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What's it like to fly in 2021? After an unexpected turn of events, we boarded an airplane for the first time in 9 months. This was our experience.
#Travel vlog 749 | Nashville | Filmed Jan. 7, 2021
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

  • Going on my first flight in 2 weeks in 8 months

    Elizabeth AElizabeth A9 小时 前
  • For the people saying "6 hours is nothing": Well no, for a person who does not wear a mask for hours regularly, especially N95, it's a big deal. We all understand healthcare workers have to wear them for much longer and we commend you, but as someone who has had to wear an N95 for 6 hours while flying twice and doesn't regularly wear one I had the same reaction as them. And stop hating on Kara and Nate, it's not like they're recklessly taking a trip to crowds and casinos. You saw in the video that they were super careful. If you're careful there's no reason you can't do stuff. As I've said I've flown twice for family purposes and done a few road trips, always super cautious. I have not gotten sick or had any issues.

    Victor T.Victor T.3 天 前
    • I'm now realizing that this video is from the height of the pandemic this winter. This definitely makes me more concerned about the safety of their trip, but nonetheless they have the right to travel where they want, especially if they do so safely

      Victor T.Victor T.3 天 前
  • Wow y'alls plane was WAY less crowded than the two I've been on since the pandemic started. Both of those were domestic and had pretty much every seat except middles filled

    Victor T.Victor T.3 天 前
  • Somehow I managed to fly more in an amount of time than Kara and Nate, and I'm only 16! While they were on their flying hiatus, I flew in June and December 2020

    Victor T.Victor T.3 天 前
    • Note: I flew to see my dad. Obviously I wouldn't have for leisure

      Victor T.Victor T.3 天 前
  • Love your videos Kara and Nate. It's your life , your choice. You live only once and you have the right to exercise your risks and benefits. Please don''t pay too much attention to all the negative comments from so called keyboard "warriors" here. Yes we are in pandemic , yes there's a virus out there , But hey you know what , the virus would do what it's supposed to ultimately. Yes , you take precautions; yes, wear masks but hey You choose to live life and not live COVID and consume fear mongering news 24/7.Stay safe and happy travels.

    sarwan 1978sarwan 19784 天 前
  • Some people let fear control them and others enjoy being around people regardless of pandemic. We should be able to make our own choices.

    Mark CaudillMark Caudill4 天 前
  • Wow! Just watched this video and it is so dramatic. And then reading through the comments I understand why. I can’t believe how people are so dramatic and crazy about them flying on an airplane. The subscribers to this channel are really sensitive or something. I enjoy watching all the vlogs of the people who are still traveling. I hope you guys keep traveling and stop worrying so much about what everybody thinks all the time.

    jlynchtxjlynchtx4 天 前
  • Keep doing your thing guys, just because others are jealous doesn't mean you should stop living. I am so so sick of content creators censoring themselves for a mob of people who might have a bad opinion of whatever is being displayed or said. What is the world coming to.

    Niamh HNiamh H4 天 前
  • LOL

    Sherka KodirovSherka Kodirov6 天 前
  • Selfish stuff

    Adventure FapsAdventure Faps7 天 前
  • Ah these comments about people slamming you are great. Keep up the good work

    SwagsireSwagsire7 天 前
  • For anyone that doesnt know the mask prtects others not u it stops water from ur mourth and thats where the virus is

    KhoiKhoi8 天 前
  • Where did you get those masks from?

    Leo HernandezLeo Hernandez8 天 前
  • yall stop coming at them, they made the decision and as wrong as it may be it is literally theyre JOBS to travel. nobody in this comment section will never understand that they may have had to travel for important reasons or something like that. they haven’t caught covid and they were wearing they’re masks throughout the trip. calm down lmao- 😭

    robyn wrobyn w10 天 前
  • Some people need to get on with their lives. If you don’t agree then stop watching, keep living in a bubble

    mcseth16mcseth1611 天 前
  • You were so lucky to get an almost empty plane! This summer, I took a flight from Geneva to Brussels and the plane was completely full (which I hadn't expected at all, but I had to fly home to get to my summer job in time).

    annescreativitiesannescreativities11 天 前
  • The comments on this video are ridiculous. You guys are allowed to travel and have the right to do so.

