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#vanlife / Travel vlog 732 | Colorado Trail days 14-17 | Filmed September, 2020
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

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    Kara and NateKara and Nate5 个月 前
    • Love you vids

      Chris DunnChris Dunn20 天 前
    • @Starkid Fan your right

      Dayane MohtarDayane Mohtar个月 前
    • @Anna Sutcliffe en la

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    • @Rylie Rayne poo

      Maisy ThompsonMaisy Thompson3 个月 前
    • Hi

      Maisy ThompsonMaisy Thompson3 个月 前
  • The contrast between Kara and Nate’s version of the trip makes me laugh so much😂

    Alyssa BarnettAlyssa Barnett14 小时 前
  • That push so Dusty could ride in and not walk was the sweetest!!!

    Jo ChipsJo Chips21 小时 前
  • Great job!

    Robyn BarthRobyn Barth天 前
  • I seriously followed Nate on this whole Colorado trail! I cried when they were done. You guys are my fovourite vlog!!!

    Gil CordovaGil Cordova2 天 前
  • Next time bring walkie talkies, or a flare gun lol

    Wendy SearsWendy Sears3 天 前
  • I’m laughing so hard over the cinnamon!

    Biblical GOD is only true GOD.Biblical GOD is only true GOD.4 天 前
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    Susan TroutSusan Trout4 天 前
  • Awesome Epic ride fellas. Memory for a life time!

    Matthew TamascoMatthew Tamasco4 天 前
  • Resorting to click bait titles is a shame.

    Emz TEmz T4 天 前
  • cmon Nate you're almost at the point oh about pushing yourself to the limit=......... good stuff

    Bruce BorowskiBruce Borowski6 天 前
  • The lowly chord systemically attract because tennis centrally hop unlike a bashful barge. jazzy, statuesque letter

    Ryan HanniganRyan Hannigan6 天 前
  • Woohoo 😎👍 I'm teary eyed, proud of you guys 🙂👍 do inspiring.

    Jill PruettJill Pruett7 天 前
  • blah blah blah blah..... can we talk about the CINNAMON?!?!?!?!?!? (Congrats to all you'all)

    deeannec2000deeannec20007 天 前
  • What kinda hoodie is Nate wearing? The green one...

    Mike D'AmicoMike D'Amico8 天 前
  • did you know that your in a cmushul

    Robyn xdRobyn xd9 天 前
  • Ive watched the full other 2 videos and I just realized rick is the dad this whole time I thought it was dusty

    Mirtha LantiguaMirtha Lantigua9 天 前
  • I’m literally in love with this channel. 😭💕

    Ruliane BarreaunyRuliane Barreauny9 天 前
  • When my mind and body feel too lazy to get on the eliptical, I am going to watch one of the videos from this series!

    Neal McCoyNeal McCoy9 天 前
  • I need a skincare routine from Kara. Bc after all that traveling and having to adapt in situations. Her skin is IMMACULATE. She has to have some tips and tricks!

    Kira NguyenKira Nguyen10 天 前
  • “Come home to me please!” “Oh I will, don’t worry” Stop being goals you two 😍

    Maddy MooreMaddy Moore10 天 前
  • Kara is too cute, so young and carefree at heart.

    Dikeledi TlouDikeledi Tlou11 天 前
  • Been following you on Facebook and finally starting following along on youtube and just binge watched the van build and biking across colorado 🍺

    Uber AdventureUber Adventure14 天 前
  • New to excited to find your channel. I love it! Dang Nate your hard core!! 🙏💪💪

    Kelly McdermottKelly Mcdermott15 天 前
  • Ouray/Lake City/Silverton/ paradise! We used to go there for the summers when I was a little girl. It changed me forever.

    RocknrollfawnRocknrollfawn16 天 前
  • I wish I could meet you guys

    Robert CabreraRobert Cabrera16 天 前
  • Does Rick and his family have a youtube channel?

    Barbara MuzychkaBarbara Muzychka18 天 前
  • WOW!

    Carol DoldCarol Dold20 天 前
  • Watching until the end , figured out how to make a cinnamon altitude high pressure bomb, now baking cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies will be an explosive experience!

    Ted LincolnTed Lincoln21 天 前
  • You are suffering from altitude sickness. I live at 4750 n Reno, NV. Gotta adjust to it.

    laura schaechtelelaura schaechtele22 天 前
  • Omg. Guys I think this was the best one ever. I love you guys. So proud of yall

    C ReidC Reid23 天 前
  • 31:47 violins for Nate, with bananas 🤣 such great edits.

    David RDavid R24 天 前
  • Love these blogs💖

    Linda MallinsonLinda Mallinson25 天 前
    • Vlogs

      Linda MallinsonLinda Mallinson25 天 前
  • I hope nate gave his bike to rusty hahah

    Sage MorganSage Morgan25 天 前
  • i was so happy that even tho u fell u got back up because you believe in your self and that your amazing wife has helped u so much makes me happy that i found this channel. love u guys❤️

    julia crusejulia cruse26 天 前
  • This is amazing! Definitely not the same but this made me want to get up and actually go out on a walk today lol thank you for that!

