of a drone it would be near impossible to keep it that still in those strong winds. You can also clearly see (13:25) in some of the shots that they use a tripod.

    SusHiTechSusHiTech个月 前
  • Glad you guys did it so I didn’t have too!

    Neal RadfordNeal Radford个月 前
  • I was so lucky to grow up 45 minutes from the Great Sand Dunes and have experiences like this growing up!

    Ethan ReschkeEthan Reschke个月 前
  • I prety positive they are some sort of bobcat which is a way smaller almost a fox sized cat

    Gina RobeckGina Robeck个月 前
  • wow crazy to know that ive been there!

    echoecho个月 前
  • Now I know that if I were to do this I should probably get some goggles for hiking 😁

    Madelynn GarrettMadelynn Garrett个月 前
  • Bobcat not a mountain lion.

    Scott NagemScott Nagem个月 前
  • I love your video! I love the sand dunes. They bring me back to my youth. My son and I went on a road trip my first time driving a whole trip by myself. I can't believe we hiked it, I can't believe we drove it. My video at 7:27 There is no easy way my son told me. ( ) and I'm at your video 9:39 thinking you are way farther than I ever could imagine of getting. Props to you 👏🏻

    Caroline BrayCaroline Bray个月 前
  • the fact that they set up the camera in different places to start the walk over and that they get to do what they love s hands done the best thing ever

    Emma GoreEmma Gore个月 前
  • I love you guys have posted a video today

    Jennifer WoodyJennifer Woody个月 前
  • Nate: brushes sand off arm Nate 2 seconds later: leans back on arm on sand 😭😂

    Abi CravenAbi Craven个月 前
  • Iam from india I like your videos

    Revo CruiseRevo Cruise个月 前
  • It's so crazy watching this video , I was there in October and went boarding and crashed on my first sand dune, broke my wrist and had to turn around hike back out a mile to try and find the nearest ER which was 45 mins away. Longest hike and longest 45 mins of my life lol 😂 turns out I essentially broke my hand away from my arm because I crushed my distal radius and ulna bones yikes.

    SummerNicoleSummerNicole个月 前
  • Please make more vids

    Emma Rose WoodrumEmma Rose Woodrum个月 前
  • Have you been to Australia with your van

    Lahteesha RafterLahteesha Rafter个月 前
  • I cnar believe they set the camera up to film them walking and then they had to walk all the way bakc to get it thats dedication

    Kayla ConwayKayla Conway个月 前
  • I live in Colorado!

    Logan ZawistowskiLogan Zawistowski个月 前
  • Nate yawns 🥱 me yawning after.. YOU MADE ME YAWN Lol

    Erin TErin T个月 前
  • Those are tracks of a running mountain lion or at least from what I’ve seen

    Abby WestAbby West2 个月 前
  • ⛰ ❄️

    Tay & MariTay & Mari2 个月 前
  • My heart broke when Kara was talking about how the harsh sand was hurting her. They are so amazing for pushing through!

    Taylor DettinburnTaylor Dettinburn2 个月 前
  • You guys look like self heating food packets 😂

    Liya INGRAMMMLiya INGRAMMM2 个月 前
  • This was the first time she didn’t get her morning coffee like she always gets as she’s waking up ☕️

    AzianSpiritAzianSpirit2 个月 前
  • I love watching you you are the best and crazy people alive

    Rebekah LesterRebekah Lester2 个月 前
  • Largest dunes in America Glamis

    194incident194incident2 个月 前
  • The way he wakes Kara up always 😍😍

    hương giang phạmhương giang phạm2 个月 前
  • Next vlog: living in the sand castle that we made off camera .lol

    daisy maedaisy mae2 个月 前
  • I would've worn goggles, can not deal with sand. Kudos

    Sara HopeSara Hope2 个月 前
  • cristiano ronaldo

    amin abdiamin abdi2 个月 前
  • The obsequious beauty gratifyingly scorch because june conversantly include apropos a taboo club. illegal, white shallot

    skyler huskyler hu2 个月 前
  • Sleeping with spiders and snakes I'd rather see a cat track

    Ann M.Ann M.2 个月 前
  • You guys get wet and then the sand blows oh, you're going to look like little emery boards

    Ann M.Ann M.2 个月 前
  • Hiiiii i am ur biggest fan

    Hayah SaqibHayah Saqib2 个月 前
  • it’s hilarious when the girl talks she sounds like she is reading a book 🤣 lmaaoooooo

    Luigi CastilloLuigi Castillo2 个月 前
  • Right now i am eating pasta

    Crystal RobinsonCrystal Robinson2 个月 前
  • They should not where shoes in the desert because I live in the U.A.E and we don't wear shoes because it's more comftorable and it gives positive energy and it helps to not slip from the dunes and we drive our cars on the dunes lol

    المزروعيۿ M-11المزروعيۿ M-113 个月 前
  • I live in CO and we just bought a teardrop. So excited to spend more time out!

    Jonelle SandelJonelle Sandel3 个月 前
  • And I thought walking over the dunes to get to the beach at the outer banks was tiring lol

    Emily PEmily P3 个月 前
  • ok but like... imagine if you got lost

    Savvy MahoneySavvy Mahoney3 个月 前
  • Did y’all ever find out what type of tracks those were?

