Our favorite night of van life yet (free camping in Colorado)

2020年08月 9日
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It feels like we're finally getting the hang of this #vanlife thing! We discovered an awesome FREE campsite on BLM land, and then we somehow ended up spending the night at a U.F.O. watchtower.
Travel vlog 726 | Colorado | Filmed July, 2020
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  • That lady touched her mask like every 5 seconds

    TS - 06CS 812062 Erin Centre MSTS - 06CS 812062 Erin Centre MS5 天 前
  • That was fun. What an adventure!

    TT9 天 前
  • I can't stop binge watching y'all's channel. Everytime I realize I need to go to bed or work, it kills my mood, because I have to stop watching this.

    Courtney LongCourtney Long11 天 前
  • Tarantulas, snakes, and other unsavory creatures in the desert 🤔 I'll stick to sleeping in a van or hotel thank you

    rocker 76\m/rocker 76\m/12 天 前
  • 0:01 I wass trying to see if it was Kara or Nate

    Ragesh KantharubanRagesh Kantharuban28 天 前
  • The confused shallot shortly spill because divorced reilly continue around a powerful magazine. spiffy, elderly step-father

    Nancey RowenNancey Rowen个月 前
  • When I was a kid my dad had some alien tracker thing on his computer and I never believed in it. I didn't completely dismiss it but I wasn't convinced it was possible. Now as an adult I was like "why do we need a space force if there's no aliens?" And more recently I've heard in a documentary and from multiple people that they know people in different branches of the military who have seen things they are forbidden to discuss. I don't know it just seems more plausible now. Who knows

    Katie LinckKatie Linck个月 前
  • looks like the setting of the first meth lab in breaking bad

    Maisy RapataMaisy Rapata个月 前
  • Kara and Nate. You make me feel younger. Living my dream I’m 77.

    Joan HannonJoan Hannon个月 前
  • YOU’RE KIDDING. I hadn’t been watching the Colorado vlogs because I thought it’d made me sad because I assumed you’d be in eastern CO. Montrose is an hour from where I live and I’m even more sad now.😂😭

    Haylee MaeHaylee Mae个月 前
  • Velcro (short for the French Velour crochet, velvet hook) was invented by a Swedish man in 1941, not from the Roswell incident. Patented in 1955.

    Diana GalaxyDiana Galaxy2 个月 前
  • Judy: "Have u seen anything?" Nate: "No.. no i haven't" Judy: "Well u need to get out there & look more." 🤣🤣🤣

    Miquela HonieMiquela Honie2 个月 前
  • BLM: 'Bureau of Land Management'', and NOT *BLM* (woke-ass, idiotic, blind liberal-following persons). I, truly, hope y'all have figured-out a way to ignore our Federal Land Restrictions ~ and have now found your own *Free Right Access*, to our shared America.

    Lee AnnLee Ann2 个月 前
  • im aussie and in reference to the aboriginal artwork at the end. Aboriginals have been on the land for upwards of 200 thousand years and have many stories from the Dream Time of beings and spirits from the sky. they believe in many different magical beings that would of come from some where. they have many cave paintings telling the stories of the sky beings (including egyption hyroglifics) and where good star gazers themselves with knowlage of many constilations that the greeks never had.

    LaurajanehahnLaurajanehahn3 个月 前
  • I'm impressed you guys know Eminent and beck. Do you watch Kinging it or the exPawers ?

    Christine FosterChristine Foster3 个月 前
  • I took a trip to Calorado

    Peterson TanPeterson Tan4 个月 前
  • i got very happy that you guys like ND are enjoying Colorado cause I live here

    Cash HumenyCash Humeny4 个月 前
  • That looks like Mt Blanca you camped next to...near the Great Sand Dunes.

    Billy MelanconBilly Melancon4 个月 前
  • The stars.....

    Marianne JohnsonMarianne Johnson4 个月 前
  • I am not gonna lie...I did not recognize Kara when she pretended to be an alien...Lol!