    Michelle MonrazMichelle Monraz27 天 前
  • I know that this is a late comment but this was the best One hour video on youtube. I love you guys, you have a great chanel

    Kari WattsKari Watts28 天 前
  • You couldn't pay be to take a hard tail one those trails. Call my sissy all you want, but I love the cushiness of a full suspension.

    meshuggah lifemeshuggah life29 天 前
  • Shout out to Beck, just being quietly competent throughout! Navigating crazy roads without GPS, showing Kara which hoses and cords to use, planning, executing... and raising two happy and confident daughters.

    K ScK Sc个月 前
  • RICK, your voice is impeccable!! I see a Biker voice actor in my view!

    Yemenat AlansiYemenat Alansi个月 前
  • Why did u guys not use walkie Talkie's ?

    Akshay DuaAkshay Dua个月 前
  • This has been so much fun to watch! Thank You Kara and Nate 🚴🏼 💨

    James HambrickJames Hambrick个月 前
  • Incredible!!!

    Bethany ClapperBethany Clapper个月 前
  • Now I want to ride this! But on my eMTB so the up hills are a little more fun!

    tjenkenstjenkens个月 前
  • great job you guys are crazy .what brand of bike did you guys used

    Joe ThomJoe Thom个月 前
  • OMG yall are STRONG

    Frank PetersFrank Peters个月 前

    Patrick WilsonPatrick Wilson个月 前
  • That's the biggest burrito you've ever seen in your entire life. At work we now always have a Burrito Friday. It's like the same size, but raped in a roll with delicious chewy ingredients.

    Just SamJust Sam个月 前
  • Hey Kara and Nade😝 You guys are such a great couple and best wishes for you expeditions and success in life. Your videos are really inspirational to live your life the way it makes you feel happy n worth living each and everyday. Much love from Bhutan but I live in Newyork for past 4years so if you guys ever plan a trip here let me, would be an honor for me to take you guys around and give a lil bite of tour of the city. A free Uber rides waiting for you guys😂🤣😎

    Craj dhitalCraj dhital个月 前
  • Great editing, I was laughing so hard, looking at the contrast of the two of you in your journey. Congrats and best wishes always.

    Jofre RoseroJofre Rosero个月 前
  • I think your next challenge should be the Appallation Trail.

    Scott NagemScott Nagem个月 前
  • What an amazing journey! Thank you for your hard work sharing it with a world that needs good stories these days. Gonna try a Spam sandwich for lunch today in your honor. :)

    ShinybadguyShinybadguy个月 前
  • I’m plum tuckered out. 😎✌️🤙🤘😎

    Diane EichenbergDiane Eichenberg个月 前
  • Should always have 2 way radio's with you in these times. And those garmin sat phone type things.

    #Bestestimes#Bestestimes个月 前
  • when i saw the title i thought they crashed the van

    Echo HandEcho Hand个月 前
  • They literally made a vlog as long as a movie, it needs to be appreciated more. Very good job editing must have been hard and Nate great job coming over those trails!!!

    Krishna Hari KumarKrishna Hari Kumar个月 前
  • I just stumbled onto you guys. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That would’ve killed me. I saw the segment where you traded for the Revel. We have a fully converted sprinter with many of the amenities that the Revel had. We paid $134k. We have the full AC and the induction stove and microwave. The bed stores like the Revel’s. I subscribed so I can see all your adventures.

    Bruce EllisBruce Ellis个月 前
  • such a great video.

    ET Go HomeET Go Home个月 前
  • This is well done...

    frankfrank个月 前
  • What a great journey... this was the best video I've seen from you so far. What an inspiration! ❤️👌

    Sami SuvantoSami Suvanto个月 前
  • The aay u inspire me to the pojnt i never skipped any second of your videos 🥲 i wantch them tikl the enddd

    Sabbotuu SalaleeSabbotuu Salalee个月 前
  • Excellent video!

    Terry TrexlerTerry Trexler个月 前
  • This was an insane series. Well done Kara for accomplishing SO MANY first in the van and doing all the editing, cooking, cleaning and driving because that’s so tiring! Nate I’m amazed you did that. (I hope that’s not rude) You could see how much you improved from day one to the end. I was leaning with and tensing up at the scary bits! So glad you made it with no major injuries. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Tessa PorterTessa Porter个月 前
  • Do you know Kendra Payne

    the bot Lockwoodthe bot Lockwood个月 前
  • I swear i hear a hub and bearing howling on the van

    James EymanJames Eyman个月 前
  • Losing dusty scared me.people disappear like that out in nature. So glad u all found him!