    Trinity BoisTrinity Bois3 个月 前
  • OMG that is a mountain lion

    Gary Clayden-SmithGary Clayden-Smith3 个月 前
  • I just subscribed!

    caocao2 It's My Time Nowcaocao2 It's My Time Now3 个月 前
  • my uh hands do smell like fish tho

    memescribermemescriber3 个月 前
  • Amazing video

    Zain Qb albaajZain Qb albaaj3 个月 前
  • Hi guys, love the channel. Those are coyote tracks, and they naturally get laid down in couplets. Coyotes are usually very shy, and this one was probably shocked once she realized you were out there. Big cat tracks are about 400% larger, laid down evenly, not paired, and are in nearly a straight line. actually, if a person looks down a line of lion tracks they will make very slight lazy "s's", often with a tail dip alternating with the stride. If you're nearRockies

    Lee HagueLee Hague3 个月 前
  • الحقير الي بلغ عن هالفيديو للسلطات الأمريكية جزمة

    Dame willDame will3 个月 前
  • in 2022: kara and nate: we will be spending the night on mars!!! me over here like:🥺🤨😄😑

    lexi plays robloxlexi plays roblox3 个月 前
  • So thissssss is what they meant by living the life

    Savannah RothSavannah Roth3 个月 前
  • What a lovely couple!! Got a new sub here

    christoph !!christoph !!3 个月 前
  • Motion lion it's a hoof print

    christoph !!christoph !!3 个月 前
  • Air mattress, swimming goggles, heated blanket.

    ohbuddyiliketowatchohbuddyiliketowatch3 个月 前
  • You guys are epic.

    ohbuddyiliketowatchohbuddyiliketowatch3 个月 前
  • no fair i want a Nate

    Lindsi MarieLindsi Marie3 个月 前
  • Ski goggles work well for keeping the sand out of your eyes.

    M2AbiM2Abi3 个月 前
  • I love how Nate always makes Kara coffee it’s so cute

    Heidi BrodziakHeidi Brodziak3 个月 前
  • I’ve been there it’s so fun and I’m only 7

    Michael ManzoMichael Manzo3 个月 前
  • Saying in CO is 'if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes' 😊

    Georgina SmithGeorgina Smith3 个月 前
  • Hey guys. I live in Colorado. The sand dunes are amazing. If you guys are looking for a beautiful hike and a beautiful lake you guys should look into hiking up to lily lake. It’s a great hike and amazing views!

    Amanda DotterAmanda Dotter3 个月 前
  • They are so cute together. I wish I could go all of those places. With a home on wheels now that’s awesome. Sleeping in sand doom wow that’s courageous.

    Mia BayMia Bay3 个月 前
    • That’s just random stuff I thought about during this video.

      Mia BayMia Bay3 个月 前
  • Bro we have our cabin here I saw Blanca and just saying we are going to hike mount Blanca

    Timothy KennedyTimothy Kennedy3 个月 前
  • Those are bobcat. Tracks or mountain lions

    Bice AlveyBice Alvey3 个月 前
  • There life sounds so fun! But I don’t think I could do it bc I get car sick easily :( but when I grow up I want to travel

    Andi OopskskAndi Oopsksk3 个月 前
  • Mad respect for this series. Grew up in Salida co right next to sand dunes. I get this experience

    saper calebsaper caleb3 个月 前
  • Those look too small to be mountain lion. Maybe bobcat but likely coyoye

    cosiemacosiema3 个月 前

    I like leavesI like leaves3 个月 前
  • I went there, it was really fun but very tiring!

    Gymnastics JaneyGymnastics Janey4 个月 前

    iii_sunsxtiii_sunsxt4 个月 前
    • LMAOOO

      xx_SwaggySofia_xxxx_SwaggySofia_xx个月 前
  • Being a Colorado native I love this video 👍🏼

    Ganja-024Ganja-0244 个月 前
  • Sand is my worst nightmare. The whole thing gives me anxiety!

    fun_girlfun_girl4 个月 前
  • ciotes

    Wesley AlexanderWesley Alexander4 个月 前
  • This is so crazy !!! How guys didn't got lost in all these dunes

    HappyLife & FoodHappyLife & Food4 个月 前
  • Nice Vlog!! Kindly watch my video on sand dunes tried to share details as much as I can ..hope you all like it😊

    Salankara SenSalankara Sen4 个月 前
    • Shared my link with hopes and eager to hear from all of you ..

      Salankara SenSalankara Sen4 个月 前

      Salankara SenSalankara Sen4 个月 前
  • I know for a fact I am not the only one that came into the comments to see if anyone knew what animal made those tracks

    Bee HumbleeBee Humblee4 个月 前
  • I love them but they also put there selves in dangerous conditions...and they never know exactly what there doing I hope one day they don’t die trying to push the extreme

    Brittany WhiteBrittany White4 个月 前
  • You guys are amazing I love you guys keep up the good work

    Emma& lexi GamingEmma& lexi Gaming4 个月 前
  • I'm super curios what the foot steps were. Lol

    Elizabeth maxwellElizabeth maxwell4 个月 前
  • They make it seem like it’s dangerous/challenging to camp there. Thousands of people do it every year, many with young children. This national park is not very big and is so safe that dogs are allowed. Also, did they wait till the weather got bad to go so no one else would be there, or were they not smart enough to check the wind forecast? The park get over half a million people per year, and is not remote by any reasonable standards. Those are bobcat tracks, which are far more common in the park than mountain lions. If they did any preparation, they would know that. There are so many other things wrong with this video that make these two look stupid/weak/deceptive. At best, They sound like stereotypical tourists who have never camped before and have no idea what they are doing.

  • I love there bus

    Annalise’s LifeAnnalise’s Life4 个月 前
  • You guys are so cute together, I'm old school and I love you too,. Watching your videos you make me happy when watching your videos.

    silver 64silver 644 个月 前
  • Kinda looks like you guys camped on the moon!

    Justine cookJustine cook4 个月 前