2020年11月 4日
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Should we have bought a school bus instead of a van? In this episode, we see what it's like to live in a gorgeous converted "skoolie." Back in March when our lives were flipped upside down, we had no idea what we were going to do this year. We ALMOST bought a converted school bus, so today we're comparing #vanlife to #buslife to see if we made the right decision ;)
The owners of this bus have a CNworld channel where they documented the entire conversion process and their adventures in it, check them out :)
Travel vlog 739 | Olympia, Washington | Filmed October 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • Nate don’t feel bad because I’m 33 and you just taught me something lol I guess while teaching my 4 yr old I better pay attention even more lmao

    Lynzy RisingsunLynzy Risingsun22 小时 前
  • That looks so cool! I love the little fireplace, too! Speaking of what we were taught in school. Just last night I found out that it’s possible that a lot of us were taught wrong doing math equations as well. I don’t know. I haven’t been able to confirm it yet.

    Heather DupereHeather Dupere天 前
  • I love how humble they are

    Arg BArg B天 前
  • Lol I thought that too

    Piano PlayerPiano Player天 前
  • The groovy dinghy taxonomically explode because tsunami reversely imagine barring a hollow wash. condemned, abstracted plant

    Ronnie StellaRonnie Stella2 天 前
  • That ramen needs a raw egg on top... unless u vegan

    Ivan DonsonIvan Donson5 天 前
  • But where is the toilet

    Ka GamesKa Games5 天 前
  • Why do you call instant noodles ramen?

    RayneRayne6 天 前
  • 0:07 that's what she said

    V SV S6 天 前
  • Upcoming video title: re decorating and renovating our van

    Cianna SoldatiCianna Soldati7 天 前
  • peanut butter in ramen? woah whole new level lol

    Rotation LifeRotation Life8 天 前
  • 7:44 and my best friends name is isaac and hes good at engeniring and stuff

    Roman LangmeadRoman Langmead10 天 前
  • You should come to Pittsburgh

    Olga RiveraOlga Rivera10 天 前
  • I also hate beer, whiskey on the other hand

    wegohamm7wegohamm712 天 前
  • You just forgot about Olympia its ok

    wegohamm7wegohamm712 天 前
  • Love the bloopers!

    Sandy CarpenterSandy Carpenter14 天 前
  • Love all your videos.I would love to live in a van like that for travel. Single mom w 2 toddlers can't afford it right now on my full-time job but it's def maybe a goal someday.. Your videos are so fun to watch and feels like im traveling with you both. lol

    Gina MarieGina Marie14 天 前
  • I absolutely love how nate wakes kara up by giving her a kiss and a cup of coffee! Its sooo sweet!!!!

    Georgette RobinsonGeorgette Robinson15 天 前
  • I live near Olympia

    mariahrryanmariahrryan17 天 前
  • Nates embarrassed that he didn't know that Olympia was the capital of Washington meanwhile I thought Seattle was in Oregon

    Jason SomarribaJason Somarriba19 天 前
  • Just made your peanut butter ramen noodle dish!!!!! It’s was AWESOME! My 4 kids loved it too! Thank you for sharing!! We may be making a modified version for backcountry camping ;)

    Dan HeffernanDan Heffernan19 天 前
  • a water boiler??? i have never heard that ever

    blottzblottz19 天 前
  • I'm so sad the link to the owner's channel isn't working for me

    Narjie La MangueNarjie La Mangue20 天 前
  • Kara and Nate - We use a single induction hot plate that sits on our counter at home. It runs on 110v and can be tucked away in a cabinet when you are down with it. It would work great for your van. We used one in our RV as well.

    Bill’s ToysBill’s Toys20 天 前
  • I just scrolled a bit through the comments and didn't see any referencing: "It's like we're back in Antarctica!" hahahaha

    BearBear20 天 前
  • If i ever see a vlog where you don’t make her coffee in the morning I’ll think you guys got divorce 😂

    Marcelous CrosbyMarcelous Crosby21 天 前
  • I went to California, Oregon and Washington in 2 weeks and it was amazing and my mom had to give me drama-mean on the drives up the costs because I get sever motion sickness it was not good

    kayleejean schultzkayleejean schultz21 天 前
  • That bus is better than a 4 star hotel room

    This be JiyaThis be Jiya24 天 前
  • i live in washington

    Danielle SmithDanielle Smith26 天 前
  • Come to pa in the sumertime vist sevensprings or go to lauarl hill state park

    :-P Hipe:-P Hipe27 天 前
  • Welcome to Washington! So glad you got to enjoy some beautiful parts of the state!