    Heather LongHeather Long个月 前
  • Well Done Guys! 😊👍👍👍

    James AngelJames Angel个月 前
  • Oh man I was so scared when you were screaming out for Dusty... even though you know deep down he’s gotta be okay for you to post that but still! My heart stopped! 😩 loving watching this adventure

    Tessa PorterTessa Porter个月 前
  • I struggled doing 15 minutes on a stationary bike this morning... this just makes me want to work harder

    LaurieLaurie个月 前
  • You just did the Kauai Marathon 26.2 miles 5,000 feet of elevation ...17 days in a ROW Wow 🏆 Take Kara to Kauai as a celebration trip These kind of endurance events are harder on the spouse! Honestly it IS harder on the spouse than the athlete.

    designdoctor247designdoctor247个月 前
  • For an awful moment I thought you meant Kara and Nate had ended. Stay together. Always.

    gerrygallengerrygallen个月 前
  • How many calories did you burn on that ride? Looks absolutely brutal!

    CarPanthers9119CarPanthers9119个月 前
  • Hello from New York... I’m a new subscriber, so awesome what your family does! Congratulations to all of you for such a incredible accomplishment 💙❤️⛰🏕🏆🚵🏼‍♂️🍻👏🏼🎉

    Kim CardKim Card个月 前
  • I just started watching you guys a lot and I love your channel and your journey so much!

    Ben OsterBen Oster个月 前
  • Why didn’t you use an electric bike

    MS - 07EM 752774 Thomas Street MSMS - 07EM 752774 Thomas Street MS个月 前
  • Are you guys glad you got the bigger away carry on, size-wise? I know you usually checked? Or would you have gotten something else if you started over?

    Elizabeth HongElizabeth Hong个月 前
  • So...Appalachian Trail next???

    goyanks13240goyanks13240个月 前
  • Awesome!

    M. D.M. D.个月 前
  • I thought that they ether broke up or crashed the van

    John GoodwinJohn Goodwin个月 前
  • I wish I could like this a million times!

    Layne AngelLayne Angel个月 前
  • congrats nate

    Laila Frank-Gore Year 8Laila Frank-Gore Year 8个月 前
  • i swear in every video there is that clip of nate messing with the wires lol

    Laila Frank-Gore Year 8Laila Frank-Gore Year 8个月 前
  • Rick's voice 💕💕💕

    K BK B个月 前
  • It’s crazy to watch there faces get slimmer through all the videos from this trip!

    IssuefnIssuefn个月 前
  • Just finished watching this entire adventure. You all have inspired me not to be scared of my bike and to get back on and ride again. I fell on concrete November 6 2020. I was a bit traumatized because there was damage to me and my bike. But your persistence has helped me get back on again. So thank you "dads" and "moms" too.

    Tanja's TestimoniesTanja's Testimonies个月 前
  • Nate you are a beast! 5th time on a mountain bike and you did THAT.

    Gladys YungGladys Yung个月 前
  • “How hard could it be” ;). Incredible- well done. Furka Pass next?

    Tara BaroneTara Barone个月 前
  • This video really was great. Remembered to like and subscribe. Will catch up on some of the older videos.

    Kerry TobyKerry Toby个月 前
  • This makes me want to get a sprinter van and do it up and also get a mountain bike. You guys are keeping me going through lockdown

    Cyberpunk _D-VaCyberpunk _D-Va个月 前
  • Never ever thought of riding a bike as being so scary! Love your videos.

    Larry LarryLarry Larry个月 前
  • Way to go !

    Amber KellieAmber Kellie个月 前
  • Was very exciting. Thank you for sharing.

    Randi BreibachRandi Breibach个月 前
  • He’s riding a bike lady, not going to war or something. Chill

    Videl Rishon BVidel Rishon B个月 前
  • When you leave the footage of Nate and the guys out of the vid, it is just Kara doing an amazing road trip by herself! Idk why but that inspires me so much to go road tripping in the US sometime! Love your videos guys!❤️

    Laura BroersLaura Broers个月 前
  • That was an incredible journey for sure. I truly enjoyed it and congratulations to all those guys and to you ladies for providing so much support!

    Robert TaylorRobert Taylor个月 前
  • Always wear whistles

    CL XKCL XK个月 前
  • Amazing team work. Good Job. Well done.

    Yewbdar PetrosYewbdar Petros个月 前

    lakota samuelsonlakota samuelson2 个月 前
  • Wow I didn’t expect to cry but I’m so proud and just overwhelmed with how inspiring everyone was with their determination . Just incredible. Congratulations!! I know this is months later but seriously, congratulations. My favourite series to have watched in a while. Again, incredibly inspiring

    Ashley DarlingAshley Darling2 个月 前
  • WHEN KARA SAID, “Hey Siri, play Taylor Swift’s newest album!!” GIRL WE LOVE A SWIFTIE

    Micah CulpepperMicah Culpepper2 个月 前