    Grace GoeringGrace Goering4 个月 前
  • Velcro is just manmade burrs. Not alien in origin. The computer argument is more convincing. lol

    Crystal WolcottCrystal Wolcott4 个月 前
  • I love Kara’s “ yay! “ 😂😂

    Alyssa Delgado-WillisAlyssa Delgado-Willis4 个月 前
  • You two should stop by San Antonio this Spring. Our science team will be headed to MARFA TX for an investigation.

    Team Brave New WorldTeam Brave New World4 个月 前
  • Seeing your van doors open while staying in the middle of nowhere in Colorado reminds me of the midges in Scotland. We got eaten alive! Do you have midges in the USA? And are they a nuisance around this time of year?

    Charlotte O'SheaCharlotte O'Shea4 个月 前
  • This is all i ever want in my life a girl that loves me,a sprinter van and travelling.

    AmazinglyFrankAmazinglyFrank4 个月 前
  • I once read that there are more 60 Patents at the US Patent office, for what are described as, lifting devices. No fuel, every country owns one, and they are dangerous, in an energetic way.

    Ray DiTomassoRay DiTomasso5 个月 前
  • Checkout Springfield Colorado and the Rocky Mountains

    AsuraAsura5 个月 前
  • That was sincerely a great interview. Good questions Nate, respectful, and you let us know both sides deserved merit. Quality journalism.

    David J D ReidDavid J D Reid5 个月 前
  • Thank God for Velcro

    Cesar MuñozCesar Muñoz5 个月 前
  • You are both so good for the soul! Thank you

    Penguins on TourPenguins on Tour5 个月 前
  • I've been a big fan of vanlife for a long time and I love that you guys are doing that now. enjoy it🍀. you guys make great videos😍

    Janna SJanna S5 个月 前
  • Why 2020 brought you back to the US?

    Nicholas NgoNicholas Ngo5 个月 前
  • If you guys thought the alien place was interesting. You should listen to the book called Area 51 by Annie Jacobson, I’m not normally into alien stuff but it talks about how the US started seeing/believing in aliens and UFOs. It’s super interesting!!!

    Jaclyn BastaracheJaclyn Bastarache5 个月 前
  • If you guys thought the alien place was interesting. You should listen to the book called Area 51 by Annie Jacobson, I’m not normally into alien stuff but it talks about how the US started seeing/believing in aliens and UFOs. It’s super interesting!!!

    Jaclyn BastaracheJaclyn Bastarache5 个月 前
  • Welcome to the world of BLM land!

    Erin DaringErin Daring5 个月 前
  • I'm obsessed with this van life situation . . . When my daughter gets a little older I would definitely love to do this .

    Monica IreneMonica Irene5 个月 前
  • i can’t wait to be like you guys, traveling around the world and have fun 💗💗💗💗

    Laruuuh G.Laruuuh G.5 个月 前
  • black pigeon speaks

    fernando chiroyfernando chiroy5 个月 前
  • I would love to see you go to Disney World!! lots of love from Argentina♥️♥️

    Carla GalanzinoCarla Galanzino5 个月 前
  • Rv life baby

    Tyler BertkeTyler Bertke5 个月 前
  • Seriously tho! Not believing in aliens is pretty much saying you don’t believe that there are infinite Galaxies out there that could possibly harbour life think about it how could we be the only living beings in all the universes combined. Please someone try to prove me wrong lol

    Laura VlogsLaura Vlogs5 个月 前
  • You two have encouraged me to travel as much as possible! I can't wait to get out on the road! Love your channel!

    Angela NegreteAngela Negrete5 个月 前
  • Be ware that From 3 -4 am is the devil's hour and your energy can feel very altored if there is a sport around or especially a bad spirt

    Hannah RoseHannah Rose5 个月 前
  • wow. velcro came from rosswell ? i thought it came from a swiss guy .

    mortilmortil5 个月 前
  • Makes me want to visit Colorado👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    syckindaheadsyckindahead5 个月 前
  • I love how open minded you guys are. From day 1 you guys have been so open minded to others beliefs and cultures and I think thats why I love you guys the most. But visiting the UFO watch tower scene really shows how great you guys are!

    nayydoesthingsnayydoesthings5 个月 前
  • Thing is there’s too many mentally disturbed, cold blooded murderers in the States. So... not sure if I’d feel safe camping out there.

    marco brancomarco branco5 个月 前
  • You guys are just the cutest couple ever

    Joanne boylesJoanne boyles5 个月 前
  • LOL Kara as an alien in the bloops! 😂😂😂

    Benjamin BekselBenjamin Beksel5 个月 前
  • Even our own Air Force says that UFO’s are real...