    John PastorelliJohn Pastorelli12 天 前
  • please dispose your mask properly :(( don't enter your house or the place where you will sleep with it coz the amount of virus/bacteria on the outer part of the mask is a LOT and you cannot see it with your naked eye. so don't dangle it around your faces or anywhere near you after wearing it. Stay safe!! (i'm a medtech student btw)

    BraevrixTVBraevrixTV13 天 前
  • Have hardly watching this channel until now, I think you guys are pretty humble about flying. Contrast that with the numerous other CNworld vloggers who are flying frequently as if there wasn't even a pandemic happening. Sure, the flight was unnecessary but so are many actions by others during this pandemic. Every critic needs to look in the mirror at themselves because if everyone stopped all unnecessary actions we would have been out of this pandemic months ago already, so that makes the critics hypocrites.

    James SmithJames Smith13 天 前
  • Wow! So much virtue signaling in the comments! I hope they are all perfect and only leave their houses once a week to go to the grocery store.

    Jen SwensonJen Swenson14 天 前
  • To all the scaredy cats in the comments. USE YOUR BRAIN. If masks and social distancing work so well, what part of an extremely spread out plane with covid special air filtration systems and everyone wearing a mask, then what about this isn't safe? I've been on 4 planes since the pandemic started all to see family. The planes I was on were way more crowded then this. I never got covid. no vaccine, no special steps taken. Just followed the rules and went about my day. Kara and Nate, thank you for being brave! Thank you for showing everyone there is nothing to be scared about. It's time we get back to reality.

    Jonathan BucknerJonathan Buckner14 天 前
    • Don't forget the good news! We completely eradicated the Flu! YAY! no more flu season! Flu infections dropped 98% (credit: CDC) this year! Wow! Imagine what happens when you label every cold/flu like symptomatic person as a covid patient!

      Jonathan BucknerJonathan Buckner14 天 前
  • I'm glad you did this video, I'm flying in less then a month

    legobrickterlegobrickter15 天 前
  • U don’t have to be that careful it’s not a crazy situation when people are kinda close I’m not scared of it

    Natalie SpencerNatalie Spencer15 天 前
  • Does it work? Real Doctors on you tub e/web saying > Povidone Iodine (Yodopovidona) Antiseptic Kills cov id 19. I did Rinse my sinus and mouth with it for 3 days then I got Negative P C R test results. Could Expectorants reduce co v id congestion?

    Flip FlashFlip Flash16 天 前
  • I don't understand the vitriolic hate some people are expressing. Jealously perhaps?

    sinofdusk3sinofdusk318 天 前
  • Can I just ask about the reason for traveling? A lot has already been said in the comments below (TLDR: we understand you are influencers, this is your job, traveling for 4 years and then suddenly not being able to is a rough transition etc.) There are millions of people separated from their families for over a year now due to Covid and seeing you two fly can definitely cause some resentment there. Stay safe!

    RosanneRosanne19 天 前
  • Who else in 2022😏

    noumi vlogsnoumi vlogs19 天 前
  • Hi

    James PatersonJames Paterson20 天 前
  • After readying all the comments No wonder ig has been so silent. OY.

    Martin CruzMartin Cruz21 天 前
  • Omg you are so lucky, Im so happy for you, I havent been on a plane since jan 11 2020 and Im really hoping to break the non-flight streak

    TechSimplerTechSimpler22 天 前
  • I usually don’t comment on CNworld video. But making an exception here since there seems to be so much negativity. Love that you traveled by plane. You took the necessary precautions. Why anyone is up in arms about it I have no idea. Keep doing you!! Personally I’ve flown several times in 2020 AND 2021 both domestic and international. Were they necessary? NO. Did I take precautions? YES. Any regrets? HECK NO!