    Sierra HoldalSierra Holdal28 天 前
  • I thought the capital of Washington was seatle so nate ain't alone

    planes are coolplanes are cool28 天 前
  • You guys are too funny!! I loved the little fireplace heater! Really nice bus, who would've thought!!! Subbed!

    GaDiva769GaDiva76928 天 前
  • So Nate you're 31... how old is Kara?

    4thDegreeBurn4thDegreeBurn29 天 前
  • In Montana it is bellow ten degrees

    Dustin StuartDustin Stuart29 天 前
  • 4:24 That's a perk if you ask me

    VeikraVeikra个月 前
  • that sucks i live in WA and i live real close

    the Torrey'sthe Torrey's个月 前
  • I know if you have heard of this thing called COVID-19

    Patricia SmithPatricia Smith个月 前
  • I hate 2020

    Clifford MacenaClifford Macena个月 前
  • lol the 0:31 the peen

    Matthew JunkinMatthew Junkin个月 前
  • This is the life I wanna live when I grow up, with a dog tho

    Flickzy FlickzyFlickzy Flickzy个月 前
  • so we're just not gonna talk about how she turned it up to 83 degrees in there... lol great video

    Katelyn ReinertKatelyn Reinert个月 前
  • Bro she’ll lose her mind if she walks in to an actual apartment

    Raish WRaish W个月 前
  • You can live in any state you want! Nice 👍

    PrimeMatix13PrimeMatix13个月 前
  • how do you dispose poops and waste materials, and what do you do about parking. Isn't there legal issues about parking, can you just park anywhere you want? How do you get water.Do you just buy water in jars or bottles ?

    Suman MaharjanSuman Maharjan个月 前
  • do u 2 mountian bike

    Theodore ConnollyTheodore Connolly个月 前
  • I honestly thought seattle was the capital of washington as well. Im 24 years old. Graduated

    David GielisDavid Gielis个月 前
  • It’s so interesting to see WASHINGTON STATE from another persons point of view! -Washingtonian

    Yemenat AlansiYemenat Alansi个月 前
  • Lucky, i've lived in Oly most of my 56 years and have never seen a whale here.

    Darren GibbsDarren Gibbs个月 前
  • At 10:58 she puts the fork in her mouth and back into the pot of noodles 😅🤢 Sorry Nate 😞

    Roya UstaRoya Usta个月 前
  • Where did the kids sleep

    Alva CarlssonAlva Carlsson个月 前
  • Sad that in a world where people are just trying to survive and not infect others, some people take advantage of it and travel around putting others at risk. Not safe. Not cool. Not ok.

    737pilotbro737pilotbro个月 前
  • 👌🤝💕💖❤👍👍

    Yummy Food SecretsYummy Food Secrets个月 前
  • Try Samyang Korean ramen sold in H mart in Washington State

    Grace HongGrace Hong个月 前
  • Clickbait!! The title missed the part "for the next 24 hours".. and they didn't trade--you got an air B&B.. Juz be honest!

    Derrick AndersonDerrick Anderson个月 前
  • Do you not need a special driver's license to drive busses in the us?

    nobodxynewnobodxynew个月 前
  • Trust Fund Babies?!?!

    Red GreenRed Green个月 前
  • "I didn't know that the capitol was not Seattle" don't worry about 1/2 of the kids that live in Washington thought it was Seattle too until 8th grade when we learned about government haha

    Kaitlyn S.Kaitlyn S.个月 前
  • Nice

    MulleMulle个月 前
  • I would love to live in there

    Honey ASMRHoney ASMR个月 前
  • And as a 55 yr old man... thanks for clearing up that capitol SNAFU. wife and I spent lots of time outside the US too.... I see the trend.

    Jo CoJo Co个月 前
  • 4:07 Nate: **grips Kara’s hand so tightly because he doesn’t want to argue**

    Anthony ChengAnthony Cheng个月 前
  • The dinner looks great, except for the cilantro. For my daughter and I cilantro tastes like soap.

    Petrus ScottPetrus Scott个月 前
  • id say van was the right decision

    Daniel NixonDaniel Nixon个月 前
  • What hoodie does Nate wear?