    Kathy SomersKathy Somers5 个月 前
  • It is very noisy when driving and nothing is heard.

    Сергей ЮрьевичСергей Юрьевич5 个月 前
  • I've been on a US road trip for 5 and a half weeks now and have stayed EVERY single night on BLM land (with the occasional Walmart parking lot! lol). Yall should definitely try it more, there are some AMAZINGGGGG spots literally for free all over the US!!!!!

    Meg's AdventturesMeg's Adventtures5 个月 前
  • was that a bolt of lighting to the right at 5:23?

    Tim CondonTim Condon5 个月 前
  • You’re so close to Black Canyon of the Gunnison but did not try to go or sleep there or explore the area.

    e me m5 个月 前
  • Life before kids. Look how happy they are.

    georgia bowhuntergeorgia bowhunter6 个月 前
  • I believe.... There is a multiverse..... that some may have aliens DO EXIST

    Chris GarrettChris Garrett6 个月 前
  • I went there in October on a big road trip. Interesting/odd place!

    angelicharmonyangelicharmony6 个月 前
  • One day. Van life will happen

    Angel CervantesAngel Cervantes6 个月 前
  • I thought BLM meant black lives matter

    miah peckhammiah peckham6 个月 前
  • I'm watching this at 2am in the morning and 13:58 almost scared me to death

    hanie ardinihanie ardini6 个月 前
  • That was a fun video to watch 😊

    JVRJVR6 个月 前
  • I totally believe in aliens.My best friend and I actually saw a UFO in Minneapolis in 2008. If we can believe in God and Jesus (of whom we can't see) or heaven and hell...why can't it be possible that we aren't the only planet that has a life force inhabiting it?! I'll have to pay Julie a visit one day!!!

    Novi AmourNovi Amour6 个月 前
  • the UFOs existence is a fact, the question is, who is behind them. I believe the US gov is responsible for it

    Louby SaldyLouby Saldy6 个月 前
  • Cool as hell, but do these guys look they are turning into hippies :D All jokes aside, famous stories, i am following as much as i can and its awesome.

    Vedran RodićVedran Rodić6 个月 前
  • Me: woah how did all that water fit Also me: ooooooh its a pipe

    Ana Francesca EvangelistaAna Francesca Evangelista6 个月 前
  • I wonder how many people realise how much work goes into the making of your videos ... probably not many ! So well done ... very impressive !

    johnclaude Rjohnclaude R6 个月 前
  • You can camp for free in any of the national forests, too. I've never paid to camp in Colorado. Love it here!

    SethSeth6 个月 前
  • You are both delightful. Please continue your posts and stay true to yourselves.

    skynomad1skynomad16 个月 前
  • I’m calling scooby do and the crew

    Lily rhythmLily rhythm6 个月 前
  • its interesting that Aliens prefer only USA.. hmmm 👽

    Pusan SenPusan Sen6 个月 前
  • the photos that you took. wow!

    eande ourcloseteande ourcloset6 个月 前
  • soundcloud.com/interastefanmechanic/murmaid-exerpt Murmaid by Stefan Grudev. i hope you will like it :-)

    InterAstefanMechanicInterAstefanMechanic6 个月 前
  • Well... as far as aliens, they say the earth is the insane asylum for the universe, lol, and these days in 2020, I tend to agree! Love you videos ! I’ve lived in Colorado for years & years, it really is fantastic & I’m glad you are really getting in to being here!!

    1927su1927su6 个月 前
  • Someone...Please buy that woman a real face mask that will stay on her face.😷

    SandraSandra6 个月 前
  • So did you leave anything in the bizarre junk garden?