    Poupie WorkuPoupie Worku22 天 前
  • The comments calling this video disgusting are disgusting😂 The airlines are hurting, we should all be flying to help them recover👏🏼

    Matthew ChildersMatthew Childers23 天 前
  • I understand that people are upset. I have family fighting for their lives in the hospital due to COVID. I want ppl to understand that we need to live our lives and be able to go out. They are taking precautions and following all of the CDC’s guidelines. They are wearing N95 masks and sanitizing and social distancing. Like I said I don’t want people to throw all caution to the wind due to the numbers rising I just want people to understand that they are humans and they have feelings just as all of us do so please be kind and think before you post a hate comment on anything or give your opinion that an hurt someone. Remember Treat people with kindness wear a mask. 💕💕

    Abombm2025Abombm202523 天 前
  • okay yes they shouldn’t be flying, but they are being safe and using what they need to keep them and everyone else safe. y’all are bashing them flying when they’re are others also flying???! they aren’t gonna infect someone for being safe.

    sofia lsofia l24 天 前
  • Here's a positive comment in a land of hate :) Travel should be allowed, these restrictions have gone too far. Isolate old people and let young people have a life while they still can.

    John GranJohn Gran25 天 前
  • My parents went to Los Vegas when I was in my mom’s belly

    Wild NatureWild Nature26 天 前
    • Um

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that25 天 前
  • Hii love you

    Lea HarkousLea Harkous26 天 前
  • Imagine being in the States and travelling for non essential reasons. I’m in Australia and we hardly have any cases here, but I’m still very weary of travelling domestically and haven’t at all even if I’d really like to. It just boggles my mind especially because countries like the States have an extremely high number of cases and people act like we’re not in a pandemic still.

    A TA T27 天 前
    • good stay the fck in aussie, we have enough cupcakes here in americant nowadays anyway

      jerzeydolphinsjerzeydolphins12 天 前
  • Why are people giving them such a hard time? They’re being safe while traveling and social distancing. This is their job people! CNworld is their job.

    CynthiaCynthia27 天 前
  • Idiots, so selfish. People like this are prolonging the whole problem

    Ben ScottBen Scott27 天 前
  • y'all are covid natzi's

    Jacob dJacob d28 天 前
  • Wow I’m surprised how empty your flight was, flying from Houston to Chicago both flights were jam packed

    Jacob MenefeeJacob Menefee28 天 前
  • Did she dye her hair

    Lilly HaldemanLilly Haldeman28 天 前
  • On my way to Utah, you inspired me to travel now.

    OsoprincipalOsoprincipal28 天 前
  • I like how the guy had some kind of judgmental comments about people sitting at the airport gate before the flight... as he's about to board a plane... to sit next to people he knows... to go spend a free night at a Vegas penthouse...

    Branden KretBranden Kret28 天 前
    • @Branden Kret i rarely make sense , so ur good

      jerzeydolphinsjerzeydolphins12 天 前
    • @jerzeydolphins um what? Gonna need you to try again. Your last comment didn’t make any sense

      Branden KretBranden Kret12 天 前

      jerzeydolphinsjerzeydolphins12 天 前
  • Why would you travel during a global pandemic? As a Health care worker it’s beyond comprehension - whining about wearing masks. ! Sad content just to keep viewers.