    Ted McDevittTed McDevitt个月 前
  • Next upgrade vehicle: airplane

    Funday ConeFunday Cone个月 前
  • What a great tour! Gotta know the brand of the tiny wood-burning fireplace... It would be perfect in a friend's 30ft Airstream! Please share if you know.

    dparker329dparker329个月 前
  • Y’all need a bus

    Juan NajeraJuan Najera个月 前
  • a bathroom door should always open on the outside.

    alexs87alexs87个月 前
  • Peanut butter Ramen? Thats a first

    SoXFarXGonee SvOSoXFarXGonee SvO个月 前
  • I think that's a GREAT trade!! Love the bus! 🚌

    Leo MLeo M个月 前
  • The wealthy typhoon globally print because sausage quickly happen barring a poised ring. harmonious, awful punch

    Valley RidgeValley Ridge个月 前
  • it's really funny when people who lived in Washington also don't realize that olympia has the capital lol, not gonna lie even locals sometimes think it's Seattle

    TailsKadeTailsKade个月 前
  • All these builds are for sunny weather.. maybe some rain. And god forbit low temperatures. I'll build a travel van sometime. And it'll be equipped to travel COLD. Can't wait

    Blaž BohincBlaž Bohinc个月 前
  • That fish and chips looked great

    Alex CimmerianAlex Cimmerian个月 前
  • you put peanut butter in Ramen noodles.....are you pregnant???

    maddog1918maddog1918个月 前
  • If you like that bus, you would be amazed by a HOUSE.

    Zach FureZach Fure个月 前
  • I as an English woman approve of that fish and chips meal

    lili Jenningslili Jennings个月 前
  • you guys posted this the DAY my sister went to the hospital on the 5th she had surgery then 9 days later she came home I am the youngest 10 years old, and she is 13 she is ok now.

    Suzy PooballSuzy Pooball个月 前
  • To Good.... #bijanmahata

    BijanMahata बिजनमाहात বিজনমাহাতBijanMahata बिजनमाहात বিজনমাহাত个月 前
  • Buss is nice but like u said weekend camper not for off the grid Ramen looks good but that's light food for me lol u guys like spicy foods are u on IG

    Richard WilliamsRichard Williams个月 前
  • Omg I saw Multnomah Falls Oregon 😃😃😃 I live 3 miles away from there

    Sean MooreSean Moore个月 前
  • Yay! I’m in Olympia, so glad you liked Budd Bay Cafe and Fishtale, we love your vlogs!

    Shannon HinchcliffeShannon Hinchcliffe个月 前
  • Do you know their generators our RV right

    Guy StewartGuy Stewart个月 前
  • Yall can sleep in 82° I can barely sleep In anything over 68° I didnt watch the whole video but 90° are yall hot I'm litterally woud be dieing if my thermostat would get even a little close 75 or more and that's a lot coming from a Texan

    Lucina StrongLucina Strong个月 前
  • I love this Skoolie

    Bernedette KuteyiBernedette Kuteyi个月 前
  • Somebody made whoopie in the school bus

    J LJ L个月 前
  • It's alright bro. I thought it was Seattle as well.

    Crimp ChimpCrimp Chimp个月 前
  • Finally has a large kitchen. Proceeds to make ramen 😂 You guys are adorable

    skogisskogis个月 前
  • Hey if it makes you feel better - we had people flying into Vancouver/PDX because they thought it was Vancouver BC. So yeah... WA has a lot going for the confusion.

    Shanna PackardShanna Packard个月 前
  • So you guys didn't have to wear facemasks back in November last year??!!

    DanTeDanTe个月 前
  • I really want to travel the world in rv really hope my future wife would also like this

    Prerak JainPrerak Jain个月 前
  • Have you tried Shin Ramen... they are spicy and I think much better... try it with cheese and eggs. There are many recipes on CNworld for them...

    Young KimYoung Kim个月 前
  • This man must have small shoes size as he can't calm down flickering of his girl even after living together for so long. Her flickering needs force & power. 🤫

    Gagan ThakurGagan Thakur个月 前
  • School bus is good but not arranged correctly

    Aman NkAman Nk个月 前
  • as a Seattle native, I can tell you most people not from here assume Seattle is the capital lol you're not the first to make that mistake and I am sure you won't be the last. Great videos btw!

    Alex HorningAlex Horning个月 前
  • I new that Olympia was the Capital and I’m 9

    Genevieve11 JoanGenevieve11 Joan个月 前
  • Fun video. Add frozen peas, broccoli. and all your other things to the Ramen. Garnish with sprouts and tomato for a change up, yummy. Can’t wait to give your version a try.😋

    Joan SommerfieldJoan Sommerfield个月 前
  • Mann that was nasty ramen I think I did it rong lol 😂😃😃

    waylon mcdanielwaylon mcdaniel个月 前
  • How do you're trade it

    magnus madsenmagnus madsen个月 前