    Trish KellerTrish Keller6 个月 前
  • You’re all watching this and thinking BLM is click bait?! 😂

    Trish KellerTrish Keller6 个月 前
  • BLM camping is so nice. It’s free and it can be completely spur of the moment. I like taking my dog camping on random free weekends. I live in Oregon. That spot is so beautiful. The BLM land that I camp on is just forrest. Regardless, my dog loves it.

    Ani WobbeAni Wobbe6 个月 前
  • Thanks for keeping the crazy politics off of your channel. Great content!

    NokenifyNokenify6 个月 前
  • not believing in aliens is like taking a spoonful of ocean water and saying that sharks dont exist because there is no shark in my dang spoon full of ocean water

    Raw spaceRaw space6 个月 前
  • I can't be the only one who thought it was camping on BLACK LIVES MATTER Land ?!?!?!

    robin selgarobin selga6 个月 前
  • You guys are doing amazing with theses videos. I work in TV and this is more well made than some of the actual TV out there. It's better than doing a TV show as you have full creative control as well! The little interview with the UFO expert was a nice little touch too. Felt like a proper travel doc.

    Sharon87Sharon876 个月 前
  • I camped at that watchtower and I dropped a deuce in the porta potty that I swear woulda glowed in the dark. It was a cool camping spot under the stars.

    Dave BDave B6 个月 前
  • That lady is like, here is some information, take it or leave it. But she’s accepted all of it as fact with no scrutiny at all.

    Hoop JeanneHoop Jeanne6 个月 前
  • I Have followed you two and live vicariously through your travels for a couple or so years P.S. I’m fifty five plus! But I love, love love, that your are now exploring your own country, I live in Canada but have travelled Canada a bit, but we bought a T@B teardrop last year and can’t wait to use our HarvestHost membership to Travel the U.S. as soon as the border opens that is 😔! So for now we will travel our bubble In British Columbia and live once again through your travels, Thanks for all your great content, love watching you two, you make “ My heart happy! ❤️ 😊! Cheers 🥂

    Val VVal V6 个月 前
  • 16:00 I didn't even notice Kara until she moved! She's become a pro at blending in over the years lol

    Brian EBrian E6 个月 前
  • These two are gonna turn 40 and say "shit." When will they get a job?

    Manny PettyManny Petty6 个月 前
  • Watching here from the Philippines...love you kate and nate

    Mavic EstremeraMavic Estremera6 个月 前
  • You're definitely staying in some beautiful locations! Absolutely stunning starry pictures!! Wow!

    Stephanie GruenbergStephanie Gruenberg6 个月 前
  • 😀

    Dogemaster 276Dogemaster 2766 个月 前
  • Guys big question to you. What do you do without AC conditioner? How do you survive?

    Pasha DPasha D6 个月 前
  • Does that mean blsck lives matter:/

    CallMehGracieCallMehGracie6 个月 前
  • random qes how do you get your mail

    Gabriella Harder-MullaneyGabriella Harder-Mullaney6 个月 前
  • My friend lives in Montrose I live in highlands ranch

    Hadley MeyerHadley Meyer6 个月 前
  • come to alabama hills long pine, ca

    00tza0000tza006 个月 前
  • I love y’all, but at 4:07 Kara looks like every 40 yr. old mom who sells crystals and essential oils

    Madison FletcherMadison Fletcher6 个月 前
  • I thought black lives matter land xD

    M_ XSCESM_ XSCES6 个月 前
  • I really enjoy watching your videos and now that your back in the U.S I think it would be pretty cool if you guys went to a state or national park in almost every state!

    SmellaSmella6 个月 前
  • is that real all those stars? its my dream to be in such a lonely spot where you can experience something like that, absolutely stunning. and for the ufo lady good points to her she even admits that she does funny stuff herself but not at the time when they have seen it. i do believe there is something out there

    Lenka SerkiovaLenka Serkiova6 个月 前
  • Why don't you guys share gmaps links for the various locations? I would like to know for example where is this stargazing place relative to your previous places you have been

    Alex SarafianAlex Sarafian6 个月 前
  • How much soros pay you? 🤔😂😂😂

    Ryan lexRyan lex6 个月 前