    Patricia LangPatricia Lang29 天 前
  • me not been on a flight since 3 jan 2020 ( before corona) u guys traveling every single week like it's no big deal

    Amna Mehdi RizviAmna Mehdi Rizvi29 天 前
  • Im sorry to say this but how can u guys be so selfish and risk traveling just because you miss it? If you guys were traveling due to family loss, illness or any other legit reason I would understand but you guys a traveling just for the fun of it? This is still a global pandemic and you guys a risking the health of other people. And it doesn't matter if you got tested or if you don't have covid. You just can't travel because you "miss it". Somehow I feel like you guys are traveling just because you wanna make CNworld content. If that's the case, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Millions of people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic and you guys are out their traveling and making CNworld content because you wanna satisfy your need for travels or you wanna keep your income stream going? Whatever the reason is, it's still no good reason to travel. And yes I understand this is a Travel/vlog channel but no unnecessary travels jeez... Just deal with it if you're not allowed to travel without any good reason. Imagine if al the people in the world saw this video and would think " oh I miss traveling again let's book a flight" and the whole world starts taking trips. Well that's a global pandemic back to square one for you.

    Farley SakriFarley Sakri29 天 前
  • Ive been subscribed for a few years now and I just can’t comprehend why y’all are still traveling in the middle of pandemic.....screw the rest of the us right, cause you can afford to do whatever you want...? These videos are tone deaf and you probably should read the comments here . I just don’t get how you can be so careless. Edit: upon looking farther at their channel and seeing they have still chosen to travel at this time has made me unsub, grow a backbone, you can tell sponsorships no, you can say NO.

    LuLu MLuLu M29 天 前
  • You make is sound like the airport is a morgue... the covid doesn't attack in airports!!! calm down. Oh and its still a 99.899 recovery rate so your good... its nothing but panic porn!!!

    Greg KirkpatrickGreg Kirkpatrick29 天 前
    • So you’re going to put your life at risk over a number what is wrong with the human race

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that26 天 前
  • You guys are feigning all this drama - 'we went back and forth' - and it all just stinks of you guys just wanting to upload content. Don't be so desperate. You sound like absolute wankers on this video.

    ECEC29 天 前
  • Guys...they can travel if they want to it’s not your choice to tell them no.

    Ur not a blink If you hate one of themUr not a blink If you hate one of them个月 前
  • I hope she washed her hands before she touched her face 🥴

    The30isnew20The30isnew20个月 前
  • I'm a huge fan of this channel but there's plenty of content you could have created without getting on a plane and flying to Vegas.. Think you've misjudged this one..

    RR1901RR1901个月 前
  • Great video, thank you for showing what travel is like in 2021!

    HoneeuhHoneeuh个月 前
  • I have not been in a aport every scene 2016 😀👍

  • ( 5:20 ) It’s no longer delayed guys!

    fqbricatedfqbricated个月 前
  • Terrible. No social distancing. That’s why Covid is rampant in the US. Sad 😞

    Fred HabFred Hab个月 前
  • It sounds sad when I heard about coming back tp the airport after 9 months , then I remembered I haven't been there in 9 years .... Poor life check

    Manisha SinhababuManisha Sinhababu个月 前
  • You are risking people’s lives, POS!!!

    Karen KleierKaren Kleier个月 前
  • imagine wearing the N95 for 12+ hours hahaha i work in a covid designated unit and it SUCKS hahaha love you guys:)

    Autumn YohnAutumn Yohn个月 前
  • I think people need to stop judging them unless they themselves have been at home for months not going out to eat at restaurants, hanging with friends or doing anything "not essential". They took all the precautions they felt necessary and we need to stop bringing each other down for trying to make ourselves feel a little better or be a little happier after months of sadness and anxiety. This also coming from a healthcare worker who wears an N95 for 12+ hours. People are doing the best they can.

    Marie PichardoMarie Pichardo个月 前
    • Since you're a healthcare worker, you ought to know the risks. Strictly speaking, since it's for "work" as a content creator, there's nothing wrong with taking on advertisements and sponsorships, because heck, we all need to make a living. But what they should *NOT* have done was vlog it. *It was tone deaf and yes, it showed their privilege.* That was what upset people. What they could've done was perhaps repair their van and take a road trip down perhaps? Negotiate with the sponsors to stay at a later date? Out of all the options, they picked the worst of the lot. They will absolutely not die from not taking up that sponsorship deal but they might inadvertently get sick or pass the virus round. True, precautions were taken but it just seems like they're encouraging non essential travel. You can't fly out to Las Vegas and turn around and preach for others not to do the same. It's hypocritical. Also they can be a little better and happier by doing other things too, not just flying across the country. Just sayin'.

      ebonyloveivoryebonyloveivory29 天 前
  • basically, don’t do it

    b westb west个月 前
  • Woah was not expecting this in the comments lol. Essential or non essential, still love the content!

    Evan LorezcaEvan Lorezca个月 前
  • I would of sticked van life niw your doing stuff like this again I’m not interested and maybe unsubscribing but anyways good luck👍🏼👍🏼🤣

    N GarbN Garb个月 前
  • Good for you for living your life. Masks work right? If they don't work then doesn't matter whether you're flying or grocery shopping or at church or a concert or a gas station. There should be no prohibited activities.

    All A Dream We DreamedAll A Dream We Dreamed个月 前
  • You guys are never with will be fine if you get COVID...relax

    Peyton LaVignePeyton LaVigne个月 前
  • Idk man it’s their lives.. kinda up to them to decide what they do and don’t do. Corona is here to stay

    lexib9879lexib9879个月 前
    • Yeah because people do stuff like that

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that26 天 前
  • I loved this video. I have traveled during this pandemic, safely. All is well. Y’all just traveled in the safest way possible with BARELY anyone on the flight. More than half of these people repeating the same thing comment after comment after comment , are going to be terrified to travel for the rest of their lives.

    dalejeunedalejeune个月 前
  • This is proof your 100 countries video fiasco wasn't just a one time error in judgment, you are both completely tone deaf. Two of the most entitled people I have ever seen.

    Kristin PKristin P个月 前
  • Nate is a plumber electrician and a maintenance man💀

    Journey BurksJourney Burks个月 前
  • 9:19 okay this is just ignorant and totally is a slap in the face

    OliviaOlivia个月 前
  • 0:15 loving the new intros

    [jeff][jeff]个月 前
  • Should travel to Australia. We are pretty much COVID free. Only negative is we require all international travelers to quarantine for 14 days on arrival which would make for a very boring first 2 weeks here

    deadspeedvdeadspeedv个月 前
  • You cute couples are amazing , damn love your video ! Natural and vivid , for a fan of traveler , you guys let me broaden my outlook ! Love u guys

    Gillian wangGillian wang个月 前
  • Please don't fly - you aren't essential; it's selfish and showing your privilege. In Canada last Sunday we cancelled almost all flights to the South, and we have mandated quarantine from inter province travel even. This just seems so off brand for you guys, I feel you should know better.

    mags_2233mags_2233个月 前
  • I’ve already flown twice since COVID

    Luna BearLuna Bear个月 前
  • Super irresponsible.

    fibreoptikfibreoptik个月 前
  • hey ily guys but a bit disapointed-

    Lily HargerLily Harger个月 前
  • I love you guys butttttt you don't say Nevada right!

    Denae NielsonDenae Nielson个月 前
  • Nope. Totally irresponsible. Unsubscribing.

    Julia TaylorJulia Taylor个月 前
  • What don't you get about essential travel only?

    Rose BleicherRose Bleicher个月 前
    • I recently travelled and yea idk how they pasted through the police because there is a whole bunch of police asking why you are travelling but we had a essential reason but they don’t do idk how they managed

      Nicolette KalaydzhievaNicolette Kalaydzhieva19 天 前
  • I was at the same hotel as you guys were at the same time! I wish I would have seen you guys! Hope you had a great time!

    aiden maranowskiaiden maranowski个月 前
  • Y’all are over exaggerating but I fell in love with you the first video I watched of you which was two nights ago. Where have you been all of my life

    Nora RubischkoNora Rubischko个月 前
  • I flew the 22 and the 25 of jan. it wasn't awful

    Percy26candy27Percy26candy27个月 前
  • Incredibly tone deaf to fly unnecessarily during a pandemic

    danielle wolfsondanielle wolfson个月 前
  • Nice. #bijanmahata

    BijanMahata बिजनमाहात বিজনমাহাতBijanMahata बिजनमाहात বিজনমাহাত个月 前
  • 0:01, 1:30, 2:25, 3:40 x3, 4:40, 5:35, 8:20, 10:00,

    JJJJ个月 前
  • POV: you’re scrolling throw the comments thinking how many subscribers there going to lose 👀🤨

    Honey LewittHoney Lewitt个月 前
    • @Ania How do you spot a bot?

      Vicki ManningVicki Manning25 天 前
    • @Ania Oop-

      Honey LewittHoney Lewitt个月 前
    • They're buying subs to make up for it + bots in the comments

      AniaAnia个月 前
    • Ryt

      Blackpink4 BTS7Blackpink4 BTS7个月 前
  • team australia marygo88 round nice to meet you

    nel Tvnel Tv个月 前
  • When they said the last time we flew was April 8, 2020 my birthday is April 8, 2010 isn’t that ironic it’s really funny

    Queen of heartsQueen of hearts个月 前
    • Lol

      Queen of heartsQueen of hearts个月 前
    • M

      Queen of heartsQueen of hearts个月 前
    • M

      Queen of heartsQueen of hearts个月 前
    • Dec

      Queen of heartsQueen of hearts个月 前
    • P

      Queen of heartsQueen of hearts个月 前
  • *cringe emoji*

    Stuart AinsworthStuart Ainsworth个月 前
  • Wow, I did not expect the comment section for this video to stone you two to death. A scary revelation of the state of mind of many people. I guess you are good now that they have unsubscribed.

    ServeGod33ServeGod33个月 前
  • Y’all are so lucky u don’t have school 6-7 hours of masks 😷

    • 9 for me :(

      Luke AcnhLuke Acnh个月 前
  • You haven't been to my Country Pakistan, we would love to see you here :)

    real Khreal Kh个月 前
  • I love you guys and all of but I think this inaccurately portrays travel during the pandemic. I travel for a living and have had to through all of this and i had a much different experience. Granted, I fly American.

    Deion WalrathDeion Walrath个月 前
  • flying in today's climate is like taking a tour in nazi germany. Sneeze wrong, or sip your coffee for too long, the gestapo come in to get you. Or, can't control your 2 year old with a face mask? How dare you! You're CANCELLED. Oh wait, these two don't have kids....

    G PG P个月 前
  • I’m sad to see all these comments hating on these wonderful people! We need to get back to normal and start living life again. You guys are all scared of this cold when it has a .99% recovery rate WITHOUT any medical help for more than 3/4 of the population. Yes some people really do get sick and need help and my prayers are out for them. But we cannot shut down life completely just for a sickness. The world has suffered through plagues and sickness before and have pushed on we are at now the push on stage of moving on. Let’s stop this fear of getting sick. Staying home and not being around people is weakening our immune system so we will get much sicker so we need to build up that immune system up again. Love your videos and say keep the adventures coming.

    Chels DavisChels Davis个月 前
    • Bruh just put on a mask and social distance then we everything cools down we go back to “normal” it’s not that hard

      Look how she ate thatLook how she ate that26 天 前
  • Boy, the couple you bought the van from ditched that thing in the nick of time. Get rid of it! I flew three times on SW since the pandemic and I have two very big co morbidities to keep me from flying. But, I felt so safe. And, didn’t catch a thing. I did wear a pair of glasses, used masks and loads of hand sanitizer. You will be fine.

    Rebekah Bridges-TervydisRebekah Bridges-Tervydis个月 前
  • Wearing your mask for a 4 hour flight, think of a long international flight, like 12 hours, where you have to sleep in it. Stay safe and happy travels! 👍😀

    JTJT个月 前